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Richa May 2019
Mother's love is just like the
April shroud that covers the hills
Pure like the Hipocrene bubbling at the rim
Mother is the guardian, the guide,
Who saves her children from all the bitter pills
You make things simple in a world
Twisted like a hangman's rope.
Richa May 2019
It's a tough job
On a tough terrain
Man's world
That I disdain
Richa Apr 2019
Hungry eyes
Greedy hearts wanting to reach the horizon,
Waiting to touch the skies.
Knowing life is short
Leaves not much to sport
But to despise.
Living on the edge failing
To read the writing on the wall
At misery's beck and call
What is left to evade?
Vastness of blind future
Forces petitions,
Never getting an ear.
Days seem horrible, nights never end.
O'boy! Despairs, rejections are finally out
Releasing hopes from chains and
Leaving by a search for latitudes.......
Richa Apr 2019
One moment I laugh and the other I'm crying.
Don't know what's happening, my feelings are dying.
Shrieking and wailing against the monster of time,
Swooning dreams can't stand against its crimes.
Inscrutable are it's ways, vulnerable it is not.
A breach of trust just stays by the clock.
Eternal is the trail of its path.
Its mismanagement only engenders labyrinth.
So, where do I stand, tell me right now.
In search of Elysium, where should I go?

— The End —