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295 · Nov 2018
love hurts
Reckoning Nov 2018
It hurts
when you tell me you love me over texts
But you won’t say it in person
When you change your mind
From one day to the next
am I not enough?
That this is all I deserve
a man so insecure
He’s destructive with his words
272 · Jun 2018
Nature Divine
Reckoning Jun 2018
I want to see the flowers in the day
Just as I feel the ocean breeze
I want to see the sunset when the sun goes away
I want to swim in nature so deep
What can you see outside?
Nothing but the pitch black of the night

I want to cry at ethereal sights
I want to understand the colors of things
I want to feel what others feel inside
When they see mountains, what joy it brings
When waterfalls roar, and birds fly
I can only appreciate the magnificent divine

As I close my eyes when I get tired
Nature is as beautiful unseen
I feel the wind, rain, and fire
Everything is as marvelous just as I dream
Is it as beautiful as it is in my mind?
Says an old man who is blind
224 · Dec 2018
I’m addicted to pain
Reckoning Dec 2018
I’m addicted to your love
I’m addicted to the pain
I’m hurt and I cope but I don’t know the real thing
I stay cause I’m lost
No value in trash
I’m used and abused
But I haven’t forgotten about you
209 · Dec 2019
Reckoning Dec 2019
I've grown a crutch by my side
It's quite unstable and unpredictable
When I lose everything, it's all I lean on
Yet, sometimes it breaks, and I fall
I can stand on my own two feet
But I'm afraid I won't get very far without you beside me
200 · May 2019
But he didn’t mean it
Reckoning May 2019
No matter how deep a person will cut me
I will always turn around and say
“But they are only human”
But he didn’t mean it
He didn’t mean to give me poison
It’s a common mistake
175 · Jun 2018
What is
Reckoning Jun 2018
If I try to speak, I am quickly silenced
If I try to run, I am quickly tripped
I am in a time loop where I can’t escape
I am on constant edge, to ends cannot make
Where every turn leads back to you
In everything I say and do
where no exit signs exist
Only a painful notion of what is
157 · Jun 2018
Reckoning Jun 2018
When I fell in love with you
I fell in love with your imperfections
when I fell in love with you
I felt a different connection
Despite all of your flaws
You’re the one I love
Despite everything
You’re my everything

— The End —