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Rimea Apr 2018
You're like a Crystal,
Of a great amazing value
Rare and beautiful
That you'll never know where to find

You're also like a Meteorite,
Of a unique existence
Unpredictable and quite shy
That only a few people see what you really are

But whatever happens,
Stay just the way you are
Cuz' I'm already clapping
Of who you are

I know we're Perfect Strangers,
And I wish I will have a chance
You've melted my heart til' its in danger
And I already fell at first glance.
Mylene =<
Rimea Apr 2018
Why am I still waiting...
Even if my heart is bleeding...
Maybe I should've stopped caring...
Because I am just "Nothing"...

I should've followed myself...
But now it's too late.
I've done it myself.
I've fallen for an angel dragging me into an eternal dark place.

Dying, Falling & seeking help
My efforts wasted, I lost myself
You seek love and I am always here
But here all along, My feelings can't be heard

I was never enough...
And will never be enough...
Even if I try rewrite the stars
We were never meant to be
Rimea Apr 2018
Why does it seem like everything hates me.
Did I do something wrong?
That I shut myself from reality,
And cry along with a song.

Hurt... Yes, I. Am. Hurt.
Hurt from my own thoughts of negativity
That I put myself down to the dirt,
And listen to the thoughts without relativity

You're the cause of my pain,
But without a reason.
My tears streamed like the rain,
As if you've commited treason.

You. Are. Hurting. Me. Without. Knowing.
I don't know why this is happening.
But please feel my pain
And realize what you've been doing.

— The End —