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Quentin House Mar 2015
On the ledge.
Millions of feet below.
the soft looking pavement.
For my blood to surely flow.
I step of the ledge.
And fall really fast.
I recap my life.
Recap my past.
I hold my breath.
as if I am about to dive.
But really any sane person knows
You don't survive a fall this High.
As I keep falling.
I began to tear.
Thinking about my family.
My mother...
Oh Dear...
I wish there was another way.
But i'm falling to fast.
So I continue to hold my air.
And remember my past.
Nearing the ground.
A smile; formed on my face.
"Soon..." I say to myself.
I won't be in this place.
Inches away.
Time running slow.
The ground looks.
To release my soul.
Impact is quick.
Painless at that.
I gasp and bolt from my bed.
A pain in my back.
It was a dream.
Why won't you
Look at that.
I dreamed about Death.
About sweet release.
And my brain toyed with me.
Gave me a tease.
Glad I suppose.
That I didn't die.
From that big ole fall.
From that ****
Quentin House Mar 2015
With a girl in my grasp, her heart entitled to me.
Her face shines with beauty, her soul hurt but pure.
Her love swapped with mine.She trust me, as do I.
But I asked her.
For a Picture.
She implied she didn't care.
She said she loves me, made me feel Alive.
But truthfully I was dead inside.
This girl, I love with all my heart.
Sent me a Picture.
Because I asked.
She says it's fine, she says she trust me.
Which is good.
But I wanted to be different.
I wanted her for her. Not for her body.
I feel almost dead now.
I feel pathetic for drooping that low.
I wanted to help her.
I didn't want the Picture
But I asked for it anyways.
Quentin House Mar 2015
As I cut these forsaken wrist.
The blood pours without a sigh.
I close my eyes one final time.
And utter a sweet **"Goodbye."
Quentin House Mar 2015
No I don't have this backwards.
We ALL are sheep in wolfs clothing.
Trotting along, willful and power filled.
We hide in a costume.
To contain our true self.
We are scared of reality.
We are scared as judgement.
But You play along.
After many years of hiding.
I SHOW myself.
The wolf-skin thrown to the side.
A bold feeling building in my chest.
I am proud of myself.
You come along.
And slam me down, destroy me.
**** me....
Only because.
I acted by who I am.
And you act like the wolf you *dream to be...
Quentin House Mar 2015
Baby you're sweet.
I crave you every night and day.
I lust for your love, I lust for your lips Pressed against mine.
I lust for your heart, to desire me as much as I desire you.
Baby you're sugar.
I shake when I am not with you.
I'm addicted to your love, I am addicted to your lips.
I CRAVE for your heart.
Baby you're a drug.
I can't control my feelings.
I cry, shake. Die without you.
I relapse for you.
You're like a Needle Rushing through my arm.
I press the plunger when I don't feel good.
And like the river your drug rushes to my veins.
Filling my body before I am numb.
Numb to your *
This is one of the most 'everywhere' rants I could think of.
It doesn't make sense.
Unless you've been addicted too.
Quentin House Mar 2015
With every fiber of my being I crave you.
I crave your love.
You can't tell.
But I am dying.
Your past doesn't affect me.
But how you see yourself does.
I love you for who you are.
And as you fall.
I will too.
So will my pulse.
And my soul.
And my smile.
And then.
I'm **Gone.
Quentin House Feb 2015
Valentines day, once every year, where love is RUBBED in my face, smiles on theirs, ear to ear.
I don't really care, what you got your 'Bae.' Leave me alone.
This is not my day.
I only need chocolate, a movie or two. It'll just be me.
I don't need you.
I don't need love. A stupid word that is.
Please stop talking about how you're his..
Leave me alone.
My heart hurts worst than yours ever did.
You were never 'depressed' Never alone.
You have a **** Ton of friends.
That welcome you in their home.
I have myself, including 'I'
Days like this make me want to curl up.
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