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S Oct 2012
Each morning I wake
I see your sleepy face
I smell your warm skin
I feel your warm embrace
Each day that we spend
I feel our lives begin
I sense us growing together
I watch the days transcend
S Oct 2012
My love for you is like the wind
Just when you least expect it,
I'll wrap my love around you
Just to let u know I'm always there
S Oct 2012
I'm really scared of How you have the ability to break me
To leave me completely bare
Unable to move or breathe
S Oct 2012
Love runs deep when you let the river flow. Allow the one you love to blossom and you will get the chance to witness them at their fullest beauty. Shadowing them will only wilt their potential and much like their liveliness, love will fade.
S Oct 2012
Just let the river flow. It may get rough, it may fork, and eventually it may end but all you can do is enjoy the journey while you're on it. Float on.
S Oct 2012
For me,
the sleep deprivation of it all is the truly torturous outcome
I lie awake pondering
How little effect I have on you...
All the while realizing what a tremendous impact you have in everything I am
Each movement,
Each notion
Each smile
At times I see only you
as I glance at my reflection in a window pane
I see your eyes staring back at me
Those inescapable eyes
that I so often lose myself in
Wishing I could lie in the softness of them
And dance in the tiny bit of sparkle they give off
Wishing that they were able to speak to me
Words that I so dearly wish you would say
Wishing for them to reveal the trapped thoughts inside of you
To show me the man at the end of those seemingly endless gazes
Uncovering the stealth nature of your being
allowing your heart to open to me
So that I can not only discover your soul
But to assure myself that in the baring of my own,
The two will never be alone
S Apr 2012
As I look back on
my life as of yet
shattered masterpieces
scattered regrets
In every broken memory
I still seem to find peace.
For I have continued
to persevere with ease.
Infinite tiny pieces
of a million loving hearts,
cover sorrow's jagged edges.
Safely guiding this
journey I embark.
Each path lit with
hope and happiness,
Sustained by wise words.
An unwavering love of myself
inspires the life I aim towards.
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