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Richelle Nov 2021
I dream,
I dream about you,
I dream about you every day,
And every night.

Every day I dream,
I dream that you’re right next to me,
You’re next to me making me laugh,
And smile.

Every night I dream,
I dream that you’re lying right next to me,
You’re lying beside me getting me to sleep,
And dream about you.

I dream about your beautiful eyes and how they sparkle from the sun,
I dream about you hugging me,
I dream about your warmth,
I dream about your smile and how bright it shines.
Richelle Dec 2020
There are two different types of fights,
They are verbal and physical.
They aren’t very much different,
They are quite similar because they both hurt people.

Verbal fighting,
Verbal fighting is arguing,
Verbal fighting is yelling at one another,
Verbal fighting can hurt you or someone emotionally.

Physical fighting,
Physical fighting is punching someone,
Physical fights usually begin by the two people yelling at each other,
Physical fighting can hurt someone physically and emotionally.

Either way fights are bad,
Because both hurt you or someone else.
Are fights worth your time?
Do you really want to get emotionally or physically hurt?
Richelle May 2020
Losing someone is like,
Losing yourself.
It ***** to lose someone.
When someone close to you dies,
It feels like your life just fell into pieces,
It feels like your heart is in pieces.
When that person so close to you dies,
You aren’t fully healed,
You’re upset for days maybe weeks or a month.
People ask what’s wrong.
And you tell them that you’re fine,
But really deep deep down,
You’re not fine,
You’re upset,
Your life is into pieces,
You’re not normal and you’re not your original self.
Losing someone is the worst feeling that you have ever felt.
You wonder what to do after you lost that close person.
Some people may tell you to move on after that close person died,
But you feel like that you can’t move on.
Richelle Feb 2020
I will stand by you,
I will stand by you until the end.
Go ahead and push me away, but
I will stand by you still.
Go ahead and call me names, but
I will stand by you.
Go ahead and ignore me, but
I will stand by you.
Go ahead and hide in the shadows and pretend you don’t exist, but
I will stand by you.
Go ahead and pretend that I don’t exist, but
I will stand by you
No matter what you say or do,
I will stand by you still.
I will protect you.
I will talk to you.
There’s nothing that you can do that will get rid of me because,
I will stand by you always.
Richelle Dec 2019
We wish upon a star,
We wish upon a candle,
It doesn’t matter what you wish upon,
Wishes are wishes

We wish for many things.
Some wishes don’t even come true.
And some will come true.
Wishes are wishes

Some of us will wish for something every day.
Some of us will wish for something different every day.
Some of us don’t wish or don’t believe in wishes.
Wishes are wishes

Wishes can be strong,
Wishes can be weak,
Wishes can or cannot be helpful,
Wishes ca be hopeful, but
Wishes are wishes
Richelle Aug 2019
I’ve heard rumors about things,
I’ve heard that you want world peace?
Well good luck finding it,
Because that is never going to happen.
You see the bible says,
That there is always going to be a war.
You can hope and pray for it to stop,
But I can grantee you that it will never happen.
There may be world peace in your dream,
But not in reality,
So wake up and see reality,
Because world peace will never happen in real life.
Richelle Jan 2019
What does the PPF mean?
It means the Past, Present, and Future.
The Past.
The past was yesterday,
The past was years ago.
Don’t dwell on the past,
Because it’ll just weigh you down.

The Present.
The present is now,
So live it as much as possible.
The present is like a gift,
Where you wonder what’s in the box.

The Future.
The future is tomorrow.
The future is a mystery.
The future is where God leads you on the right path.
The PPF is a very important thing in life.
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