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He loves a woman with a desire.
And she loves a man with a dream.
And they both are willing to fulfill each other dreams and desires.
Together they are work of art.
Their dreams and desires are the leading path of their journey.
Like a fire is incomplete without its flames.
They are traveling to a journey of time that is yet to travel.
Imaginations are turning into reality
Because she decided to reveal herself
Turning impossibilities into possibilities
An artist living inside her;
Soul of a woman who is craving for love ;
And her cravings transforming her ordinary words into a beautiful poetry.
It’s not just her poetry, it’s her soul language.
She is a woman designing her life the way she wants it;
And she is also writing her own future.
She is opening herself towards a fearless side of life,
She is as courageous and as brave as Merida.
Beyond the limits of society, she is exploring the wild side,
It’s her deepest desire to make her identity in the obscure world,
Lamentable deficiency of art is something insists her to seek great perhaps.
It’s a faithful words of a  woman searching for an existence of poetry,
She has evinced an extent of zeal and looking forward to revealing herself,
Yet so far, her soul has become bounty of traveling to uncertainties,
And soon, the soul of a woman, an artist living inside her, and a poet in a world of poetry would soon turn imaginations into a reality..

— The End —