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You think you're a badass?
Shout at us all for no reason?
Blame me for your problems like I give a ****?
Take it out on my family and expect US to be sorry?
Well *******, you and your weird *** hair do.
I never had a beef with you
I didn't even know you!
You believe what others say about me
Well come at me now what do you see?
Am I all that they said I was cracked up to be?
Get the ******* message, I don't mess around, you hear me?
Or do I have to bash your brains into the concrete?
Would that be enough to get the message across?
If I blew out your kneecaps out would I feel sorry for your loss?
Hell ******* no, I'd blow your **** legs off!
Wait, ***** that I,d take a handsaw and cut em off!
Break every single bone in your ******* hands
Smash em with a hammer without a second glance
call 911 now that you can't touch a **** phone!
how would you like it if I barged in your home?
Sayin I'm all that and the president too
Yell at your family and blame you too?
Like your haircut? Let's see it all over my wall!
Hold the phone ******* let's give your insides a house call!
Oops, was that your gut, let me rip it open for you
You won't need it after I get done with you.
*******, you thought that this would go down smooth?
**** that, drink some barbed wire too!
Let me tell you this just one last time
Make my girl cry again and I'll make you wish I'd killed you..
Not geared towards anyone on here... just venting my anger. Had a really stressful night...
Thirty floors up, rifle in hand
windows blown out, a view of the land
she sighs... eight years of war, no end in sight
darkness prevails, gunshots in the night.
she's still there, provisions nearby
listening for the enemy's cry
she's cleaned her rifle a thousand times
two hundred tick marks, etched in fine lines
one down, an army to go.
she prayed to god that the flash wouldn't show.

this city's been dead for over a year
yet theres still so many who cower in fear
of her fifty cal blast in the dead of the night.
the enemy falls, no more need for fright
shes been here for nearly a year,
ten thousand rounds and an airdrop every moon
with a note that says the war could end soon
the food is bad but you hardly notice
the company's good, after all theyre the closest.
her spotter, a man, was all she had now
he swore he'd protect her no matter how
theyd been lovers, and friends even too
after all... it gave them something to do
a single shot rips through the night
tearing apart the enemy on the right
one more down, an army to go.
she prayed that the flash wouldn't show

she looked through the scope of her closest ally
the fifty cal's sights perfect to her eye
watching for movement, always alert.
as she felt his hand slip beneath her shirt.
she grinned a little as he crept towards her neck
shivering tingles made her a wreck
as she lie in prone, watching the town
glad to have this man around
"wait" she whispers, a target in sight
she lines up the shot and it echoes tonight.
one more down, an army to go.
she prayed that the flash wouldn't show.

she sigh's again, back to work.
watching wherever shadows lurk.
a flurry of shots rips through the air
straight past her face, singeing her hair
the flash gave him away, as he fired unaware
that he'd woken a ****** coaxed out of her lair
one more down, an army to go.
she prayed again that the flash wouldn't show.

the letters stopped coming, but the packages came
she knew what it meant, but everything's the same
this is life for her now, nothing will change
the war will go on, its nothing strange
theres five hundred marks on the .50 so far
theres more in their army, wherever they are
one more down, an army to go
she prays ever still that the flash wont show.

fifteen years later, its been days since a ****
everything was silent, all was still
instead of a package, a chopper came in
set down on the building with the ****** within
the rifle now had a thousand marks on its frame
almost all of them white, one red streak bright as a flame
she packed up her gear, the rifle and ammo
wiped off the dirt on her old urban camo
she made her way up, the general awaits
wondering what happened, her spotter's fate.
the one red streak, the mark of her friend
she was there, but he wasn't in the end.
driven insane by the constant fight
she'd put him out of his misery one night.
she said not a word as she boarded the ride
one single tear fell, with no attempt to hide the pain inside
one more down, no army to go
she prayed no more that the flash would show.
her beloved fifty cal, now hung on her wall
rewarded to her for answering duty's call
that one red mark overshadowed the rest
he'd stuck with her so far, he'd done his best.
she was the best, the greatest marksman of all time
the dreams never ceased, the memories never ended
the death of her beloved, and the years she'd spent with
never left her, nor did she want them to
she got a call one day, she had a job to do.
the rifle came down from its spot on the wall
the time came again to answer the call
one more down, an army to go
she prayed once more that the flash wouldn't show
Down...            p
Waking       u

In a forest... calm... quiet...

SILENT                silent

Whisper.... whisper       whisper..



Whispers.... whisper
            whisper *

Wake up....
Wake up...


Staring...     always watching..
X.X no eyes..           don't look....
No no no no no no no no no no
    No no no no no No!


Chasing... chasing run!run!RUN!



No eyes...

Wake up

Wake up!


I read somewhere that torture victims will sometimes seclude themselves into a dream where they are  not being tortured. That doesn't mean that the dream was any better. Lots of slender man references heheh
Dark clouds harbor dark thoughts as the lie above my head
Screaming my name as I wish for the sun to be dead...
Dark corners hide the blood on my hands, shaking against my will
Dead people swim around me whispering the words to ****



why... am I on the ground..? why does my head pound..?
my god... it stinks of gore... what's lying here on the floor?



blood in my throat..

have I gone insane?
am I to blame... for the bodies around me?



it can't be... I couldn't have done it...
or... could I?

could I...




theres a thrill in the ****!!
I want the taste of flesh
freshest is best!
I want to feel the blood on my skin
and feel it feed the beast within!
bloodthirsty... i'm drunk with my lust
I have to feed... I must...



NO!! I can't... its not right...
I have to fight...
the animal inside....
It has to hide...


no.... he gone?
am I free?
to be me?
can I...
finally walk without stepping in rot?
my lair is red... once it was white...
i don't want to hurt... i don't want to ****...



i'm still here..
always hungry
you can't run from me....

sorry for the lack of poeticness lately, ive had a lot of stress lately. i have a bunch of drafts i want to finish.. i might soon..
empty hotel room
beautiful view
every night below the moon
without you
the lights of the city blot out the stars
blinded by the light of passing cars
sixteen floors up, window locks
locked doors and music rocks
through the room, off the walls
echoing throughout the halls
Arizona. the green tea
calms me down so I can see
sea? maybe on Saturday morning
then again I could just be mourning
nothing could possibly make my life worse
than life without her my life has a curse
**** me now... I'll leap from the edge
hope that my fall isn't broken by a hedge.
She left her heart in the pocket of my coat
as I left with a lump in my throat
I turned back to say my goodbyes
and left my heart there in her eyes.
neither of us has a heartbeat
both of us fall from our seat
dead inside without the other
theres no life for us without each other
I miss the feel of her lips on mine,
and the gasps she made as I traced her spine
the moon shone down on us as we said farewell
and now we both dive into our own personal hell
she falls asleep tonight, but doesn't want me to go
I love her more than anyone could know
love is a *****...
if you know me, that last line has a double meaning.
The memories, the dreams
Spinning rings
silver and gold
those flashy things
I'd remember when old
gowns and caps
the attire of the achiever
I survived the traps
and the grand deceiver
the grand tradition
even my mom..
I am the first
of my line
to give up on thirst
and mock the divine.
I am a dropout
I chose the hard way
to live without
what those papers say.
I live my life with a knife in my chest
bleeding my heart out you all know the rest
I hurt my beloved by not being there
even if I really did care.
I tried my hardest, it wasn't enough
I did my best to be tough
I can't give you 200% of a whole
even if it were my only goal
after all, you trained me as a robot
just like everyone else, all forgot
who I was, the second I left
I've tossed and turned and wept.
The memories, the dreams
torn away from me
ripped apart at the seams
and tossed to the sea.
Today was prom night
and I stayed home again
no shining light
never again...
Today was prom night for my old classmates. I made the decision to drop out of school, I knew the consequences... but I never knew that the date i'd missed would be the one I never saw coming. I had my own prom today... I spent the day with my beloved. I couldn't have asked for anything more...
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