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Brandon Nov 2018
If you have to leave
If this has to end
I can't hold it against you
I'll understand
Just know
Part of you will remain
A constant reminder
Not of what I lost
But of what we had.
Brandon Dec 2018
I'll never forget
Our few nights together
In the moment, at least,
Together forever.
The smell of your hair
The taste of your lips
And the way that you moved
With my hands on your hips.
Brandon Oct 2018
You've seen me smile
Through the highest highs
Held me when I've sobbed
And dried my eyes.

No matter what
And no matter when
You've proven yourself
The truest of friends.

Wherever fate takes us
Whatever we do
You'll always love me
And I'll always love you
Brandon Nov 2018
The most beautiful
And scariest
Changes we see
Come from
Brandon Nov 2018
I stand
At a crossroads
Ahead of me, something new
Behind me, the same old thing
One offers adventure and possibility
One offers comfort and ease
I stand
At a crossroads
Scared of both choices
Brandon Nov 2018
"I do still love you," she said,
"I don't want to say it's different
But it is."
"Maybe for you," my heart thought
"But not for me."
Brandon Nov 2018
Do you still think of me
At random during the day?
Wonder what I'm doing
Or where I am
Or what I'm thinking?
Do you still dream of me
Being with you
In some beautiful place?
Do you still miss my voice
Or wish for my touch?
Do you still
Or is it just me?
Brandon Dec 2018
When I see you
I see everything
I know your heart
Your mind, your soul
Your fears, your past
I know your body
I know you
So you'll have to forgive me
I can't see you
And only see
A friend
Brandon Jan 2019
Sometimes the words I don't say
Carry the most weight
And that's fine
Because if I'm carrying the weight
Then you don't have to.
Brandon Nov 2018
The thing about honesty
Total, open, raw honesty
Is having to say
Words you don't want
That mean things
Will be different
Brandon Nov 2018
This person you see
The one you know
Isn't the man I am
Not the man inside
I put on this mask
To be who you wanted
To be what I thought I wanted
Not any more
The mask is gone
And I will not wear another
It's been a year for self reflection and rediscovery.
Brandon Dec 2018
Love is not a desire to contain
Or possess.
Love is a desire to set free.
To help someone see themselves
The way you see them.
To see someone become
The truest representation
Of themselves.
To want happiness and contentment for them.
Love in its truest, rawest, and most beautiful form
Desires these things
With no regard for self.
Brandon Nov 2018
What we have...
Is it love?
Or is it lust?

When I'm separate from you
I crave your presence.
When we're together
We burn like a star.

Is it one or
Is it the other?
Maybe it's both.
Brandon Nov 2018
If my fate is to love you
From a distance
Then I'll burn for you
Like a star in your night sky
Bright, steady, reliable
Until the end of time.
Brandon Jan 2019
The sun is nice
But sometimes
I'd rather have
You and the rain
Brandon Nov 2018
Sometimes I feel something
so strongly it's hard to express.
I put pen to paper
trying, it feels in vain,
to encapsulate an intricate emotion.

When I share it with you
something beautiful happens...
You understand.
You find meaning in my
seemingly inadequate words.

Thank you.
Thank you so much to everyone who has responded to anything I've shared here. It makes me feel so....I can't even explain know that someone else out there understands what I'm saying or how I feel.
Brandon Nov 2018
Every night, i look for the Moon.
She's always there
Sometimes bright and shining
Sometimes obscured by clouds
She always listens
Without judgment
She always comes back
Without fail
She's always there
Just out of reach
I can't have her
And I love her all the same
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