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Vampyre Kato Feb 2020
I Want To Hold On To This Sobriety
Heal All My Anxiety
What's This Feeling That Is Fighting Me
There's A Flight Or Fight In Me
Never Freeze , Its A Reflex
Can I Get A Break, Meditate, Or A Recess
I Dont Want To Reset
Picking Up The Pieces
Face The Weather , What Ever,
No Safe Place For Hiding
Is It The Auqarius In Me Or The Pisces
I Feel Like My Veins Conduct Lightning
Take A Breath Its So Intense
I Ascend By My Self For Real
They Just With Some Friends Lighting Incense
Burning Sage Dont Make Me Spiritual
I Do Need A Cleansing
I Know My Heart Is Full Of Poetry
God Isnt Pretending
Burnt Bridges From The Ashes
New Roads Mending
The Way The Embers Burn Its So Beautiful
I Could Die Inside A Vibe In My Mind
That Aint Physical
Conjure Beauty On My Coffin
I Think About This Often
I Only Feel Off When I Dont Feel Like Talking
And I Always Do
My Heart Is Truth
And I Will Follow That
Won't Follow You
Setting Goals
Faith That I Will Follow Through
I Need To Escape These Shadows Ooh,
They Think Im Lazy Think Im Crazy
I Would To,
If You Only Saw Me From You,
That's Not Even What It Is,
Not Even A Little Bit
I Been Dealing With Demons
Since I was A Little Kid
Somewhere Inside
Here He Still Is,
Detached I May Seem Cold Like Nobody Knows Me,
Now I Cant Even Be Present For The Presence
People Show Me,
She Wants To Hold Me,
I Cant Even Hold You,
I Cant Protect Your Heart
I Will Put A Whole Through
My Word Is My Wand
I Want To Be So Pure
It's Too Many Tears, A Thousand Years
Will There Be Anybody Here
When I Face My Fears
And All The People Who Sacraficed And Love Me
All Turn To Ashes
My Actions The Way I Hurt Everyone
It Is Tragic
I'm Like A Monster With Memories Full Of Disaster
Is There A Heaven After
I Hear In The Distance Innocense And Luaghter
You Cant Tell I Lost It
Cos Im A Good Actor
Be Hold A Pale White Horse
Or A Field Full Of A Bodies And A Tractor
Jan 2017 · 920
Roses At My Funeral
Vampyre Kato Jan 2017
What I Hold In These Hands,
Turns To Ash As I Watch It All Happen,
Bleeding Slowly,
The Agony, The Grief,
Are The Tools That Build The Coffin,
I Lay Down In And Drowned In As I Lay Here Alone,
I Close My Eyes, To Visit Memmories,
That Have Passed Away,
And Moved On,
Its Deeper Than The Root That Birthed These Shreadded Wings,
I Am Suffocating On The Tears In My Throat,
I Get High When Your Close,
I Die When You Go,
Vampyre At Night,
In The Day Ima Ghost,
I Speak At The Toast,
I See You And I Thinking We Know,
For A Second Thinking Deep,
Like Maybe We Don't,
Sorrows From Apologies,
I Was Loosing Control,
I Just Needed Your Hand,
Not Under Your Clothes,
Theres Dust On This Tesla,
I Drive The Smoke,
Ima Drive Fast And Die,
Off A Cliff Down The Road,
I Been Through Enough Cons,
Remain On Earth Or Begin,
Im Weighing The Pros,
We Stand In Different Rain,
I Don't Expect You To Know,
Being Alone Feels So Difficult Though,
Please Woman Of My Dreams,
Hear The Crys From My Heart, Opera Pugatory Screams,
The Wind When It Rains , Sounds Paranormal Things,
Im Strange And Im Me,
I Feel Like **** Life,
Slice And Dice A Knife In This Iv,
My Eyes Bleed,
I Channel , I Don't Read,
When Im Super High,
I Don't Speak,
To My Family, Im Not The Person That You Think,
Sometimes See,
or The Person Your Hurting For Me To Be,
Im Searching For My Soul Mate, Yes The Woman Of My Dreams
A Loft In a Cave, A Tree House With Peace,
Converted My Tesla Model S Into A Hurse,
Black Rose On A Tree,
On Top Of My Casket,
In Latin Conjure Beauty,
Dec 2016 · 526
Vampyre Kato Dec 2016
Beauty Drips From Her Lips ,
That Be Ecstasy,
Passion Bleeds Deep,
When You Next To Me,
I’m Grate When We Text And Meet,
You Always Show Me What i Want To See,
You Know Who i Am,
And Where I’m Gonna Be,
Currently , Manifesting Currency,
I Need Light Upon My Dark,
It’s An Emergency,
Reapers Want To ****** Me,
I’m One Where The Crows Is,
Covered In Rosess,
Exposed In The Open,
Blood In The Ocean,
A Ghost That Is Floating,
Dark Skies, Stars Cry,
Ego Fights Than Takes a Flight,
Meditating Through The Night,
I Am Your Never Ending Hug,
Dear Were Gonna Be Alright,
Id Love To Make A Sacrifice,
Tears Cover My Mirror,
Wheres The Woman Of My Dreams,
I Wake Up In The Middle Of The Night,
And I Just Scream,
I Know That I Can Rap,
but Honestly I Wish That I Could Sing,
I See In You My Dreams,
Romance, Rain On Leaves,
Chills From The Cold Breeze,
You And I, Eye To Eye,
In Unity,
At The Grave Yard,
Under The Oak Tree,
Ancient Soul Old Things,
Hermetical Principals,
7 Chakras Flow,
You Feel Me,
I Know,
Roots Run Real Deep,
Paranormal Scene,
Everything Aint What It Seems,
Programmed To Crash Inside The Screen,
I Broke Out Of The Matrix,
Frequencies Aint Reaching Me That Do Damage,
Every New Pen , Friend, A New Bandage,
******, Bandits,
no Dimensional Being Can Shatter This Matter In,
I Believe This Pen Ship Will Bring,
Beautiful Friends, And A Woman To Breathe,
Travel The Seass,
The Gravel Deceased,
If I Want It I Got It I Copped It Hop in Im Grabbin The Keys,
I Master The Piece,
Velvet Sheets, Victorian Everything,
Ravens And What Ever Heaven Brings,
Aura Is A Dimond Ring
Dec 2016 · 564
Vampyre Kato Dec 2016
Chills Shiver The Deepest Realm Of My Spine,
I Am Darkness I Am Light,
I Can't Breathe Some Times,
Suffocate Through The Night,
I Will Be Alright,
There Are Times ,
I Hold Her Side To Side,
Romance , Candle Light,
Speaking Eye To Eye,
Deeply She Starts To Cry,
She Feels My Pain Inside,
It Rains Dear,
This Pain Hear ,
Is The Poet And The Way I Paint Tears,
In My Minds Eye And Heart,
Its Me And You,
So Close Inside Of The Same Coat,
Feeling The Same Cold,
Breeze From That Strange Road,
Squeezing This Thorn Rose,
As The Blood Crys Down My Hand,
I Feel Sad, I Think Back,
If We Were Strangers Again,
This Wouldn't Feel Bad,
Theres Beauty In The Darkness,
We All Been Broken Hearted,
I Don't Want To Sail Away Alone,
Oh My Heart Is Bleeding For You,
The Woman Of My Dreams,
I Want You Here If Im Alone In This Bed Its Hard For Me To Sleep,
In This Silence I Wheep,
Its Been A Few Weeks,
The Way I Love You And Hug Wish You Could See,
I Breathe When I Think Of You Keila,
I'm Creating A Home, Vampyre Throne,,
Ima Save Up, Ashes On These Bones,
Time Me For Me To Keep My Head Up,
In Time My Passion Will Manifest Better ,
Healing, When My Beauty Is Set Up,
I Know We Will Cross Paths,
And The Desire Will Drip Passion,
I Will Drive You Back In My Tesla, To My Loft And Mansion,
Show You The Lair Where The Piano , Violin, Tones,
Reminds You Of That Sacred Safe Home,
Inside Of The Energy You Feel In Me,
Its Makes You Want To Cry And Heal Things,
Im The Real Me,
I Know Right Now Your Numb  And You Think Im Dumb,
Deep Down You Know Im The One,
I Am Romance, You Will Always Remember When Your Sad
How We Hold Hands,
And I Look, Focus Deep In Your Eyes,
And I Listen With My Vampyre Heart,
How I Be In Your Thighs,
Id Watch You Sleep So Fragile At Night
And Giggle When You Snore And Record It,
Show You In the Morning,
Now Your Gone,
Im Bleeding Songs Cant Ignore This,
I'm Pouring Seas Of Tears On My Pillowcase,
Your Away I still Feel Your Pain,
I Know You Lie, Been With Guys,
******* To Get High,
I Still Care People Wonder Why,
I Say Cos I Live Under Life,
I Been Dead Inside,
My Head Is Tight,
I Stay Alive For Reasons I Will Hug You Again,
Cross Path With Temporary Friends,
That Come And Go,
Im Just A Ghost,
To You I  Know,
I Still Hold On To This Rope Thats Around Your Boat,
So When Your On Dope,
Or Just Sad Af And You Don't Know Where To Go,
And Drownd, You Can Grab The Rope,
Ill Keep You Afloat,
I Promised No More Notes,
Text Or Emails On My Phone,
But I Am Poetry,
Theese Are Spells And Poems,
Dec 2016 · 533
Vampyre Kato Dec 2016
I Feel Things Inside Of Me Real Deep,
My Soul Will Speak,
I Hear A Raven Sing Next To A Creek,
Through The Silence,
Illuminating Pure Vibrating Tears From These Eye Lids,
It Would Be A Story To The Grave,
To Explain Where Ive Been,
1000 Years, Reincarnated Here,
In Realms Where Theres Absence Of Fear,
So Lonely Oh Dear, Come Here,
I Am The Never Ending Hug You For Ever Seek,
I'm That Comfort , You Puke For In The Bathroom Sink,
I Am The Home That Was Once Physical Now Ashes,
I'm The Last One Thats Still Standing,
With Wounds To Big For A Bandage,
Telepathy, Interjection The Mind A Bandit,
I Protect These Bones, My Woman My Home, ******,
I Don't Have To Prove, I Could Use My Qi To See A Massive Bruise,
I Keep I Am Peace It's What Masters Do,
Vk, Immortal Ways,
Only The Now Is Exist,
Illusion Of Days,
Diffrent Shades Of Gray,
Infinite Ways,
My Worth Is A Perk To A Curse,
So On Earth Ima Stay,
Till I'm Ash And Im Gray,
And A Storm Washes Me A Way,
Theres So Many I Have And Will Saved,
I Work On What I Say,
Sometimes, I Speak Words That Hurt Cos Im Afraid,
That You All Will Walk Away,
And Y'all Did And Still Do,
Ooh I'm Numb From The Pain,
You Told Me You Would Never Leave,
Alone In The Rain,
I'm Embracing This Rain Storm
Making The Rain Warm,
I Accept As It Rains More,
Let The Rain Pour,
Roses On Grave Stones,
Its Dark But Like A Bat,
I Got My Back And Ima Find My Way Though,
Passionate Romance,
I My Specialty ,
Roses Pedals Be,
Over Your Body,
As You Breathing Heavily,
It's Intense Will You Let It Be,
I'm That Vampyre Memory,
December Weather Is For Ever The,
Vibe I Hold Inside,
When At Night I Die,
And Lay In My Casket,
Don't Ask Why,
Just Hold My Hand And Stay Eternally,
Or Let Me Know When You Feel This Cold,
If You know Your Objective Is Burning Me,
Embers And My Heart Hug,
Darker Than Black Home,
Victorian Rug,
I Am Immortal Love
Dec 2016 · 383
Evoco decorem
Vampyre Kato Dec 2016
I Know What’s Going On ,
Why You Trynna Hide It,,
Let Your Heart Bleed,
Sing As You Fight It,
Your Finding Your Purpose,
It’s You That You Searching,
Just Breathe,
I’m Doing The Same,
If You Know What I Mean,
The Feelings Beens Absent,
I’m Asking What Happing,,
Whipping Up Blood,
With All Theese Napkins,
Shattered Glass Under The Rug,
Regrets Adding Up,
From **** That’s Enough,
To **** What The ****,
I Know I Can’t Take What I Say Back,
Sincere When I Say That,
Will The Tesla Change Your Mind,
In Time Will You Change Inside,
I Want You To Stay The Night,
Arrive By Surprise,
Look Deep In These Eyes,
It Makes You Wanna Cry,
Identify The Reason Why,
Either Can I,
My Pain Is Beautiful And Real Tears,
Where Will I Be In A Few Years,
Not Here
In A Foriend Land,
Floriengn, Ocean Side Like Florida And,
I Can Afford A Home And All Theese Plans,
Be My Lady, Ill Be Ya Man,
But I Ain’t Begin You To Stay,
I Hope You Under Stand, Okay
I’m Sighned Now,
Driving Through La Just To See A Place With a Sign Out,
Drop 10k Just to Stay
I Don’t Wanna Buy Now,
i’m Soul Searching,
My Soul Hurting,
I’m So Certain,
Romance With Closed Curtins,
And The Lights Low,
Blow Out Out The Candle As I Stroke All Night Yo,
Abbracabdra Where The Lights Go,
Breathe Please If It’s Deep, Ima Pipe Slow,
Seizure Like Eyes Roll,
Portal To Another Realm,
I Promise That Your Safe Okay Just Let Your Mind Melt,

This Time It Is Not Is My Demons,
I Don’t Expect Anyting,
Don’t Need A Reason,
Healing Is Why I Am Breathing,
Love Is Like Seasons,
It Dies,
Then Arives When You Need It,
I’m Here To Enlighten Through Dreaming,
I’m Singing, Don’t Go,
If You Do, Don’t Ever Loose Hope,
All My Eggs Cracked No Joke,
My Love Gone Hatch Fa Sho,
That’s Something i Know,
I Will Not Give My opinion On Something I Don’t,
Grey Skys Must Love My Eyes And The Front Of My Door,
I’m Feeling I’m So Sore,
I’m Really For Sure,
It’s You I Adore,
If I Lost That,
I Aint Gone Get Me Off Track,
You May Never See All That I Gave,
I Know It Goes Both Ways,
If Your Really Walking Away,
I Hope Your Okay,
Cos I Know Im Not,
And I Hope You Don’t Feel The Same,
Either I Never Knew The real You,
Or you Changed,
Either Way, Words Aint Gone Help My Case,
I Can’t Reach Your Heart, Regardless What i Say,
Good Bye For Ever Today , I’m Selling Away

All I Can Change Is My Self,
Perception Is Everything,
Ive Been Through Hell,
Stories To Tell,
My Pain It Bleeds,
I Be Singing It Well,
Came Along Way From Grave Yards And Pale,
My Love Runs Deeper Than Every Body I Helped,
When I Was Up,
I Was Picking You Up,
Taking You Places,
Bringing You Home To ****,
And Cuddle Up,
All You Ever Did Was Lie,
**** What The ****,
You Cant Reply, You Are To Much,
You Took My Advice, And Told Me I ****,
Afraid To Realize What You Do,
I Know What’s Been Up,
My Soul Had Enough, It’s Been  Hell Of A Ride,
I’m Slicing Ties,
With These Genuine Eyes Good Bye And Good Luck

i Won’t Be Here The The Storm Comes,

ill Be in My Own In The Storm Front,

I Was Your Saving Grace, Your Burned A Bridge That Cannot Be Replaced,

Theres Nothing You Can Say Now About How You Made A Change. How I Was Right, And all Your Pain,

I’m To Far Gone To See Your Face,

This Wasn’t A Mistake,

I Sacrificed Everything Heavenly For A Fallen Angel That’s Been Misplaced,

You Chose Your Ways,

I Got A Tree House And A Loft In Cave,

And You Will never Be Invited To Stay,

There Aint To Many Feathers Left Teathered On These Shreaded Wings

I Bleed Opera You Ought Remember Me,

Rainy Day Memories
Dec 2016 · 384
Vampyre Kato Dec 2016
I Though You Were My Valerie,
Heart Speaks Louder Than Ever,
You Spent Your Last Weeks With Me,
Trying To Find Your Who Ever,
Strippers Aint Clever,
Theres A Whole In Your Disclosed Endeavors,
Insecure, Your Full Of Fear,
I Was So Wrong For Bring You Here,
And Defending You Dear,
You Sliced My Heart Deep,
These Tears Are Black Now,
Rainy Grey Skys In The Back Round,
Be Honest With Your Next Tell Him Back Down,
Aint Looking To Be Strapped Down,
You **** For Drugs,
Love 3 Sums,
And Free ***
From Anyone That Calls You ***,
And Compliments Your Fun,
It's Sad And It Hurts To Think About,
You Should Stop Getting High,
And Try To Think It Out,
You'd Be Surprised By What Your Thinking Now,
You Left Me To Die,
And Usually Id Turn Around For Any Body In Need,
But Geez You Used Me For Pretty Much Everything,
You Said You Cant Believe That I Loved You,
You Left Me Silence, Like *******,
Really After All That We Been Through,
I'm Nothing Like Your Ex,
Better Than Your Next,
Honestly This Passionate ***,
You Wont Find It Again,
This Comes From 1000 Years Of Tears,
And Leaves In The Wind,
This Skin Is Just Sin,
And I Know Now,
To Put Your Coat With The Grim,
You Got A Smile On Your Chin,
Having A Child With Him,
Its Cool You'll Cheat Get High , He Will Leave,
You Gone Bleed Think Of Me,
Get Your Phone Try To Reach,
Im On Tour On A Beach,
On A Different Frequency,
You Said You Loved Me, Letft Me Cold To Cry,
Now Go Sit At My Grave Yard And Feel I.
Nov 2016 · 335
Vampyre Kato Nov 2016
I For Got This Was Coming,
Intuition Tried To Numb It,
I’m Alive For Nothing,
I Sit And Look Grey,
On Display Like A Pumpkin,
I Don’t Know A Home,
I Don’t Want These Bones,
I’m Gonna **** My Self,
I Don’t Where Ima Go,
Ill Probally Be Alone,
The Mind Is An Asylum,
I’m Silenced By Silence,
I See Grave Yards Not Sirens,
I’m Already Dying,
The Pain Is To Giant,
No Structure ,
Or Solid Support,
**** My Life,
**** My Family,
**** Court
Yea Im Sure
Im Sore,
Of Course ,
Im Paranormal To tHe Core,
I Deal This With Demons,
They Cant Battle,
I Feel The Devils Rattle,
**** This Time Im Stuck,
I Had Enough,
Its To Much,
When I Need To Be Heard,
Im Pushed Away,
I Wanna Walk And Talk Today,
i Have An Awful Lot To Say,
I Hate These Monsters On This Plane,
Im  Leaving Today,
It Didn’t Have To Be This,
I Guess Things Don’t Change,
You Can Only Try So Hard To Remain,
Im Suffocating And Im Blamed,
Your Welcome And Thanks,
Its Nobodys Fault,
Ima Head Of My Time,
Dont Cry,
At My Funeral ,
Lay Black Roses Upon My Eyes,
Darkness Caught Up,
I Cant Lie,
Night Mares Everynight,
Im Scared Of My Life,
Things Never  GO Right,
I Am Def To Objections,
Im Always Rejected,
Deaths My Objective,
Who Cares,
Don’t Sweat It,
Just Hold On To People You Love,
Cos The Devil Might Step In,
**** The Cops And The Mourge,
Ignore All The Questions,
Of Why,
Or All Reasoning,
Im Bleeding In Front Of The Ones I Thought Loved Me,
They Cant See Things
Nov 2016 · 345
Vampyre Kato Nov 2016
Theres Depths In My Mind,
I Randomly Find,
I Attempt To Rewind The Time,
When I Was Feeling Fine,
I Never Feel The Same,
I Can Relate The State,
Still I Face Constant Change,
I'm Constantine,
Purgatory Screams,
Broke Free From Monster Chains,
These Wings Are Healing Slowly,
Sometimes I'm Lonely,
I'm So Happy When Were Together,
Your Glowing,
I'm So Impressed You Choose To Get To Know Me,
The Way Your Hands Hold Me,
Your So Fragile, Brittle And Boney,
But Your So Deeply Beautiful,
Your *****,
Like The Home That Was For Me That Is Now Embers,
I Will Always Remember The 22nd Of December,
I Will Protect You Be Your Defender,
What I Perceive Is Only Half Of View,
I Bleed To See And Feel All Of You,
Please Speak To Me What I Have To Do,
And Show Me What I Yet To Understand,
Is All I Ask Of You,
Take My Hand,
Walk This Land,
Have A Laugh Or Too,
As This Skin Turns To Ash,
And My Vision Fades To Black,
Forgetting What Is Possible,
Is Impossible ,
In Unity ,
Were Unstoppable,
Shine Like A *** Of Gold,
I Feel Your Presence Like A Ghost,
Your Heart Has A Song With Passionate Tones,
You & I Know,
No Matter Where We Go,
Were Safe In Our Love And Trust,
We Can't Rough It Up,
It's Something That Is So Struck,
By Perfect Timing,
Divine Alighning,
I Love You,
I Get Chills When I Hug You,
Oct 2016 · 324
Vampyre Kato Oct 2016
Look Out Side, Its Raining, Isn’t It Beautiful, Are You Crying, Its Okay To Cry, Your Safe Here , Everythings Gonna Be Okay

Earths Tears Fall Deep Beneath The Soil,

Pain Bleeds Through The Leaves, Trees, & Foil,

We Rose From A Dark Past,

Absent Love Due To Drugs,

Darker Than Black,

When Ever We Left Home,

We Always Had Our Hearts Packed,

And If You Loose That Complicated Tool,

Oooh You Might Not Get It Back,

That Something That We Understood,

I’m Hoping That They Understand,

I Chose To Cross Your Path,

On This Wicked Land,

In This Skin Full Of Sin,

Ill Hold Your Hand,

Ill Never Let Go,

I Wasnt There When Your Tears Covered Your Bed Post,

Though Those Demons I Know

In My Layer ,

Heard Your Prayers, Like Your Head Close,

So Many People Just Come And Go,

I Rome This World  Like Ima Just A Ghost,

Your Not An Average Girl,

Im  Not An Average Joe,

Your An Angel, You Glow,

Through The Rain And The Snow,

The Light And The Dark,

The The Push In The Pull,

Grief And Belief Keila Is All I Know,

I Apologize, Intense Vibes Sometimes, Is All I Show,

Trauma From The Past, Scared To Die Alone,

In The Bath Tub Half Up, Please Answer The Phone

My Mind Didn’t Know, I Was Sure I Over Dosed,
Mom And Dad Why  Is Nobody Home,

Grandma Where Did You Go,

Im Cant Breathe I Pushed It Close,

Im Sorry Im Promise Im Honest,

No More  Drugs Though,

Our Family Sore,

They Don’t Want See Us Dead ON The Floor, Or Be At The Mourge

And Half To Decide, Burrie Us In Bugs Dust And Vines,

Or Ashes That Remind,

That Life Is Precious, In Due Time,

Purity Will Be Restored,

I Will Walk First With You Through The Depression Stroms

Im Grateful Your Alive,

Its Nice To See You Smile,

I Can Tell By Your Parents Eyes, And Yours Its Been A While,

Your So Worthy, Deserving Of Miraces,

Its Working The SPirutal,  

Theres Angel In The Breeze

Whispers On The Leafs,

Take AS Much Time As You Need,

To Be Breathe In Your Sacred Space,

Until You Can Respond To Things,

Open Up Respond To Me, Please

Only When Your Ready

Cos Honesty,,

I Feel Your Pain,

I Feel The Same,

It Hard To Change,

But We Did It,

Ancient Here To Finish The Mission,

Your In Colorado ,

Are You Missing Me,

Were Connected Deep,

This Week Has Been Mysery,

Now I See Why People Go Fishing Out In A Distant See,

I Will Be Better At Listening,

and Going With The Flow,

Growing With Examples Is The Way The To Show The Ropes,

Our Garden Is Healhy,

Were Growing So Close,

I Appreciate Your Efforts ,

Your Prescenese , Your Message,

Time Is OF essence,

Im Grateful We Spent It,

Respectful Wont Dent It

Touching up The Dark Spots,

Like We Denist,

Everything I Said I Meant It,

Your My Best Friend,

I Love Your Soul,

The Road Ahead IS Beautiful

Embers They Burn,

On Tuesday,

I Will Be Waiting For Your Return…
Oct 2016 · 410
The Depth
Vampyre Kato Oct 2016
I Can’t Stop Stop Twitching,
My Control Over My Bones Is Missing,
Its What My Arm And My Kneck Do,
Im Forever Served Tourettes Soup,
Stop Moving Dude, Don’t Be Impulsive,
Don’t ******* Speak To Me,
I Cant Controll It,
Involuntary They
Wont Stop Staring,
So Dark And Scary,
I Wanna Relax, And Sit Still
When I Die , That’s When I Will,
My Memory And Organs
Damged From The Doctors Pills,
7 Nerouglosist Followed By 32 Psychologist,
Bi Polar What You Calling This,
Im Anxious Cos Theres no Fix Or Blanket,
And Im Intense Cos Rest Is Vacant,
So I Yea I Got My Issues,
Andrew I Miss you,
Ive Been Abused & Misused, Used Up All Tissues,
I Just Want To Be free,
Seizures Trapping Me,
My Wings Flap Rapidly,
Will It Happen Still After The
Body Im In Is Decomposed.
And Theres No Bones For My Subconscious
To Grab And Have Controll,
I Bleed Often And I Know,
Angels Sing In Opera Tones,
Do I see A Doctor , No
They Took My Freedom And My Home,
Mental State is Everything,
15 years 90 Pills Brings Heavy Change, Umbrella Broke , tHough I Embraced The rain,
That’s Why Im So Forginging And Giving,
Cos My Soul Lives In Hole That IM Forgetting,
COs My Brains Changed From The Brain Chains,
I Cant Recall The Child Hood That Was Taken Away,
Im Been Making Plans Peter Pan Awaits,
Most Food People Distate, I Find Grate,
Jail Doors And Psych Wards,
Group Homes, Homeless, Treatment Centers,
Phone less, Impatient patient patiently
Waiting For The Phone List,
no Friends Know Him,
I Know Thunderstorms And Snow Wind,
I Can Guid The Way,
Make A Sacrifice And Die To Day,
Some Say My Minds Beautiful, Cos My Freedom
Has Been Locked Away,
So Inside Of My Mind Is Where In Travel With SuitCased Full OF Pain
I Listened For 1000 Years
I Have An Awful Lot To Say,
Most People Cant Understand him
Cant Fathom The Phantom
That Grabbed Him At 7 When Chanting,
Im Desperate,
Darkness Where My Bed Is,
Grave Yard Where My Head Sits,
I Breathe To Release The Beast Inside Of Me,
IF I Die Alone I Wont Sweat,
I Just Want Hold Hands Of People
On Death Beads Transcending To The Next Step,
My Heart Bleeds For Peace
And The Needs Of Other To Be Achieved,
Im At Coast In Black sMoke By The Sea
Ascending Into Better Things,
I’m a light House To Night Owls,
And Memories
As I Turn To Ash,
I don’t Ask You To Remember Me,
Aug 2016 · 582
Seeing Through
Vampyre Kato Aug 2016
I'm What Passion Is
I'm Passionate
Poetic Activist
Master Script
Romance Is My Magik Gift
Ask Her Lips
Some People's Ego
Bloated Like A Bag Of Chips
Pierce The Seal With The Real
Have It Rip
Breathe Celebrate
Transmute The Manic State
Ice Land
Tonight And Leaves
Sing In The Breeze
I Am Everything I Bleed
Everything I Need
Biokinesis Morphings My Gene's
Thoughts Rearrange Things
Ghost In The Mirror
Blood In The Sink
Gazing Down This Ivy
Distant I Be
Dimensions That Been Neglected
Is Where My Wings
With The Threaded Prices Lay
I Am Purity
Illuminated The Sphere In Me
Close Just Go I'ma Ghost
No One Is Hearing Me
Declare To A Toast
With A Chassel
Infinite I'm Past Go
Broken People
Last Though
The Ground Is A  Glass Home
Born Into Bad Bones
Whispers In The Breeze
Please Sing That Tone
Violin's Passion Strings
Are Beautiful Like Nature
Monsoons Stormy Everything
When You See It From The Top
It Ain't All what It Seems
Pineal Gland Pendulum
Detach When It Swings
Won't Influence These Kind Of Things
Paranormal Motions
Costing Through The Ocean
Spirits Here They Notice
Poets Tree Poetry
I Am A Poet
Love Passions And Romance
MoonLight Mood Right
Hold Hands
Jul 2016 · 617
White Rose
Vampyre Kato Jul 2016
My Mask Has Been Shredded It's The Ashes On My Grave,
My Heart Has Become My Image, My Face,
That's All They See, That's All I Show,
Love Is All I Know,
Winters Are Lonely , They Sure Are Cold,
In A Uk Threaded Coat,
With Valerie To Hold,
On A Bench In Blizzard Snow,
Where Are You,
Where Did You Go,
Your Looking For Me,
Please Adore Me, I Hope So,
I Know Your Close,
I Smell Your Rose,
The Sand I Stand On, Imprints Of Your Toes,
Were Together Now,
And Storms Birth A Play,
Distance Is Missing,
In Nature We Lay,
For Ever Immortal,
Vampires Way
Vampyre Kato Jul 2016
I Am More Than A Boy
I Am More Than A Man
I Am More Than A Child
I Am More Than Somebody's Son
I Am More Than A Brother
I Am More Than A Friend
I Am More Than A Person
I Am More Than This Skin
I Am What I Seek But Never Find
I Am The Home I Long For
I Am The Love I Bleed For
I Am The Purity That's Perices Darkness
I Am The Wings On Angel I'm Praying To Save Me
I Am Thirsty For The Holy Water That I Am
I Feel Empty As If I'm Lost
God Are You The Road
Are you The Map
Am I The Legs Of You That Walk Among This Ground Of A Place Someone Called Earth
I Dig Deeper Into My Self To Only Be Swimming In Mud
Mother Earth Is That You
I For Get My Gift Of Breath  Exist
I Miss My Blessings I Don't Count
If I'm A Seed What's Clean Water On A Land So *****
I Once In A While Make A Mess Of Precious Soil
If I'm A Garden
Dehydration Is Coming I Can Feel It
If I'm A Gardner My Arms Are Almost To Tired To Water The Roots
Underneath My Feet I Feel The Shadow Of A Sleeping Giant
I Heart Her Faint Wheepings
It Could Be My Inisides
I Am On My Last Skin Holding The Blood In My Heart
IM Soon To Become The Skin That Turns To Ash
The Blood That Fades To Black
And Entering The Void
I've Been Dying To Avoid
Jul 2016 · 687
Tesla Answers
Vampyre Kato Jul 2016
schools Not For Me
I Got A Black Rose On My Hurse
Inisde So Much I Hurt
So I Put In In A Verse
All Me No Re Reverb
My Cries I Know She Heard
I Don't Ever Get Replies
She Don't Ever Give Me Time
When I'm On Stage In Pretty Lights
You Ain't Getting Mine
My Heart Is I Rose I Chose To Give
You Let It Die
You Cant Just Walk Way
And Say That We Should Give It Time
River Side VIOLON Crying Giant
I Grew Wings That Sing
Through The Silence
IM Amazing I Am Alright
Every Day Mediditate And I Write
Passion Drips Through The Night
No Blood On The Knfe
All I Feel Is Velvet Sheets
Women Caressing Me
Extra Heat When I'm Inside
You Feel The Vibe
Put Me To The Side
Guess Your Just A Lie
I'm Inside On The Mic
Your Heads Over Sneaks
I'm Better Than Ya Ex
And I'm Better The Ya Next
Passionate Poet
Ladies Pockets Wet
Summer Time All I Rock Is Sweats
******* Ain't ****
We'll Not Yet
Cos They Sucubuss
That **** On *****
Of Awful Men
If I Hear You Knock At My Castle
Yall Not Walking In
I Deserve Abundance
I Been Shivering In Cold Wind
Now Winter Is My Favorite
My Grin ON My Chin IS  My Playlist
I Ain't Met A Person Like Me
Ima Diamond Im Lightnig Ima Gem
I'm Divine Alinging Perfect Timing ima 10
Angles Flying In
New Vibe With A New Side
New Money New Shoes Size
THE Beef Ain't With Me
I Don't Choose Sides
In Cali Mission Beach
Sand In Feet As I Chew Shrimp & Fries
You Ain't Here Cost You Lied
Oh You Can't Here
Then You Better Rewind
Without Friends Ima Be My Fine
Two Brother I Mother
Not Your Tylical Father
Air Port With Important Peoples
In The Terminal
Grateful I Made It Happen
100 Dollar Plates
So Clean I Don't Need A Naplkin, For My Face
Bjzzy Crook
Really Did It Though
We All Start Of Little Dough
Roll Up To The The Work Spot
Drop A Songs Thats Summer Hot
Whos To To Say ThatSummers Not
Perception Changed
Dreams Obtained
Flying Through States
Eat Everything I Make
Don't Let It Go To Waste
The Ice In The Right Place Stays
Smotth Grove Moving Leather Skates
Katos Famous
Hes My Homie
You Don't Know Me ***** Wait
You Ditched Me Every Day
Women Wouldnt Let Me Take Me On Dates
Now Theey Pay To Come And Wait
TO See Me On The Stage
Pray For Me To Open Thier Jeans , Fill Em Up Deep
It Ain't All What It Seems
Now That IM Offical
I'm Taxing A Fee
Old Friends Heard My Track
Now They Asking For Me, Where Kato At
Glass House By A Creek
Pretty Classy Women
Beautiful Trees
I Am 1 With Nature
I'm Am Me And Iam Beautiful I Glow
I Flow To Float In Realms With Hopes To Find Home
My Heart Is Pure,
It Doesn't Get Rest,
No Space For A Face , That Makes Me Feel Less,
Idk Why  Your Contacts In My Phone,
When I'm Not A Worth A Text, Peeling My Bones
Although I Feel The Love From Your Pet,
Cos As I Pet Its, Fur Neck And Head,
I Can Feel Expression Unlike The Words That You Said,
I Am A Free Bird With No Nest,
So Ima Keep Going Till I'm In A  Casket Or Ashes And Dead,
Ahead of My Time, I'm Fast In The Head,
Fasten Your Seat Belt, Space Ship Melting The Stem,
I Hear Cries As Stroms Supply, A Vibe Of
Beauty In Dark Skies,
I Really Feel Alive,
I Really See My Eyes,
I Don't Read Between The Lines,
I Wont Change, I'm I,
Sober Not High,
MAster Of Mind,
Traveling Time,
Jul 2016 · 528
Heaven's War
Vampyre Kato Jul 2016
My Mind Is Dim, Take The Second Letter Move It To The End Same With The M, Remove The N,
I M N. Reverse It Again, , NMI, New Movment Invoked,
Folks, Take Care Of Your Lives, Flair Your Prayers Let Them fly,
Prepare To Say Good Bye,
World War 3, Weather Its Us Or Blood Beneath Seas,
Floods Between Trees,
Disguise On Tv,
Speech from False Teeth,
Stains Covered In Paint,
Can’t Be Cleaned With Bleach,
Our Government Is On Some Other ****, Loving It,
Archons Govern It,
I Don’t Know Who The **** Our Brothers Is,
Or Sisters Fighting For Betterment,
Brain Washed Beast, You Will Feel Defeat,
See We Better Win,
I’m A Head Of Right And Wrong, Songs Are Imbedded Wind,
Things Will Get Better When,
Ufo Files, Spies  , And Profiles,
And Demons  Don’t Smile,
All That Green Underneath Is Grey,
Yall Cant Just **** Us And Bash Us In A Blood Bath Tub,
And Wash It All Way,
Time IS 3d, See Its All Just A Day,
Yall People Separate,
Power Play For Pay,
It’s Not Okay,
Reactions For Your Actions, Are Just A Casket Away,
Vatican Assassins, A Master Game,
If Yall Reading This And Still Have A Brain,
Stay Free From Influence, And Hand Em Change,
Demand A Raise,
**** A Flag,
The Land Is Grey,
Full Of Slithering Snakes , And Lizzard Legs,
Get Ready To Drownd In The Holy Ocean Of Fate,
No Escape,
For Both Sides,
A Mass ****** By Demonic Leaders ,
With Open Eyes,
Victims Or Not,
In This Melting ***,
We Both Will Die,
By Bullet Shot,
And Open SKys,
Angels Singing,
Light Beings Unite,
Holy Door Is No More Locked,
Theres A lot In Store,
The Moment Has Came Where Dark Is Destroyed
Jul 2016 · 571
Darker Than Black
Vampyre Kato Jul 2016
I Know In The Cold Front When The Snow Comes,
No Coat It Will Be So Cold, I Won’t Hold No Gun,
Earth Is My Paranormal Curse, I’m So Done,
Inside Is So Dark, I Don’t Know Sun,
I Bleed For Valerie,
The Rose I’m Holding Is Darker Than Black,
Memories That May Never Be,
In My Dreams Contact,
I’m Further Than Where Feathers Sing,
Beyond That,
I Crave Company,
Who Really Loves You,
Who Really Loves We,
All Ghost But Me,
Physical Form,
Aint The Norm,
Spirts Swarm,
I Feel Like I Never Had Dreams Only Demons Before,
I Feel Creepiness Creeping In My Core,
Stronger Than Ever Before,
I Cant Ignore,
I Feel Like , A Still Night,
Grave Yard Tomb Side, With A Huge Size Steel Knife,
Sliced Deep Through My Check And My Wind Pipe,
I Crave Life,
The Woman Of My Dreams I Need, I See White,
Than Feel Black,
I’m So Alone So If I Slice My Throat, Idk If I Should Feel Bad,
When I Really Need A Coat,
Nobody Shows,
So If Tonight’s The Show,
Where I Watch My Life Go,
The Clock Is Frozen,
My Box Is Stone,
Grave Yards Are All I Think About,
I Think To Deep,
Who Can See What I Perceive,
Nobody So Don’t Plead Me To Think It Out,
Holy Water In The Sink Is Down,
And When I Drink It,
I’m Smoke And Howl,
Ashes, Fallen Like Dead Skin,
I’m A Not Here,
My Head Spins,
Dimensions That Are Neglected,
Is Where My Heads Been,
Jun 2016 · 584
A Vampires Heart
Vampyre Kato Jun 2016
My Life Is To High, Not To Get A Raise,
Out In The Ocean, Coasting, Paranormal Motion,
Gills For Real Breathing While I'm Holding,
Bills, From Describing Pain While Eyes Swollen,
A Strange Change, Rays Obtain, Golden,
Word Smith, Blizzard Verbs With,
Katos Mic Gift Igniting Exciting , Scenery Lightning,
The Way That He Snaps, Pulls Back Then Attacks Gab,
At Perfect Timing,
Incredible , My Level As Legend Goes,
All Around The Planet,
Like Astrology Teather Poles,
6 Fingers, 11 Toes,
Wings Silver Green, Violet Feathers Glow,
The Weather Has Roses , Rolling On Frozen Open,
Not December, Vampire Times Remember,
Vains Dopeness, No Dope In,
Immortal Presence, Well Spoken,
Suprise, Look Deep In Theese Eyes,
Both Left & Right,
3rd Sight, Not Water Drop Or A Blurred Spot ,
Deep & On Top,
Leaning On Perfect Speed,
& I Am In Love With Trees,
This Heart Bleeds Valerie,
I'm Out Of Blood Bags,
Full Moon, Emerged In A Blood Bath,
All Black , Like A Nuns Back,
If You Walked In This Grave Yard,
You Would Say Hard,
Where Is The Sun At,
I'm In A Deep State,
Vampire Heart,
With A Clean Face,
1 Of A Kind,
1 Of My Origin,
Around Me Its Okay To Feel Forighn When,
I Hit The Stage And The Mic Starts Pouring Rain
Jun 2016 · 703
Vampyre Kato Jun 2016
Eye Of The Over Soul, Direction Injection Over Load,
I’m Over Here, Over Head , Under Toes,
Saving Under Dogs, Like Aw Oh My God My Hands In ******* Braw,
Pants Dance A lot, Numbers Right, Night Candle Hot,
Dark Forest, Spooky Sounds Wood Black,
Theres No Taking A Should Back,
Realitys A Hoax, I Know That I Should Laugh,
Emotions Are Explosions, On A Clone Mask,
I Said I Mean It, I Own That.
Gold Is The Greenest, I Bleed It, The Zone Shack,
Armor Pours From Open Doors,
You Nasty Tweaking 4 bodys Sleeping All Weeknd,
Joking Sure, Of Course,
6 Plus 2, The Way Of The Gate,
Every Day Is My Birthday , Eye In The Cake,
I Cant Take Much More Of The ****,
That Yall ****** Say,
I’m On A Cliff , With Yo Chick,
Kissing My Limbs,
Mornings Start With Night Shower, We White Owls & ******* 6,
Rather Have Girls With Game Sticks, In Sweaters Squirting, Like Rain Drips
We Came With The Bottle ***** Djinn, Mystery Dripping From My Chin,
D & Me , Have A Way With Sin, It’s Not Likely To To See Kites Nicely , Where Our Bikes Be,
****** Naught Psychedelic Heavy Weights, Astral Flight ****
3 Plus 3 Blooming Healthy Chai Seed,
Percieve Only What The Eye Sees,
2 Eyes Bleed ,
Jun 2016 · 745
Vampyre Kato Jun 2016
I'm Going To Die From Suicide,
Nobody Knows Who Is I,
I Want To Stay, & Leave Today,
Idk Why, I Can't Pick A Side,
The Worlds Wrapped Snug Up In My Left Wing,
Everybody Left Me,
A Gift From The Dead Sea,
Invisible Rope Around My Throat,
I'm A Goat, They Stare In This Cold,
They Their In A Bear Hair Coat,
I'm In Wicked Layer Flair Cult,
36 Notes, Blue Fame Rituals,
To Far Gone,
Songs Are My Only Bone,
Paths Been Destroyed,
Plus Looking Back, I Never Had A Home,
Truck Stop If You Ask Me,
But **** It Leaving Hearth That Hearts Is A Glad Thing,
I Mean I Love The Scenery & Back Drop,
Rainbows & Rain Fall,
& That's All
Jun 2016 · 355
Vampyre Kato Jun 2016
Neck Around My Throat,
Temperature Is Cold,
Stepping Off This Bucket,
**** It Motions Slow,
If I'm Suffocating Staying,
It's Over Due To Go
Home Where Is That,
Family, Friends What Are Those,
Everybody's Comes,
& Everybody Goes
Who The **** Is Real,
I Don't Even ******* Know,
I'm Cussing Cos My Gums
Gushing From Discussion,
The Rush Is Something,
A Short Video,
No Letter In My Lonely Sweater,
That Tongue Is See Between Your Teeth
Keep It Squeezed,
Don't Speak To Me,
Advice Is Yours All Of It
Yes Of Course,
Heres A Napkin IF You Choke,
Swallow It,
I Guess It's Strees
Or Poetic Solitude,
Reptilian Reality,
On An Alley Of Ralley & Talley,
It Will Follow You,
Wheres A Hug Full Of Meaning,
That Words Can't Express,
Why Are You New Age Folks,
Invoking Holy Potions By How You Dress,
When Your Heart Isnt In Alignment With Your Assignment
Just Cos Your Wrapped In Dreads, Publically Pray To Dead,
Look The Part, But Far From Smart,
Same Vocab, That The Masters Use,
I Only Know What I Don't Read,
& That's The Truth,
If I Don't Finish Swiha,
**** It Yall, Yehaw
Cos I Feel Tension, I But I Won't Mention,
Who Needs To Benched In,
Yall Thirsty For Applause,
Your Closet Is Quenching,
Dress Code, & A Good Look,
Sitting Sipping Tea With A Good Book,
When Your Not As Deep As The Level Be,
To Fix ****,
Don't Question Me,
What The **** Does That Bring,
Ive Seen The Darkest Of Faces,
Alien Emotions , I'm a Part From These Races,
The Reason We Cant Come Together,
Is Cos You Fakes Wont Embrace,
Saying **** Like 1 Love,
Yet Still Your Mind Judgemental & Stuck Up
Shut The **** Up,
I Can Take It,
New Age Hoes,
In Tights And Colored Rain Bows,
Naked Leaking Like Rain Shows,
The Pain Goes,
Deeper Than You ******* Know,
I'm From Where Angels Space,
Is NOt A Human Thing,
Why The **** Am I Stuck IN A Human Being,
I Call Your Cells & What The Hell,
You Just Let It Ring,
When You See Me In The Hall, Way,
& Say Hey Kato,
I Won't Respond,
Cos I'm A Song,
Swan , Exposing Fables,
Occultic With Deepest Doors,
Reality Is About To Be Fatality
The End Times Are Coming,
& I Won't Owe No Hell To Pay,
Okay , I'm Sailing Away From All You
Wake The **** Up World ,
Jun 2016 · 398
Dead On Vacation
Vampyre Kato Jun 2016
I Know You Heard In The Sky
These  Wings Were Maid To Fly
Every Night I Pray That I Wont Take My Life
When I Awake I Want To Die
I Aplogize Okay
You Deserve A Reply
Its Difficult For Me To Have Company
Than Say & Waive Good Bye
I Cant Put You Through These
Of I'm A Stay Then Walk Away
Cos Your Heart Has Enough Pain.
I Been Using Awkward Things To Paint
I Want To Live To See Such Things As Dreams  Display
Obviously Thats Why My Body Has Not Sailed Away
My Heart  Is So Open
I Wont Owe No Hell To Pay
I Walk With ****** Boots
Through Roots Of Doom Each Day
Your Happenings  Are Happening
& This Is Just The Way
Pain Crys Rain
In A Scarf  Box Angle
Angels Are The Rainbow
If It's Sunny Why Am I Feeling
Funny Why Won't The Rain Go
Cost The Pain Wont
I Push  Every Woman Away Even Guys To
My Mother & Father  Ran Out Of Supplies  
I Never Had Somebody By My Side
It's Always Temporary
I Don't Have A Sanctuary
Its Very Scary
I Pick Up Vibes
& I Might Get Em Twisted
I'M Calling Cost I'm Dying
Crying Giant For Eye Lids To Listen
Let Me Break Down My Vision
Remember That Night
That Awkard Light In My Kitchen
When I Was Fed Up With Ascension  & I Was Flipping Position
& You Said Kato Your Fine
Your Tripping
I Been There
I Know My Mission
Then Then Next Week Out Back Of Class You Confessed
You Felt Something Missing
I Guess The Facts To Your Path
You Slamed On My Ash
You Didn't Have A Grasp
On The Wishing
Wrong Or Right
Is Not A Point  Of View
Just To Get My Point Across I Had To Point A Few
Real Situations
I Refuse To Be Infused With Distant Visitation
& When I Speak Of Separation
I'm Blamed
& I Cant Take It
I'm Done Being Anxious
I'm Done With A Relations
Im Dead Or On Vacations
Jun 2016 · 673
Time Is Now
Vampyre Kato Jun 2016
The Lessons A Message, It’s Stressing Me Out,
I Won’t Be On The Couch, I’m Leaving The House,
Right Away, There Is No Lighter Way, Ties To Pay,
I’m Happy Sad Too, Ohh But I’m Okay,
Unaware Of My Next Step, Although My Toe When It Goes, I Know Will Be Perfectly Divine,
I’m Signed & Its Time, No Rewind, When I Hug The Mic & Cry,
Blood Dripping From My Eyes, Natural Is Factual , An Actor If I Tried,
Ears Ringing, Interesting, Intriguing Vibes,
Tonight I’m Going To Leave , Geez The Chest Squeeze ,
I See Nothing But Light,
Better Days Are On The Rise,
Jesus Is My Best Friend , Always By My Side,
On Long Walks , Dark Nights, I’m Alright,
Lantern Jesus Corner Of The Room,
Cleaned Out The Mean Sound, The Surround Is So Smooth,
I’m Kato Goku, With The Chi,
Besides God, I’m The Only Jaw Feeling Speaking This Deep,
Embracing All This Pain IN The Void Making Noise Feeling ME,
I Could Hang My Self With The Rope To Vent Notes.
Id Rather Have The Mic  Sand In Toes On The Beach,
Ocean Waves, Ocean  Made, Angelic Heart, Alien Brain,
I’m Feeling The Sun. I’m Spilling The Rain,
A Million Ways, A Billion Pays
Jun 2016 · 394
Fare Well
Vampyre Kato Jun 2016
I Feel Lonely & Idk Why
When Nights Bright
Id Like To Die
At My Funeral Please Don't Cry
Don't Let My Gravestone
Shake Bones & Trauma Tize
I Want To Be Held
& Never Let Go
J Am So Cold
Gave Away All My Jackets  & My Coats
I Feel Like An Abandoned  Lamb
In A Forbidden Land
Sharp Knife Through My Throat
Something  I Know To Well
Is Rituals
Sensations Changing Visuals
Earth Is A Place I Layed  Down An Oath
Alien In A Gown & Cloak
I Don't Want To Face It Anymore
Opening The Door To Soar
I'm So Sore So Its Time To Go
I Live In A Place Where Sun Is Snow
I Am Such AN Ancient Soul
Is This Suicide Or Is It Time To Float
I'm In A Ocean With Out A Boat
My Arms Are So Weak
I Cant Breathe
Please Know Its Hard To Hold
I Have To Much In Me
My Heart  Cant Start A Note
Not Enough Trees
To Be Seen With What I Rote
kato Has Been & Came A Ghost
Rain Storms  Rose Thorns
Adore The Toast
37 Rainbows
Viloin Giant Silent  Train Tones
Jun 2016 · 647
Hidden Beauty
Vampyre Kato Jun 2016
I See Beauty In The Darkest Surrounds,
When The Darkness Around,
Mother Earth Be My Ground,
I’m Traveling Through Cities,
I’m Walking Through Towns,
Talking To People, Tears Start To Fall Down,
These Wings Have Been Through Hell,
But They Can’t Fail, Me Now
Hear Me Through This Speech,
Please, My Attempts To Reach In Side Your Heart, Buckles My Knees,
You Falling Apart, I’m Still Giving It Go,
Soon Ill Be In My New Car, Snug In A Coat, In The Cold, Driving Far, In Blizzard Snow,
Memories Will Begin To Flow, Depper Than Occult
As I Gaze Upon The Rainy Road,
Tears Fill My Open Throat,
Bleeding What I’m Weeping, As I Freestyle, Notes,
It’s Been A Journey, A Depth Unknown ,
I Been Shattered, But I’m Magick Managed To Still Have These Bones, & No Goureny
I Don’t What Is A Home,
I’m Going Some Where Distant , Following My Intuition, Ravens On My Grave Today ,
Okay Then, My Missions Finished,
My Vision Had All Yall In It,
Yall Over Looked My Love, Let Down, Never Gave Me A Minute,
I Stayed Cool, I Was Bruised, You Hang Loose, Ohh You Such A Menace,
I’m Confident Now, Comfortable Infinite, With My Face Glowing & Grinnin,
Pure Years Followed By Swimming, In Realms, On This Plane , Only I For See,
I Chose To Leave Drugs, They Hugged Me Then Let Me Be Beat Up,  Had Walk Away From My Family,
Grave Yard Walking, It Rains Hard Often, To My Guides Inside, With God I Been Talking,
Soon Ill Be Laying IN A Coffin, Chocking On Blood, Coffin,
I’m The Brightest Light House There Ever Is,
I Took My Pain Arranged Me A Better Lip, I Made A Better Eddicte, From Don’t Sweat It Kid ,
I’m Just So Delicate,
I Followed My Heart, That’s Where The Riches Are.,
I’m Glowing Green, Fishing In Germany,
Romance In Rome,
Edge Of Stone Hedge, Admiring The Stones,
I’ve Been Dying , Crying Giant, Nobody Knows,
Everybody Comes, But Besides Me & 3 Every Body Goes,
I Hold On To What I Know,  I Know & Hopes, Desire  To Hold You Close
I Got You This Rose,
It’s Black In The Back With A Napkin & A ****** Nose,
It’s Alright Just Know,
I’m Paranormal To The Core, Of Course I Am Sure It’s Just A Ghost,
I’ve Been Through Hell,  I Been Alone, , I Aint Afraid Of Those,
Healthy, On All Levels, Shopping At Sprouts & Trader Joes,
Jogging Working Out Like A Trainer Though,
My Head IS My Temple, I’m Astral Mental,
Psycheldic Astronaught,
You Don’t Really Seem Okay, That Is Why I Ask A lot,
Puddles On My Window Paint, Hugging Rain,
I Know What The Cost OF Loss IS Been Lost In Mist, & , I Have Awful Lot Of Pain
I Project My Passion When I’m Rapping, That’s What Happens When You Change Your Name
Put Your Blood From Your Heart Into Art & IT’s Stains, Even In The Rain, It Cant Be Washed Away
Jun 2016 · 481
Galactic Speech
Vampyre Kato Jun 2016
& I  Know  & I Know  & I Know
Its Hot & Its Cold
I'm High Survive  The Lows
3 Am With The Candles Low
Writing Rituals
Angels Shake  With Window Cove
Tea Kettle Screaming In There On The Kitchen Stove
If You Dont Resonate  With Me
Its Because  We Difent Yo
Im On A Mission
Here To Save Raise Planet Earth
Jet The Human Race
Face Sweating Over Dose The Herb
Psychedelic Star Seed Flowing Bar ****
So Superb
Heart Eyed Green & Peep
Meditating  Breathy. HEAVY  & My Palms Wet
Smokers Claiming To Be Stoners
Toking **** Sweat
Thorat Chackra Gong Trachea Brontasores
I'm Here Projecting  Spheres
I Ain't Gone Yet
Passing Through My Space Ship
On A Long Quest
Battle Ready Conquest
Mother's Earths Roots
Be Boots I'm Strong Yes
So Powerful Limitless
I Make The Shower Glow
I Spit Powdered Snow
I'm Oath Like Owl Toe
I'm Kato I'm Deeper  Than The Sea Floor
Ancient  Alien  Pleadia Here 1000 Times Before
No Need For Debating
Conversating Amazing
Of Courses  I'm So Sure
Love & Compassion
WISDOM Knowing The Planet
Grateful Don't Take Things For Granet
Every Thoughts A Seed
If Its Ya Need Water It With Ya Energy
Ascending Into A Better  Me
Trancend The Remedy
Light House Remember  Me
7 Legion  If You Faced With An Emeny
Kleem Or Kato
I'm Able To Tranmuate The Negative  Energy
I'm Soul Savior  NOT A Slave To Label
Romance & Treasure
Never Brraking Codes Even For Pleasure
Even For The Baddest Chick
I'm A Higher Being
Soul Sings On Galactic Ships
Jun 2016 · 319
In The Now Right Now Aware
Vampyre Kato Jun 2016
Open Your Eyes, For The 3rd Time, & Raise Your Rays To 5d, Please Behave,
Alter Your Route, Right Now Create A Change,
The Impact Will Win That , Spiritual War Among Low Lights,
Seriously Common It’s Wrong To Believe So Strong In A Low Life,
I’m So Love & I’m So Right,
My Soul Bright & I’m Alright,
I’m Protected This My Message, I Won’t Fight,
The Energy That’s Within From My Origin,
Is So Intense, Some Freeze, Shake Their Knees, Grab Their Back , Grasp To Breathe, Cry & Reach For Me, ,
It’s So Pure, Illuminated With A Sphere, So Limitless,
No Ladder Can Limit This,
Ima Just Start Flying Or Floating, What’s Spoken Is Golden,
No ***** Required At All, Women Do Not Have Scrotums,
It’s Love & Compassion, Common ****** Lets Show Them,
Shield & Guide, Begin Healing Within, Then Heal  The Out Side,
I Don’t Know Afraid, But I Know Were Alright,
If Dark Storms Arise, Save Havens My Light,
The Whole Planet Earth Is Part Of My Life,
Pardon My Tounge,
Look What The F Was Done,
Im Here With The Sun,
I’m The Bowin Arrow Of The Love,
Pluggin The Gun,
Butterflys, White Doves,
Glide Above,
I Only Hug, What Are Push & Shoves,
They Sound Like Falling In Dirt, Feelings Hurt Stuck In Mud,
My Vibrations The Highest, Healing, Ascension, Conscious Perception, Supply It
If It Feels Right, Then It Is Light, No Need To Why It.?
Do You Get That? Planet Earth Has Birthed A Wave Of Star Race To Save Days, & Ways Of This Map
Jun 2016 · 695
Come Together Please
Vampyre Kato Jun 2016
I Want Everyone  To Be Comfortable
So They Can Be Functional
Secure In Their Boots
Held Close To Home By Them Knowing Their Roots
Living Their Truth
Feeling The Affection  They Deserve
Feeling Loved With Out A Story Of Words
We All Have Pain  
BEEN Warpped Up In Thorns
Torn In The Rain
Had Our Favorite  People Walk Away
Been In The Bathroom
With A Bottle & A Blade
Tears On The Shooking Page
The Gaze In The Mirror
Fear Sadness  Rage
Feeling Trapped So Want  A Mom & A Dad
A Dog Or A Cat
Somebody To Sit & Talk With
Have Your Back
Just Hold You Close All Night Long
Tell You To Put Their Coat ON
SING Together  Special Songs
That Cut Deep
Still Make You Smile
That Walks Those Several  Miles
To Hug You Cos The Distace Been A While
Share Dreams With
Cry & Lean In
Find Change Or Dollars
TO Eat At 3
Night Time
Just You & Me
Phones  Silent
Angel Wings
To Remind  You That Your Amazing & Just Fine
No Shallow Vibes  That Incline Their Just Lyin
SO Your Smiling
A Friend With The Heart Of A Lion Alien Captin Of The Mother Ship
Thats Me If Im Absent To Leave
When You Uncover  This
I'm Lonely Drifitng. THREW LeafS & Mist
Whispering  This With A Ghostly Lisp
They Say My Heart Is So Big
Never Game Enough  Time That Was Just Skin
I Love You All
I Promise  This
Stranger Too It Doesn't Matter
Were All One Sun & Matter
All Of Us Once Felt Our Heart Has Shattered
Jun 2016 · 285
Eyes That Cry
Vampyre Kato Jun 2016
I’m About To **** My Self, My Perception If I May Mention, Is Detention,
Is This A Lesson , I Don’t Know,
**** I Want To Leave Without Worrying If I Might Be Trying To Breathe In Icu,
I Need To See This Through, I’m Afraid Today, I Might Take The Biggest Blade,
1000x Times Sharper Than The One To Shave, & A Blue Maker,
& Say, My Missions Done, I’ve Been Saved, I’m Craving , Company, I’m Craving Life,
If Im The Saving Light, Then Why Do I Want To Sail Away, Or **** Near Die,
I Meditate Then ******* Cry, Arms To Weak To Brush My Teeth Or Wipe My Eyes,
Friends Flaked Out, Nobody Stopping By, Roommate Cant Relate, I Feel A Weird Vibe,
I Wasn’t Feeling This Weeks Ago,
Something If Fishy, & I Need To Know,
Cos I’ma Bout To Hang My Self Or Slice My Throat,
I Want Angels At My Funeral,
I Want Some Body To Hold My Hand,
I’m There For All Of You,
I Pray Some Day Yall Understand,
What I Came Here To Do , Maybe It Is Is Threw, I Tried To Supply My Higher Side,
Before I Died, I Guess The Rest Is Just To Take My Life & Make An Example Out Of Brightest Lights,
Dinner With The Grim, At The Mourge ,  Rubbing On My Chin,
A lot Of Yall Don’t Know How TO Be A Friend, I’m Right Here Threw Thick & Thin,
Cockroaches ON My Skin, Moths By Light Came To Die, By My Side Again,
I Hear Whisper That Are So Faint, Decyphering Sounds Like I Should Run A Way, Hold On & Stay,
Move The State, **** MY Self & Make A Change,
I’m Just Venting,  I  Love Life, Up All Night, Taking Flight Threw Bright Dimensions,
I’m Done, Here, I Won Fear, I Am Happiness I Am Tears, I Am Change , Here To Raise All That Vibrates, I Am A Sphere, Of Protection, A Wise Star Seed That Bleeds For Affection
Jun 2016 · 516
Cutting Chords
Vampyre Kato Jun 2016
Picture This, It’s 10 Till 6
Remember Kids, If You Don’t Have A Friend That Sits,
& Listens With An Open Fin, Than Class Dismissed, My *** Is Mist,
All I Ask Is That You Give Me What I Deserve, To Sit Side To Side & Fill The Void,
With Eyes & Vibes, You Said We Would Hang Out, It Stings Now, You ******* Lied,
You Got A Boy Friend, We Were Just Friends, Why Did **** End ,For Get It I ******* Tried,
Theres Excitement For Ascension &  Fear In All 3 Of Your Eyes,
I Deserve To Say What’s On My Mind  ,For ,What It’s Worth I Been On This Earth A Thousand Times,
Cant Count The Lifes I Spent In Black & White, Alone & Cold , ****** For Light,
I Aint Go No Friends, From Now On I Won’t Pretend,
We Have Phones, Pcs For A Reason, To Communicate When You Don’t Feel Like Meeting,,
I Get No Replys , It Hurts In Side, Meditating I’m Deep Breathing , Don’t Cry Or Try To Scream Or Gently Sing Your Reasons,
I’m ******* Bleeding, You Over Look, What I Am Needing,  I’m Dying Shook , I know You See It,
Your Stuck In Your Ways, It’s A ******* Maze With Hazardous Hay,
Every time I Walk Your Manipulative Mind Through The Dark Along The Way I Break My Legs,
You Look For The Next Opportunity, Don’t Even  Ask IF I’m Okay,
It Ruins Me, At 3 Am I Walk The Nights, Alone, Afraid I Might Take My Life,
4 Weeks After Hypno Meet & Greets & You Won’t Even Come In Side,
No 1 On 1 , You Hang The Phone Up, No Special Trips, No Sedona?
**** The Games Ya Know What …I Aint The Same As People You Usually Bruise Deep & Hold Up
I Pray Swiha Opens Its Range Into Another State Out Side Of Arizona,
Cos These Half Breed Energy ******* False Friends,
Is Like Itchy Nuts, **** I Need To Get My ***** Trimmed,
Well I’m Clean Cut, Just A Metaphor To Ensure That I Projecting This Feeling Sore,
Into That Way I Really Feel Of Course,
I Reply When I Get Yall Calls, You Reply 11 Hours Later The ,3 Days Later, Or Not At All,
I Respond When I Get It, & Stop What I’m Doing,
I  Bring It TO Your Awareness, Excuses Start Brewing,
I’m Done Giving My Energy To Ones Who **** Me Dry,
I Don’t Even Let Women Give Me Head,
So Don’t Even Try,
I Need Real Soul Who Have Ascend3d Just Like I.
That Love Nature, & Spending Time,
Baking Cookies, Hugging & Holding Hands,
Sharing Pie,
Loving Talks Before Good Nights,
& Ones Who Don’t Walk Away, When Awful Lot Of Rays Arent So Bright,
I Could Write For Life,
I Know Who Deserve My Light House Life,
& Deepest Heart, Star Seed, Sees That Some Of We Need To Part,
You Play The Part, Really Well,
I AM By A Tree & Wishing Well,
Praying That Yall Wake Up, Take Of The Make Up,
Cutting Cords, I Wish Yall Well
Vampyre Kato Jun 2016
I Breathe, Perceive The Breeze That Carry Leaves & Shakes The Trees, Inside I Feel So Alive , & Ready To Die,, Skies Cry, The Rain On The Graves My Heart Is Light,
Holding A Rose With Thorns SO Tight, As I Wipe My Eyes,
Clouds Block The Sun, A Shade Seep Through,
I'm Deeper Than The Sea Floor, I Bleed Blue,
It's Free To Be We , Just Be You,
Pure Heart Foreign To My Fellow Neighbors,
Were All 1 But Come On Son, Be A Savior,
So Much Disruption, Passive Hate Combusting,
People Who Died Alone, With Ropes At Home, Or Blades,
A Gaze At Barrel Domes
Who Loved Them,
I Will Be The 1 To Never Leave,
You Stranded Like The Cay, Okay,
Remember The Light From Me That Shines The Night,
Puddles On Your Pillow Case, Stars Just Cry,
If You Been Bleeding For An Understanding,
Call Up On My Soul ,
Its So Cold With Out A Coat,
Even Some Times , It's Still So, Oh,
Blizzard Notes, Piano With Misty Strokes,
Speech Sharp, Slit My Throat,
If No One Gets IT , I Get It THough
May 2016 · 6.9k
Vampyre Kato May 2016
I Am The Sunshine
Upon This Land
I Am The Pure Love
Of Woman & Man
Creatures Of Sea
Creature Of Sand
Creatures Obove Trees
I Am Sunshine
Im Feeling The Heat
I Am Sunshine
Love Shining In Me
Through My Eyes
Timeless Sweets
I Am Purity
Healing All That Need
A Calling Of Leap
The Falling Of Leaves
That Tracends To Beauty When
Waters Affection Harvest The Neat
Harvest The Trees
Harvest The Fruits & Vegetables
For All Us To Eat
God Were Sunshine
I Am You & You Are Me
Realms Of Angels
Elves Mermaid Reefs
Illumniated With A Sphere In Me
Its Clear To See
I'm Near The Sea
Abundance Prosperity
Inside Manifested Through Charity
Expand Consious Clairty
Increase Awarness
Perception Cherry Trees
Beautiful Judgment Free
Free To Be We So Let's Just Breathe
I Love You , You Love Me
Meditation Vibratatin At The Peak Of My Frequency
Elvish Whispers In The Breeze
Angels Untangle The Tangled
I Angle Dreams
The Frequency Of Jesus
Is Needed
Let It Seep Through
You May Not See Him
But He Sees You
Bianry Ritual 3 Help Darknes Nailed
I'm From An Elvish Realm
Where Fairy's Bleed Blue
Its Easy To Relate
Escape The Hate With Aatral Gates
Be True
Be You Sunshine Light Bright
Right Through Ooh
I Feel It In My Soul
From Outer Space
Down My Face Waist & Shoes
Normal Is So Distant
Weird Is JDifferent
& Difrent  Is Just So Cool
Sune Shine Amazon Fine
Island Side
Frequency High
Twin Soul Flame Is Feeling My Vibe
Pure Dear Come Here
Feel The Kundalini Rise
Eye To Eye
Hands On Back Of Thighs
Hearts Hugging So Tight
Protected By The Eye
Private Meeting Souls Singing Ocean Side
Stars Cry Body's Weaving Greeting
Gentle Screaming Oh My
Dna Embedded With Electric Healing Rhymes
Were Amazing Gazeing Sunshine
Breathe Release The Beast
No Need To Find
All Is Within So Grin Ya Chin
Your In Ya Win
Sunshine Sunshine Fill My Fins
Swimming Through
Realms Of Elevish Kin
Affection Covers My Skin
I Am Sunshine
Sing It Again
May 2016 · 2.0k
Elven Elders
Vampyre Kato May 2016
Elven Heritage
Purity Healing Sphere Carriged In
Sacred Mystical Kin Hint Of A Faerie Mist
Purified Language In
Telepathy With All Interdimesnonal Beings
Love Hugging The Trees
Its Where We Peace
Its Where We Eat
Dance & Sing
Healing Passion Fullfiling Gatherings
Fairys Swing
One Touch From Us Is A Rush
Enough To Make An Angel Blush
All Disease Crushed Into Dust
Whipped Up Into Thus
Purified Trust
Declair Clean Air Is A Must
Our Eyes Are Idolized
Pure Manners Inside
Anything Less Than Love It Flys
Where Its Free From Disguise
Vibrations Rise Then Dies
I Am Elven Folk
My Dearest Heart
Wheeps When You Leave
Until Your Return
I'll Be Gentle When Bleeding Screams
We Are Here To Heal Call Up
Elders Silver Will
May 2016 · 328
Aligned Travel Time
Vampyre Kato May 2016
I Believe That Jesus Christ Was Pure In Light
I Am Love , But I Don't Worship Life
I Display The Pure Behavior
I Am The Universe
Inside Is Savior
7 Ray Spectrum
Growing Up Is A Fasaud
Raising The Frequency Lesson
I Am Connected Intune
With The New Universal Message
I Am An Ascended Master In My Own Way Like Jesus Was
I Am Infinite Passion Dipped In Love
Romance Radiating
Higher Self Navigating
Akashik Records
Superconsious Operative
Infinite Healing In Every Way
Offered With A Safe Haven
Earth Has Some Rough Dirt
That's Not Safe To Play I'm
I An Powerful
Gates Won't Cave In
Look With In
Blood Drips From My Pen
Electrifying Eyeing Land
From A Far View
Playing My Key
Walking In My Shoes
I Cry By A River My Eyes Blue
I Am Aligned With My Frequency Design
Divine Time Is Rituals In Pine
I Am Traveling Very Soon
My Path Is Unwrapped
Precious Sacred Vision Is True
Its Happening Right Now
Glowing Silver Purple Blue Glow
Even In Cold Light Can Go Down
Light House & Right Now
I'm Feeling Amazing Such A Rush Through My Body
Wrapped In White Light
7 Seas Breathe Godly
Altar Is Display
Alienated Human Race
Earths Plane Is Now Raised
Life Returning To The Trees
Vitality Back To The Bees
Right Now As I Speak
Pollution Is Decreased
I Am This Way Even After Days
& I'm Deceased
I Only Know Free
Freedom Is Me
No Reighns Can Tame This Happiness
Grave Yards In Rain
That Fills The Occultic Vibe
Rose Thorns I Hold It Tight
Worship Is Contror Rolds That Glow Its Tight
Dont Worship I Feel Its Worthless , Were All 1 Powerful, Light Itself , Working
To Raise Love Passion
On Planet Earth
I Am Infinite
May 2016 · 430
The Rise
Vampyre Kato May 2016
If You Need Me I Swear I'm Gonna Be There
War Boots On , No Choice But To Be Strong
Ima Mathafuking God Created By A God
God This Can't Be Wrong
Nights Are So ******* Long
Put On Some Songs
Hmm With Tunes
Till I Am A Toomb
**** Gets Ridiculous
If I Morals Are Warm Holes
Then Who Do I Kick It With
Let Me Be Honest
Mermaids & Goddesses
Romance Hold Hands
Slow Dance
That's No Broken Promisees
I Don't What Prom Is
Adressing Whats Throbbing
Cleansing The Problems
When Gaze Deep Inside
Each Of Our Eyes
I See , Feel Dead & Live
Things Do Not Pass
They Just Turn To Black
Transcend & Fly & Might Even Come Back
I'm In The Kitching
Window Is Missing
I'm Killing Flys
I Still Feel Its As Violent
As Killing Our Kind
My Heart It Just Shines
Although That It Aches
I'm More Than Okay
I'm Gonna Be Fine
Here On This Earth
To Open Our Eyes
Frequency Frequently Rise
Love Is The Way
Owls At Night
Blood Of 3 Lambs
Landed On This Knife
Rituals I Do Them Right
Patience Isnt Required
I Just Take My Time
Alone In My Room
Ooh I Am Crying
Just To Release
The Energy Of Me Feeling The Need That Today I Am Dying
I Know That I'm Not
I Sewe Up My Heart
The Bleeding Has Stopped
I Know What Pain Is
I Know What It Costs
Love Is To Gain Not To Be Lost
It Rains & Snows
In My Conscious Thoughts
I Bleed From My Nose
When I See A Ghost
The Energys Blows
If Were Being Controlled
The One With The Stick
I Don't Need To Know
People Come Close
I'll Take Off Off My Coat
You Can Stay Warm In All Of Theese Clothes
I'm Fine Being Naked
I'm Just A Ghost
Now Back To Control
Who Ever Is Turning The Stove
Heating Our Road
Beating Our Dome
Destrying Our Homes
Medussa Our Bones
Well Its Happening
Thats  All To Believe
You & Me
How To Be Free
How Did We Meet
I Am So Glad
Sad When You Leave
I Sit At A Mourge
Adoring The Leafs
Where Is The Woman I See In My Dreams
Do You See Me To
I Hear When You Scream
Shoulder They Brake
Ache When I Reach
I See Us On Islands
For Life Just Not Weeks
Sexing ******* Shrooms
Passion Fruit Tea
Twin Soul Flame
Where Are You At
Friends Keeping Stabbing My Back
There's So Many Tears
Scared There's No Room To Grab
These Shreaded Wings
But There Will Be Cos Even If I Go To Smoke Before Your In My Coat When I Sing I Know You Will Feel Me
I Am The Strongest Soul Ever Nobody Can **** Me
I Been Dreaming For You
Working On My Mind
Doing All I Can Do
As Soon As Your In My Arms
Your Calling Is
We Are The Truth
You Are Beautiful It Makes Me Blue
May 2016 · 423
Light House
Vampyre Kato May 2016
I Set My Questions On The Shelf
Cos Answers That I Expect
Come From Nobody But My Self
I Am So Here I Hear All Bianary Beats In My Ear
I Sense All Sensations , Foreign To Hate & Fear
I Am Ascending , Element Bending
Its Super Splending
Like Leafs In The Wind
Ashes & Embers
I Feel So Much Love In December
New Year New Energy
Every Moment I Must Be A Better Me
Take Temptation To The Grave Yard
Low Vibrations Rain Hard
I Admit It Gets Lonely
Feelings Invoked When I'm Alone
& People Don't Pick Up A Phone
I Scream In Dreams Of Hell
You Don't Know
I Don't Get Distracted
I Wake Up Packed In A Snow Bowl
I Glow Gold
& Cry Hope
& I'm Sure Because Of Course
I'll Endure
I'm Super Strong & A Bit Sore
There's No More Noose
My Tattoos Are All A Pretty Bruise
Im Looking Forward To My Next Space Ship
Ima Take A Cruise
By My Self & Stars & Moon
Chocolate & Feel Good Tunes
On My Birthday Its Me & Truth
In An Empty Room
Promises Broken
A Couple Gallons
Heart Fully Open
Silence The Tune
What Do I Want
It All To Be Lost , Or All Of You
Maybe I Don't See What I Feel I Do, In You
But When I Say You Ain't Really Feeling Me This Deep Its True,
If I'm 1 In This Life Time
Each Line Is A Life Line
Is My Life Just Just The Right Time
The Right Blade Could Make It Rain
Blood Drains The Pipe Line
My Mind Is Limit Free
I Apologize I Become A Beast
To People Who Limit Me
Please Just Stay For The Rest Of My Existence
When Every Body Go,s
Everuthing Is Missing
**** It's So Cold,
Wondering If Your Missing Me,
This Distance Brings Never Ending Misery
Now I See Why People Go Fishing Out In A Distance Sea
All I Feel & Think Not Enough Space On PC's
& Paper From Hemp Or Trees
I Write & Put My Light In Songs
So You Can Read My Pain In The Rain & My Grave When I'm Gone
& Try To Feel Closer To This Ghost Over Rips From The ****
I Make Attempts That Break My Legs
& Ache My Heart & Brain
To Have Family Time Its Like Always Gos Wrong
How Much Can We Take
Until Fate Has Its Way
& We Awake & Our Family Is Gone
Just Stay Strong I Do
Were Bruised I Feel It To
As Your Feeling  Me, Filling Shoes,
I'm Feeling You Too
Its Hard To Go To Work
Its Touf To Stay In School
Its Easy To Relate
Hard To Be True
That's Why Inside I Cry & Bleed Truth
Suffocating On My Tears
Allow Peers To Be Roots
& Every Year Roots Rip
I Thicken My War Boots
Heavy As ****
I Sprang My Ankle
Every Angle I Step Into Ships
Sailing Till The Middle
For The World
I Become The Light House
I'll Be Here Comforting All Fears Collecting Tears
Even When I Leave Earth & My Lights Out
May 2016 · 583
New Coming
Vampyre Kato May 2016
Come This Way, I Won’t Lead You Astray,
But Ima  Make You Think, Feel The Need To Change,
If Your Just Coming For The Journey,
Then Cool That’s Great,
We Can Meditate, Bloom On Shrooms, Oz Or 8th,
Eat Chocolate & Fruit Everyday,
Renew On A New Energy Exchange,
Infinite Love, Uncondiontal Affection Is The Way,
Within Creates The Outer Space,
Poetry, Beauty, Harmonic Plays,
Hugs That Never End,
Trees Dance, Butter Fly’s Are Friends,
Lady I Aint Nothing Like Another Guy,
Sacred Deepest Passion, Love In Side, Strongest Vibe,
When I Stand By Your Side , Your Heart Chackra Will Sing, Youll Begin To Cry,
Feel Like You Cant Breathe, I Am Infinite Harmony , That Ray That We All Crave,
That Sunshine We Call Day,
That Favorite Person , Helping The 1 Hurting In The Hall Way,
I’m Electric , I’m Lighting, I’m Exciting, Romance Igniting ,
Sensual Inviting, Aw Look At All This Nature,
Lets Endure A Vacation, On Shore Were Both Naked,
Of Course You Never Did This Before,
It’s Okay To Be Anxious, This Is Our Out Fit Under The Blankets,
When I’m Feeding You Till Your Full & Can’t Take It,
This Is Shrooms On The Moon, Faced With,
****** Rituals, Northern Light Visuals,
Money & Resources We Need Are Risidual,
May 2016 · 376
Vampyre Kato May 2016
Love Is The Way To Be
Way To Free From Mind Controlling Things
Be Your Self
Believe ,
In All You Desire Deep
Our Hearts & Senses Are So Intense
I Must Confess This
I Am Feeling  & Prjoecting
Ifininite Affection
May 2016 · 408
Cricle Of Seas
Vampyre Kato May 2016
I'm Aprochable
Love Is A Must
Ugh ***
Its Not Negotiable
I Can Spot A Ghost In A Snow Cone Bowl
Dig That 1, Thoughts Drum I'm The Anthem
Low Vibrations Their Not My Favorite
I Can't Stand Em
Electricity Misty Seeping From My ****
I Am A Perfect Me
Minds Observing The Words I Release
With A ****** Gaze Or A Hey You
Should Take Me To Your Place
Well Then Its Time To Leave
Romance & Passion Is All Of Me
Nature Is The Finer Things
I See Magikal Butterfly's Dancing With Leafs
I'm Nothing Like The Other Guy
Hes Controlling
Masculine Like Police
Jma Stay Tell I No Longer Breathe
I Feel I'm The Only Mind That Can Bring I To Victory Concored Defeat
I've Gone Bonkers On Shrooms
In My Room Thought Monsters Were Under My Feet
I Accept & Admire Every Limb That Can Reach
I Just Speak I'm Deep , Downloads
Constiantely In Me
DNA Ascending Human I Do Not Periceve
Its 3 Am
Witches & Me
****** Rituals
Reciting Exciting Writing
******* Passionately
So Much Purple Leaking
This Casting Circle
Has Morphed To A Sea
I Said Why Are You So Wet The Tip Just Met
She Pressed Said Its Cos Of Me
My Passion Makes Her Feel Like She Can Barely Breathe
Electricity Buzzing Her Guts
Stomach Of Bees
North , South , West, East
So Much Passion Fruit Juice
The Salt Used To Hold Space
Has Defused
****** Organs Checking In To The Mourge In The Morning
May 2016 · 345
Vampyre Kato May 2016
Hand Feet Tai Chi
Sun Gaze Poetry
Moon Light Candle Trees
Meditation Is My Tent
Trance Every Moment My Deepest Gaze
When I Speak To Women
Thier Pockets Start Swimming
They Get Wet
Memorized By My Passionate Vibe
Paranormal Eyes
Its A Sight To See Sweat Dripping From Her Neck
Precious Persian Soft ***** Stretched
I Ain't Gone Hide My Respect
Romance In All My Being
When I Rap When I Sing
Poetry When I Speak
Projects Excitement Through Everything
Lighting Netrualizes Danger
Energy Has Peaked The Frequency
I Send Love To Anger
& Low Vibrations
I Raise Questions Of Thing Created
Forced Station
Im Here To Raise Awarness
Flair Safe Changing
May 2016 · 245
Here To Lighten Souls
Vampyre Kato May 2016
I Fly Through Peaks Of The Ethers
Breaching Galactic Dimensions
**** It
I Can't Pay Attention To This Teacher
They Deliver Speech
Speak Like A Preacher
Wow Though
Universal DNA Downloads
Information Integrated In Cow Loads
Peace, Passion ,  & Paranormal
Mermaids In My Space
Elf Face Sail Away In A Warm Hole To A Disntant Plane Insane Is Normal
Avatar Energy
Reaching Teaching Enemies
They Know Love
Remember Me
Before We Came Here
& Been There
Influence Free It's Free To Be Me
I Be Doing My Thing
Leading Example In Sea
Silver Indigo Wings
Periwinkle Sesual Dreams
Phrophetic I Know Where My Head Is
Ahead Of It I Know Where I'm Headed
Akashic Records I Peeped My Sense For Ever Connected
I Am So ******* Hot
My Body's Sweating
Don't Project Your Inflictions
If You Won't Give Time
I Will Enlighntin You
Brighten Your Mind
Bring Out Your Love
I'm Electric A Dove
Im A Psychedelic Rave
Poetic Maze
I Am Storm Clouds & Rain
I Am True To My Being
I Wont Explain
Why I'm Being This Way
So Don't Question
These Rays
Cos You Might Melt There Is No Shield
Yield To My Gaze
May 2016 · 269
Misty Leaf
Vampyre Kato May 2016
Everything Is Turning Out The Way That It Needs To Be
Wet Sand Leads To The Sea
When It's Time To Leave
Spirit Friends Care For Me
When My Body Decays
Light The Rays Please
Dont Burry Me
Trance Gaze As I Trancend Travel Planes
I Lead The Battle With Love
& Dove Wings
Angels All Around Me
Poetry Under A Poets Tree
Profound Dreams
Underneath The Roots So Deep
Where Soil Sleeps
Fairys & I Have A Mighty Feasts
Giants Have Mighty Fight
Elfs Have Shiny Teeth
Romance Inside Of Me
I Manifest My Reality
Manifested My Sacred
Precious Dreams
I Look Out My Window
At Birds On Trees
Then The Grass Then Ask What Do They Like & See
Peter Pan Healing Hands
I Am Me
Roots Run Deep
May 2016 · 1.2k
Twin Soul Flame
Vampyre Kato May 2016
Feminine Energy Keeps Me Alive
If I Do Not Have It
I Think IMA Die
Passion Projects They Feel Me Inside
Swimimg With Women
I'm Into Their Eyes
Desries A Fire Admire Their Vibe
She's In My Wings
Her HandS On My Side
Holding Me Tight
I'm Deep In Her Thighs
Gaze DeepIn Her Eyes
Is She Singing & Dreaming
I think Its A Cry
Electric Just Fly's
I Need This Every A Mmmmm
All Through The Night
Women Come To My Light
I Brighten Their Sea
Pressed Tight On Her Jeans
Her Pace
Our Space In Outer Space
That's All I Need
Romance Hold Hands For Weeks
Women Say They Get Excited
Hard To Breathe Around Me
Its That Speechless Passion
You Know What I Mean
IMA Put In Slow
I Don't Want To Hear Screams
Ill Be Patient If Its Hard To Take It
Electric Shocks From A lot No Blocks
When Were Naked
Home Don't Feel Like Home
I Project My Passion ,Pain , Happiness In Rain
In All Poems
I Want To Hug You In The Snow
I Want To Give You My Jacket Wrap You In The Cold
Its You That I Adore
Under An Oak At The Mourge
As Rain Pours & Our Passion Turn The Rain More Into A Rain Storm
With A Gentle Romance Love Breeze
We Can Gaze At The Rainbows Rays & The Leaves That Pass We As We Proceed To Be In Unity
I'm Only Deep Still High As Peaks
My twin Soul Flame
How Much Space Is In Between
I Awake From Lucid Dreams
Looking For You
All I Feel Is Me
I Can Feel You So Close
This Sensation Can't Be A Ghost
I See Your Name On The Page
In The Sage When It Smokes
I Don't Even Drink
Although Wine Toast
Once A Week
I Feel The Connection
Blossom It Is Awesome
Flowers Roses On Trees
Every Time I See Purple &Pin;;
I Feel Blue For You Ooh
Come To Me
May 2016 · 401
Vampyre Kato May 2016
Happy Your Excited
Fourth Of July Type Climate
With Every Key
Your Frequency Will Be Climbing
Your So Grateful
It's Delicious To The Eyes
Inside Tasteful
Youve Awoke My Inner Hero
I Found My Cape
Im So Glad Your Here To Stay
Please I Won't Beg
Just Don't Walk Away No Matter What Okay
Each & Every Day
Im On A Ship Sinking
Stranded Like The Cay When I Awake
I Spread These Shreaded Wings & Sing , Fly To Bay
Paint Make Em Silver From Grey
We Are Sunsihine & Rain
Am I Dreaming
**** I Mean It
You Came Into My Life
I Feel I'm Dreaming
I Feel Alive , Ready To Die
Smothered In Vines
Ready For Flight
Consious **** Pit
Possesive Progressive Honest
I Crave Love Like A Dove I Got It
I Feel So Cleansed
The Lense I Sense Are Rotten
Hayley You Won't Be For Gotten
Cherished Memormies
Remember Me
I Am An Ember Leaf
In December
Fire Place Far Away
Cold Weather Trees
Sunset Escapes
I Hug The Stars
In Every Way
Especially On An 8th
Amanita Psylosibin
Moon Rays I Feel Inside My Poetic Page
In Your Eyes I Gaze
I Get Wrapped Up In All I Crave
I'm Too Deep In My Roots & Trees
Please Don't Be Afraid
My Speech Ain't Always Sweet But Hayley
You Mean What Words Can't Repeat
Really Close To Me
Like A Coat How Your Suppose To Be
No Boundries Is A Rare Ground See
I Apologize If My Tone Changes When No Ones Around Me
May 2016 · 416
1st Rave
Vampyre Kato May 2016
Shift Again
Im Insane In ( Sane)
No Regins On This Brain
Conductor Of The Love Train
Thunder Muttetrs
I'm Under Covers In Rain
I Feel So Deep Obtained
All Night Till The Sun Rise
Was My First Rave
The Music Made Me Bloom
Gained Wiggle Room
Had Wine With The Middle Tune
Eyes On The Fire Pit
All Of  It Was Cool
As The Am Became Closer
It Became Colder
I Kept My Composure
Almost Black Out
Off Cap Gowns
I Morphed To A Soldier
I Don't Know Back Down
Well Not In That Round
People Were Comfortable
Snacking On Fruit Chews
& Lunchables
I Stayed To My Self To See Clear
People Were So Happy & Comfortable
It Brought Tears
Of Joy
I Let That Ship Sell & Dwell The Spell Casted It Pure
I Feel So Clear Headed IMA A Vibrant Light
Such A Nice Fire Side Vacation Vibe
Arms Were Hugging Feet Were Shoving
It Was A Cousin Of Electric Slide
I Think
To See Acceptance
Really Hit Me In The Safest Way
I Will Never Waste A Say
A Play
I Know The I Love You Might Feel A Bit Much But
When Your This Touched
I'm Speaking My Heart
Genuine Rich Stuff
If The Message I Sent Didn't Make Sense Or Was To Intense
I Must Of Missed Something
May 2016 · 321
Vampyre Kato May 2016
Tell All Of My Past Chicks
IMA Need My Half Back
Good For Taking Wood
Rear Seat Of The Hatch Back
Enough Of The Rehatch Can
Bagging Up Those Memories
Quickly Get Em To A Trash Can
I Want To Feel True Love
Never Fight
Never Break Stuff
Secure When Were Near
& You Have No Make Up
Late Night Take Out
& Back Rubs
Then Proceeding To A Private Meeting
In The Bath Tub
Please Breathe If I'm Too Deep
When You Back Up
***** Persian Soft
I'm Rock Hard
Hope That *** Tough
I Go Hard When I Drill
Like Some Do When They Mask Up
Romance Roses On The Matress
Magikal Lovers That Us
My Passion Is Infinite
I See Deep In Your Eyes You Want Me Inside
Ima Slide Through , When We Kicking It
Spirit Has You Feeling Like You Can't Breathe
I Can Feel The Heat From Your **** Jeans
If Im A Bout To Finish In Your Gut
Ima Man Scream Cos My Lust Monsterous
& Your Sposer Is A Band Dream
I'm ON Tour Till 3013
I Make Your Legs Shake Like Eggs Break
Youve Made The Squirt Team
Deep As I Can Be
For Five Weaks
Please Tap Out If You Need
Rap Your Arms & Legs Around Me
Ima Drownd Down Stroke That ***** To Iv
May 2016 · 851
Vampyre Kato May 2016
Free Time I'm 3 Mind
Right Now No Rewinds
Im In A Place With A Numbered Race
I Don't See Time
I'm On The Beach In The Sandy C
The Waves Gaze Does Some Something To Me
Colorado Creeks
The Peaks Steep
Its A Warn Snug Hug In A Winter Scene
Trees So Green
Life Is Beautiful Let It Be
Take An 8th To Outer Sprace
SHrooms Will Wake & Help You See
No Window No Screen
The Vaunaruble Honorable
Behind Intolerable Screams
I Don't Ask Why
Although I Question Every Thing
Like Some Will Hearing The Real
Like What Does He Mean
7 Beam Extreme Connecting Wings
With Streems
The Moon It Glows Shows In My Dream
Embers In December
Sniker Doodle Ice Cream
I Turtle Through Threw Black Flames
I Scream Opera In Acid Rain
Green Heart Enlarged With Beings That
Harmonic Rays
Life Is Just 1 Really Long Day
The Sun & Moon
Please Our Moods
Shift To Okay When We Wake
Mother Earth Father Sky
Hyper Dimensional Presence
Suggest Leverage Where Are We Headed
Orion's Belt Tell It
No Seperation Through My Perception
Idea Is Were Passing Through
To Learn A Few More Lesssions
We Become Creators
& Make Our Own Heaven
Focus On Interactions In The Present
Its A Present
Not Back When
Don't Stress If It Went Unexpected
You'll For Get It
I'm A Light Pole
& My Nights Glow
Vindeseal On A Mountain Peak
In The Theatere Show Riddick
When Ego Egals
Were Awesome We Blossom
Gardens With Silver Grass & Purple Trees
Green Leaves
Mushrooms Stuck In My Teeth
Its 3 Sun Gazing
Amazing I Don't Need To Eat
I Don't Like Sock & Shoes On My Feet
I Don't See Fashion Queens & Kings
Fresh Hygiene & I Mean Neat
My ***** Smell Better Than My Breath
Might Be Mushrooms That Nest In My Cheecks
Lightning All Through This Skin & Flesh
My Current Complete
Light Poles In The Sea Fliker
When I Swimm Passed With My Mermaids
& Tea
Vibrating At My Highest Frequency
In tune With My Key
Universal Downloads I'm All Know
I Don't Suppose That I Read
Oh Then My Ideas Are Wrong
What's That Supposed To Mean
I'm A Consciousness Projecting
A Cognitive
Your A Controlling Opertive Inside Your Idols Jeans
Bianry Beats Healing My DNA
Okay Transcending Our Genes
Energy ***** Are Ways To Make Calls
No Electrical Subliminal Mind Altering
I See A Dream Like Old Filmed On A Beach Black & White Sceene Type In My Minds Eye & The Swings Drys
No Body Sitting Down But It Looks Like The Place To Be, Place Of Peace, A Space To Lay A Quilt Down Eat & Drink, A Safe Place To Sleep  Die Or Even Drown
My Emtions Are Oceans Of Potions
Although I Am Miss Underatood
Its All Good
I'm A Head Of My Time
I Won't Come Down From Ethers
Who I Am Is Not On This Ground
But The Pen Js So My Lyrics
Seriously The Only Thing Coming Down
If I Seem Distant When People Come Close
I'm Still Listing In Side Of Your Soul
My Verbal Emotions Are To Giant Their Silent
When Projected So,
If My Response Seems Of Its Not I Promise Inide I'm Feeling More Than What's Out Side
I Am Deeper Than The Sea Floor
Higher Than The Clouds Depth
I See More Fire On The Mountain Set
I Don't Need A Monk To Confirm & Bow His Head I'm True To Me Till This Owls Dead
Not Dressing Up
No Cap & Gown
No Towel Head
Intentions To Lessen Defesive
& Seperation
If Over My Words Your Ofensded With Verbs
You Sizzle Like Saton
Its Obsersd Cos The Physical Is Just
I Am Here To Do Me
I Don't Need To Bleed An Explanation
Or Reciece ForgiveNess
Our Mission Is Sacred
Kato Telsa
37 Sages
May 2016 · 522
Magik Wand
Vampyre Kato May 2016
I Got Roses For Her,  I Got Roses  For Her, I Got Roses For Earth, Growth  Occurs, Just Be,
Love Is Within, Just  Wrapping Me,  No Depth Can Trap Its Wind, Just Breathe
Beautiful Beach, That Warm Breeze, Purple Sheets, Iced Tea
Love Is So Free, I Hold You , You Hold Me, ‘Togther  , We Hold We ,
Flowers On Trees, Magik Mushrooms IN Our Teeth,
Infinie , Galactic, Theres No Attachment, Naked ,Dressed Like Aladin,
In A Forest Full Of Magik , Dancing In The Creek, I Don’t Sleep In A Cabin,
No Chains, Love The Rain, No Violence, Violin Tears  Washes Silence,   , Pure No Sinin,
I’m In Bliss, No Titles OR Idols It Just Is, I Am 1, I Am Sun, I Am Darkenss,
Never Apart From MY Heart, Aligned With The Spark,
Wings Span Universal, Dna Code Gold Swirl,
I’m An Alien Ghost Peral, Well I Am That I AM,
My Imagiton Doesn’t End Nor Begin,
The Now Is So Precious, I AM Compltey Free & Open I’m Oceans, A Poet In Simationus Motion,
MAgikal With Hold IT, Relax With The Potion,
Moon Light Kisses Like Roses,
Your Freucny Is Reaching Me, We Both Know It,
Sacred Type, Make The Night, Elctric Light,
Trippy Existenice , Mystical Vison,
Indigo Star Seed, Silocybin Bar ****, Don’t Drink No Bar Scene,
Just Romance & Hold Hands,
Psychelic Acesion , Free From All Tesnion,
Illumanited With A Sphere, Here To Raise Questions,
Grave Yard Seconds, Immortal Stepping,
I Have Energy Inside Of ME , I Don’t Need No Weapons,
I’m Remedy Trancending Into Purity,
Tabs To Get A Lift,
ON Hearth To Heal For Real Raise The COnsoisness,
At My Highest Vibration , Government Hate It tHey ON To This,
**** It The Galactic Dimesnions SPonor This,
Honored With To Gift To Conqor Midst,
Strong As ****,
I Let MY Ego  Free To Fly  Now Im  Accomplishment
May 2016 · 767
Space Craft
Vampyre Kato May 2016
Violence, I Don’t Hold Those Rains,
Silence Beside My Eyelids Inside Know My Pain,
Were Just A Number Don’t Own A Name,
Social Security, Tags Sincerely,
Passing Through Earths Plane, Piercing Purity,
I Call My Conscious Kato ,
Cos Andrew Michael Gammons Just A Label,
I’m The Eye Rolling The Die, & The Decision Implied That Lys Upon The Table,
I Am Infinite, Able To Untangle The Tangled,
That Gold Ratio, Element Lighting, Vessica Pieces,
Hyper Space Igniting, Lapse In Time, When Beauty Shines , Love Is Always Present,
A Gift Inside, Of Course Were From The Same Source , That Sprit Light,
That Multiplied, Manifesting Universal Matrix, Some Moments I Feel Foreign , I Face It,
I Am Right Here On Some Real Outer Space ****,
I Feel Out Of Space When, I’m Faced With Low Vibrations,
I’m So ******* High , That’s Why I Can’t Take It,
Shrooms Showed Me Truth In Life Illusions Like Liqour & Ballons, Is Just An Act Of Consume, Prophet
It’s Full Of Aliens, Beautiful Harmonics, Space ships . Healing Onyx,
I’m Neither Humble Nor Modest, I’m Honest, They Key Is Within,
Lying Out Your Chin When You Grin  Got It In Your Pocket,
G.E.D Bleeds Deep Won’t Be Forgotten,
With Shattered Knees By Close Friends That Deceived Claimed They Got Him
You Will Be At The Top Brother Man, Understand They At The Bottom,
What Others Did . Glad No Body Shot Him,
I Really Morph Into A Monster When I’m Feeling Rotten,
At Least Ged Didn’t Turn Away,
Kash You Blamed Me & ******* Burned My Face,
I Am In Galactic Space, Manifesting Amplifying , High Exchange,
Inner Out & Outer, I’ve Just Written My Ritual, Visuals The Perfect Hour,
I’m On My Way To The Mo urge, But Before I Need To Take A Shower,
I Sit Under An Oak Kick It For An Hour,
Embrace The Hearts Of Stars That Wore Torn Apart By Cowards
May 2016 · 398
Vampyre Kato May 2016
Open Your Eyes To The Pain
Im Breaking Limbs
Reahing For Change
I Will Not Pretend
Perfections In
Shrooms Bloom Questions
I Can't Feel My Brain
I Don't Know If I'm Stressing
I Feel It All
I Pay Attention
I Don't Have Wish Wash Words
To Quick Sqaush Verbs
I'm Face To Face With The Curb
Like Clipped Wings & A Bird
I'm Still Trying
Senations Statements
I Feel Like Dying
I'm Getting A Viloen
Eye Lids Cant Handle Any More Crying
Years Of Tears Pierce
Fierce On My Strong Facem, Iris
I Need To Meditate
You Hella Fake
Stay The **** Away
Real Connections Are Always There
I'm A Ghost In Smoke I Always Stare
No Disquesie My Eyes
Shine I Died Inside
& I Want To Share
Nights Are Very Dark
They Tear Me Apart
Where Is The Spark
I'm Cold As Dusk
& Its Not Fair
In The Kitchen
Wishing Some One Was Here
Gazeing At The Table Blade
It Rains On This Chair
I Will No Longer Not Speak Up
Even It Gets Me Beat Up
Fear Doesn't Reach Us
Plus IF I Projected This Chi
It Would Decapitate Head & Feet
Hands & Knees
Only Mother Earth
& Father Sky's Can Handle
I'm Made Of Matter That Matters
There's Blood On My Matress
My Ego Decays
As My Last Day Hatches
Im A ******* Spy
All Seeing Eye
Sphynx Cat
That's It
I'm Going In
Head First No Gear
I'm Ready To Die
There's Never Been A Time In My Life That I Cry No Tears
The Pain Is Deeper Than The Sea Floor
I Know I Need Grounding
I Bleed Surrounding To See More
I Want To Be A Day It Self
Or A See Horse
I Got Shreaded Wings
& These Thorns
Electrical Be 4
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