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Serena Lee Aug 2017
He touched me with his words and loved me with his mind
To the point I could not breathe
You know that suffocating kind
He sang to me with his heart and danced with curly black hair
Blue eyes so bold
But you never knew he was there
He took me to the pictures the lights turned down low
Watching his favourite star
But I was his favourite show
Never did he shout never did he lie
His grip was a little harsh
But that's not what made me cry
He touched me with his hands and loved me with his lies
To the point i was gasping for air
And blue bruises i couldn't disguise
He sang to me with his words and watched my curly black hair
He searched for unbeaten skin
Even though he knew it was not there
Serena Lee Oct 2015
inevitably inevitable, that's what you are.
Serena Lee Jul 2015
"I may be blind but I can see love"
Serena Lee Jun 2015
What's wrong with you?
Careful whispers ask
Sympathy on their faces
Even though it's just a mask
Does anyone think maybe I'm not the problem
But maybe it's you
I know this hurts but you know it's true
Think of all the things you put me through
Do you think I'm not as worthy as others
Just because what I say bothers
Bothers people who are asking for this truthful word
But the outcome to what they do does not occur
I feel sorry for the pain I have conflicted
But the truth comes out my mouth unconstructed
Serena Lee May 2015
First kiss
Pink lips
Soft pause
No laws
No space
Heart race
Smooth mouth
Comes South
Small peck
Emotional reck
Soon over
Now sober
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