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  May 2017 SallyS
plant the seedlings of wanderlust  
into the thinning gloom
throbbing with the last touch of night
mingled with remnants of moon
down an avenue of silver, stardust, far off places
some day
sun bathed rooftops
terracotta, buttermilk
olive terraces,  the sea's bed
blinking eyes of a vast heartland
... delighted to meet you!
nostalgia for the forgotten, far off lands of sunshine. one day x
  May 2017 SallyS
borderlines, precipices
clumps of breath-heavy
irises, mauve and lacing
caffeinated storms
sadly don't deter
residual figures haunt halls
dreams, thoughts
revealing mind's eye
marring clear water
dream trespassers, visitors from the subconscious.
  May 2017 SallyS
tree spirits beckoned
through pools of dawn's blushing glow
trees silvered seeping with soft musk and hazel
their lilting throngs of whispering tilleul arms
splitting misted air into swirls of hushed enchantment
pressed into the grass with strokes of emerald shade
etched into that twisting turret
a hundred
each a miniature scroll of letters and words
blazing through sap and bark and bramble
each a sample of language
the ancient and vast
ink of sun's blood, gilt and dragon's fire
A dream ~
  May 2017 SallyS
quiet darkness
so it covers them
the hills awash with soft onyx breath
wandering paths of frosted stardust
glittering like shards of tears; pearlescent
December , close your eyes
light of the perpetual dreamer
snowflake, gentle traveler
of the heavens you traipse down
barely a ripple on the laced, moonlit hills
  May 2017 SallyS
brittle leaves swing with windchime thrills
scattering minature fairy hats northwards
bristle tops of seeded whimsy
light strokes branches of resilience
revealing notches and furrows filled with courage
warmed and hazelnut tones of sap and towering elegance
in the end flourishing into taffeta skirts of green
plumes, plums and sour-apple caterpillars
  May 2017 SallyS
there hides a secret in the heart of the ferns
stars sing over this gilded corner of pixie homes and rippled pool
cool tears of the saturated mountain heights flow down the sloped arms
of hills, sprouting with seeds and clovers
to spill into the lake, dancing dragonfly wings
jasper and honey
here the lilies form goldfish ceilings
hearing every incantation above and below
rimmed stalks surround them, soft and tall
rabbits run wild, lacing round trunks of magnolia and pear
olive and ancient dogwood
the air sings of fairy work, a breathing painting of magic
dedicated to my kindred spirit; Jess :)
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