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Kimberly Sep 2018
Mystery and Magic
are fun to
play and solve
under the silver
moon and smilely
winky stars
Kimberly Sep 2018
The endless stormy nite, with loud crashing rolls of thunder, with lighting strikes that lite up the mid-nite sky.
He left her lying there in their bed. With tears of shattered pieces of her heart that stream down her pale face. With memories of their timeless love, bleeding from the deep cut of his smooth dagger. She laid there soaked in her tears and blood. Her body shivering, wondering why he left like that and so sudden, what did she do wrong to to him, what did she say or didn't say. She loves him with all she has and more. She gave him everything. She loves him in such ways.
Lighting strikes lighting up their bedroom, followed by a big thunder crash, that made her jump, snap her into the breathtaking moments that had just happen not too long ago, before she was left lying there crying alone on their bed.
They had just made love so erotically sensual. The loving moment holding each other. He climb out of bed and put his clothes on. He lean in gave her a soft kiss on her forehead. He turn walking to the door, opening it. He turn back around to see her looking up at him with tears and questions, in her big beautiful green eyes, that he loves to stare into them everynite before she closes them to go to sleep.
He was so tall and **** standing there in the doorway of their bedroom. He cleared his throat the best he could before he spoke to her. His gently voice softly said to her.
You My Dearest Love, I  been falling in Love with you everyday since the nite we meant, I Love you with everything I have and more. I will always be falling in Love with you, you will always be in my heart, all of this till my dying day and beyond. There shall not be no other Love after you. Than his smooth dagger cut deep. You're so angelic, delicate, stunning rare of Beauty, My Dear. I don't deserve you, nor do I know how to give you what you need or deserve. Please forgive me My Love, I Love you so very much.
As lighting flash, they caught a sheer glance at one another, just before he turn walking out the door, leaving her forever. His passionate heartbreaking words burn in her heart, the last look in his piercing eyes, has such utterly pain in them, with a single teardrop rolling down his handsome face, is hauntly painful within the depths of her lonely soul.
Kimberly Aug 2018
Thousand of years Lover of Words were written for us in many Harmonious Proportion Forms to help comprehend ones Difficulty in Expressing Responses;

The Entrancing Beyond Ordinary
Understanding Lyrics of
Old English Poets
with their Heads in the Clouds,

The Vanishing of Classical Pieces of
Musicians that put their own
Creativity into their Work,

The Timeless Silly Word in a
Love Song Sung at Dawn,

The Enduring Passion behind a *****
Writing Able to be Described in words in the
Lines to Visualizing with Sound of a Poem
about a particular Period in time of His Life,

The Lingering Scent of
Early Morning Twilight
Lyrics " Love Discovered by Chance,"

Many Unusual Desires were written under
the Angelic Moon Phase with Mid-Summer
Nites Dreamy Sweet and Smooth sound of the
Lite Breeze through the Trees
Kimberly Aug 2018
Chiliad years Logaphiles were written for us in many Eurythmic Forms to help comprehend ones Alexithymic;

The Orphic Lyrics of
Luftmensh Scops,

The Evanescence of Classical
Pieces of Merak Musicians,

The Timeless Dotish
Word in an Aubade,

The Aeipathy behind a
Bindlestill Writing Effable
Lines to an Auralize
Of an Epoch Poem,

The Sillage of
Camhanich in the
Lyrics of a Trouvaille Song,

Many Vagary were
written under the
Angelic Moon Phase
with Mid-Summer
Nites Dwaat Melliflous
of the Lite Breeze
through the Trees
Conorous: Melodies
Miridical: Wondrous
Chiliad: Thousand years
Logaphile: Lover of words
Eurythmic: In Harmonious proportion
Alexithymic: Difficulty in expressing emotional responses
Orphic: Entrancing beyond ordinary understanding
Luftmensh: With their heads in the clouds
Scop: An Old English Poet
Evanescent: Vanishing away
Merak: Creativity put in yourself into your work
Dotish: Silly
Aubade: A love song sung at dawn
Aeipathy: Enduring passion
Bindlestill: A *****
Effable: Able to be described in words
Auralize: Like 'Visualizing' but with sound
Epoch: A particular period of time in history or persons life
Sillage: A lingering scent of someones perfume
Camhanaich: Early morning Twilight
Troavaille: Something lovely discovered by chance
Vagary: Unusual desire
Dwaal: A dreamy, dazed, or absent minded state
Melliflous: A sound that is sweet and smooth; pleasing to hear
Kimberly Aug 2018
Upon the Angelic Black Sea Sky,
The Amaranthine Moon Glade sails on the waters enchanting clouds, while Orphic tidal Waves Hypnotizing crushing Cantillate onto the Twilight Sands of dazzy, piercing, playful, love struck of small Alcate Islands that are like stars that wink as The Amaranthine Moon Glade sails by as it Evanescence into the haunting mirror of the alluring Moon Road Admiring lit up by its own Miridical reflecting, that is a slow twisted slide that takes you through the Witchy hours of the dark into the Fascinating Glazing Weary of Aurora
Amaranthine: undying, eternally beautiful; a deep-purple red

Cantillate: to chant or intone a passage of religious text

Evanescence: to act or state of vanishing away; disappearance; as evanescence of vapor, of a dream, of earthy plans, or hopes

Alcate: having wings; lifted up in flight

Miridical: amazing wondrous

Moon Glade: the track the full moon makes when it's rising from the sea
Kimberly Aug 2018
The old enchantment rawky castle was her mesmerizing haunt, she knows she shouldn't escape to there every time, she was feeling scared, when a mans seductive words of love were really sweet nothings, breaks her heart, oh she knew especially when she felt the fiery of loneliness creep upon her, with the protruding sensual lust flowing through her, but she can't, her heart always allured her to him, he always knew what to do every time, he carried her up the grand stairs, down the long hallway lit up with beautiful candles, to his bedchamber, where he would be her lover for as long as she needed, he knows how to love her in all the most ******, playful, sinful ways a gentlemen knows how to a woman that knows herself as well, cause from the moment he opens those doors and they lock eyes, she begins to feel love.
  Than on a stormy nite she went running there, she arrived soaked, he wasn't there, for he had left a compassionate letter telling her of the deep love for her, telling her she will always and forever be in his heart, he left his castle to her, as she finish reading she couldn't believe it, as her eyes begin to swell tears rolled down her angelic face, she knew deep down in her heart she couldn't keep his castle, for she will forever fanaa.
Rawy- foggy, damp, and cold

Fanaa- destruction of the self, destroyed in love
Kimberly Aug 2018
Come slow dance with me among the music sheets, sing with me the sweet lyrics of our souls, that plays to the smooth rhythm of our beating hearts as they come together to the love notes melody
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