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Asher Schwartz Mar 2018
You with your dashing smile
I've never wanted someone more
You with your charismatic charm
I've never felt this way before
You with your simple questions you ask that you would know the answer to if you would stop talking to other peers
I've never felt this jealous
You with your comments you say to me that make my friend hyperventilate because apparently it's "true love"
You with your nickname I gave you because even saying your name out loud makes me nervous
You with your natural humor that makes everyone you come into contact with laugh
Bet yet
I can't have you
Because you may be the one for me
But I'm not the one for you
Asher Schwartz Mar 2018
When I was little
No older than 5
I was asked
To dust off a countertop
I didn't think much about it then
But I do now
The human mind is the countertop
Your dreams are the specks of dust
The feather duster
That's the person
The person that can wipe it all out
In one little flick
They can all be gone
Never to be recovered
You can either be the duster
Or you can leave it be
And make it grow
All because
I Was Asked
To clean
A Countertop
Asher Schwartz Feb 2018
We went to New York
One of the sights
Was a memorial
Everyone went off running
While I saw a girl
The Girl With 10 Million Emotions
She was slumped over a name
Not like anything I've ever heard
The Girl With 10 Million Emotions
I went over
"Are you okay?"
"My Dad would have been 45 today"
She went back down to cry
To sob
I rub her back
Tell her it's okay
And sob with her
Asher Schwartz Feb 2018
What was it Like,
To be loved
To be held
To be cherished
To have that connection
With Somebody?
What was it Like,
To see the light
At the end of the tunnel
To get that
Special Feeling?
What was it Like,
To say
I Do?
What was it Like,
When they left?

— The End —