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Raj Jun 30
All day long,
My thousand thoughts,
Sing a song.
When I lay my heavy head,
On my lonely bed.

Your love and memories
Round inside my mind.

My heart sing and my mind scream,
To see dear friends face everyday on my dream.

Now I long to hold on ;
With T. M.  FRIENDS.
In remembrance..... To my friends..
Raj Jun 25
Lovers may come and go,
But a friend goes on forever.

Even in the darkest night ,
or in a shadeful light ,
You have always been on my sight .

May this day be a day ,
That you were longing for.
may this day touch you,
with forth many thousand friendship rays.
That it may be a memory in your life.

And all that I can say is....

......Thank you.....
Raj Jun 23
Let's write....
Writers of morning sun.
Write and touch the heart with rays of words shine,
Let's write.

Write it........
Writers of early noon.
Write the need of wisdom,
Write it ever soon,
Write it.

Let's display.....
In eve to all men,
The writings of right ink.
Display it to the generation,
Display them the life.

Rest of night.....
With the writing's end,
The writers rest.
Plays all part with joy and fest,
Comes the night the writers rest.

....Thank you.......
Raj Jun 23
Let me tell you... What is in my heart..
With the word of hi... We begin and then we start...
Initial state was fine... With a word and a coffee ...lovely we dine...
Shine in the morning... Late till the night..
We talk and chat.. And that was right...

Though the word was sweet... My Tears run by ....
Though the thought flowed... My mind goes mild...
Your cherished moment is now a thorn..
Your the only reason of my mourn....

Lie lies your filty word flies...
No nice my heart isn't ice...
Go lies... I hate your cries...
Fly your memories flies...

How love of mine..
It's like a song and a wine..
That sometime shine....
When you needed  a time...

Old song that we sang on a lonely way, in a lonely days..
The words that you say.. And your shoulder where my head lays...

Like a tree in the midst.,
Midst among the trees.
Like a bird in the midst...
Midst in the trees    ..
All season went by....
With your love lose mind  
Now I feel a dumb in your strees...
Like a bird with an empty nest...

.....Thank you....
Alyricstomy friend...
Raj Jun 19
Begin a day with Christ,
Life is like a bird that flies,
Hover in the eyes of the skies.

Where sun from east may welcomes,
And from West the will done,
And that you may not be in run.
.... . With the beast of land .....
....... Or serpent of sand......

In a battlefield we always take part,
But fight will fought by a righteous fighter.
Who is named by ten thousand writer,
He is the alpha the omega the Holy Rider.

.........Thank you..... ....
Raj Jun 17
Thank you dear....
Your loving words cherished,
In seasons of tears.

Though the days were windy and storm.,
Your loves flows from night to Dawn.

When deeds left undone,
When  tears run, run and run,
Your guiding arm, is where the joy's found.

Singing, sang, sung..... Song of peace,
In restless night.
Dripping drop drips.... Waters of  peace ,
In days that wasn't bright.

Battling you breathes...
When I left 9 months womb.
You welcome me in with laughter of cry....
Will remain your love in our heart till the tomb.
Thank you dear.

....Thank you...
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