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Cmi Feb 2021
Heart is the ocean of creations
Love is the boat
Takes you there
Embrace love
Reach to your own heart
Pouring creations
To the world
Making the existence
So proud
Cmi Feb 2021
It’s easy to be authentic
It flows
It gives you a joy
It’s your natural state
No resistance
But surrender to the self
Be authentic
Enjoy life
Cmi Feb 2021
I am the sky
You are the cloud

From above  I watch you
Floating changing
Images ,colors  and sizes of yours
Being affected by the  weather
Sometimes you fall as heavy rain and hale with gurgling  Thunder of anger
Sometimes being warned
With my love You are  angelic white
and spread the sweetest hidden smile
You keep dancing  With your mood

From above
I keep watching you
I keep embracing you
I am way higher
I am way bigger than
Anything else
I just watch
I I just give space
That’s all I do
For whatever
You want to be
Am there
Unchanged ,Unhidden
Always present
Yet your dark cloud of ego and
Anger covers me
Nothing exists
But pain and sorrow
At that time
I just smile
Saying  this shall too pass
Because you don’t stay
“ ONE”
you keeping  changing  
And I don’t
But just watch
I am the sky
You are the cloud
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