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Sbulelo Apr 7

The earth still sees beauty in what kills it,

And those wicked priests, I pray for them!
There were others who cried the same tears,
Begged more from empty eyes…
The earth still sees beauty in what kills it.
‘Jump, jump!’
Their voices throbbed as the drums of war,
So grand a song exacerbating my sores.
Yet, the earth still sees beauty in what kills it.
‘Jump, jump!’
As I stood on the threshold of Fate’s door,
A rare event – tear wipes tear...
The earth may never understand
But these nightmares were never my dreams.

The earth still sees beauty in what kills it.

Sbulelo Mar 18
Happy kittens know no shame…
no more than the lurking demons in the poet’s head…
No more than the years of tears welled up in the sores of our hearts,
gushing out the awful truths of our jovial façade.
No more than our lives that lacks life,
no more than the pain we keep to ourselves to feel love.
No more than this letter that should’ve been my last…
No more than me,
a failure who’s failed once again to end this terror lived out loud.
Sbulelo Jan 26
We face the South today with faith, as it is only then
we can see the light of the East again.
Sbulelo Oct 2021
Let these tears salt my tea.
And thereafter, the bitterness be from my demise.
Sbulelo May 2021
“In the deep end…”
I’d already died and you could not save me.
Sbulelo Feb 2021
For letting you in,
I have died another foolish death.
Sbulelo Feb 2021
Autumn leaves are as a Mother’s love; a golden delight yet the noble of sacrifice.
Dedicated to ZM Mngomezulu, my Mother.
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