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Erika Oct 2020
Those green eyes of yours
A background full of sour
And this love is ours

A hand full of blood
Your face filled with tears flood
Sad memories, so bad

You always wonder
Thinking you are a killer
Stop! Do not suffer

You may have been black
But you will always comeback
To our home track

Sacrifice so much
In a middle of a hunch
Lost in just a ******

You may be long gone
Left everyone and a son
You are just a man

Past full of sorrow
How will I face tomorrow?
My life froze in snow

Time will always fade
Goodbyes that never been said
Decisions are made

Let's go back and sway
In the night let us be strays
Please, you could just stay

Let us meet again
Maybe after all this rain
Us will be regain.
I'm not a professional writer. I just write poetry to express. 🙂
Erika Oct 2020
I love a guy who plays guitar
Know the music of the altar
From the heart, playing from a far
Transforming himself to a star

He just knows how to make me laugh
Even sometimes life is rough
I always like it when he is tough
And wanting me to be his dough

We are together in the sky
Although he always makes me cry
In his music that in my way
He got me falling everyday

With his songs, the rocker it brings
Just like when he is in his strings
The best feeling out of the sting
From his fingers that have no rings

With his beautiful melody
I realize that I am lovely
Thanks for not leaving me lonely
I just want you wholeheartedly

My unsung hero out of the blue
You made my life a pretty hue
A face with a God given clue
Making my time a longer due.
I wrote this poem a long long time ago ...💗
Erika Oct 2020
Can someone listen
to the cries of a woman
Hearthache and hardships
tremble in her ships.

Can somebody understand
Philosophies in life she had
Capabilities she had in hand
Ideas she have in mind?

Can someone please give her a chance
to have that beautiful dance
Under the stars above
After that rain in the skies.

Before it's too late
Give her what she deserves
Cause after it all
She is a woman that must be love.

— The End —