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Richelle Dec 2019
We wish upon a star,
We wish upon a candle,
It doesn’t matter what you wish upon,
Wishes are wishes

We wish for many things.
Some wishes don’t even come true.
And some will come true.
Wishes are wishes

Some of us will wish for something every day.
Some of us will wish for something different every day.
Some of us don’t wish or don’t believe in wishes.
Wishes are wishes

Wishes can be strong,
Wishes can be weak,
Wishes can or cannot be helpful,
Wishes ca be hopeful, but
Wishes are wishes
Richelle Aug 2019
I’ve heard rumors about things,
I’ve heard that you want world peace?
Well good luck finding it,
Because that is never going to happen.
You see the bible says,
That there is always going to be a war.
You can hope and pray for it to stop,
But I can grantee you that it will never happen.
There may be world peace in your dream,
But not in reality,
So wake up and see reality,
Because world peace will never happen in real life.
Richelle Jan 2019
What does the PPF mean?
It means the Past, Present, and Future.
The Past.
The past was yesterday,
The past was years ago.
Don’t dwell on the past,
Because it’ll just weigh you down.

The Present.
The present is now,
So live it as much as possible.
The present is like a gift,
Where you wonder what’s in the box.

The Future.
The future is tomorrow.
The future is a mystery.
The future is where God leads you on the right path.
The PPF is a very important thing in life.
Richelle Sep 2018
It doesn’t have a true meaning,
Does it?
Life can be good,
It can be bad,
Or sometimes it can be a little bit of both.
Life is life

Even the smartest person in the world can’t explain the true meaning of life,
Life is what you make it to be,
Not one person has the same life as you.
Life is life

You are gifted with life,
So live it as much as possible.
Because once your life is done,
You cannot replay it like a movie.
Do not try to solve life because…
Life is life
Richelle Apr 2018
I have a sad song,
I don’t sing it a lot.
I only sing it when I’m sad,
And that doesn’t happen very often.
My sad song

I hide my sad feelings,
I hide it from friends at school.
I only bring it out when it’s terrible,
And there are not very many terrible feelings.
My sad song

When I bring out my terrible feelings,
I almost cry my eyes out.
I don’t become my full self,
For at least a little while.
My sad song

I’m 99% always happy,
And at least 1% sad.
Why be happy when there’s so much sorrow in the world?
What is the true meaning of happy?
All I can think of is…
My sad song
Richelle Nov 2017
There’s a gift that’s the best and it can’t be broken or replaced.
And the gift that we all share is…
Love from the heart.
It’s the gift that we share with our family and friends.
Some people think that you can replace it or break it.
But that’s not true you can never break it nor can you replace it.
Some people think that the best gift is wrapped and seen.
But no it’s not wrapped and it can be seen by people who open their eyes.
It can be right in front of you,
And you wouldn’t notice it.
The gift of love is the hardest to break.
And yet it’s the best gift that comes from the heart.
Richelle Oct 2017
There is only one name above all.
The name above all names.
The name that has power.
The name that gives us hope.
One name above all

The name that gave us all.
The name that some people praise.
The name that we can’t forget.
The name that never leaves us.
The name who’s always our friend.
One name above all

He goes by many names.
Lord, Savior, God Almighty, God.
And there’s probably more.
He gave his son’s life for us.
He helps us through dark and tough times.
There’s only one name above all.
One name above all.
The name who we never forget.
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