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Shaheen Dec 2018
How great is your expectations toward me.
No acquaintance
No Relation
My mere existance provokes criticism
Child of the new age
Much is required of you
The bar is set very low
Rise up its time
Centre your stage
Valuable gems come tumbling down from your lips, hips and your tippy toed tango
Come on strong
No time to gasp
Talk sense
Arise Oh Suffragette
Exist to Emancipate
Shaheen Dec 2018
Do not mock me as you hand me your perfunctory nod.
This spotlight I'm in has no fame.
I am in the light.
It is obvious that not all light is righteous.

I am trapped by the prison of quarantines.
Placing me at the centre.
You bully me with your hostility.
I am your Aunt Sally, your easy mark.
Your missiles hit me right in the bullseye
As you climb your ladder of success.

But, know I am collecting it all and when I stand tall.
Your character flawed must fall at the mercy of my

Resilient Bellowing.

By Shaheen Klaaste

— The End —