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Q Dec 2017
I have lost everything in this moment.
Seven years.
Seven short years.
Word hard, do well.
I will make it there soon.
Rest easy, angel.
  Dec 2017 Q
Paradise...where is that? can I get that?
I just want to rest without
         my mind tormenting me.
Memories, thoughts, regrets, pain, fear...
Tornado. Debilitating and destructive.
The winds won't take away won't take away the pain.
Neither do the clouds, nor the rain.
Things left undone.
I can't close that door.
I'm looking for the sun...
     Looking for my way home.
I picked up the pieces and built a new life.
All those pieces held the past.
Tragedy again...
Picked up the pieces again.
My puzzle will never be complete.
There is one piece that is gone forever.
A piece that is a part of me...
     A piece that holds things left undone.
Q Dec 2017
let it run down your spine like a shiver
and wrap round your wrists like rope
let it climb up your veins like vines
and fill up your throat till you choke.

are you waiting for someone to find you?
are you thinking of your other half?
does the want trip up your daily struggle
with dreams of a something that lasts?

then, let it tear up your heart like a lost lover
let it catapult you higher like hope
let it guide you along like road signs
let it wash your expectations like soap.
Q Dec 2017
"I'm not looking for anything right now."
Because I'm focusing on me
I don't mean to lead you on
But flirting is fun and if you like me
I'll treat you like the one.

I will never reject you outright
If you never say it yourself
I don't mean to lead you on
But the game is fun and if you want heat
You can slow-cook yourself.

I don't want to go on a date with you
But it's cute that you're asking
I don't mean to lead you on
But jealousy is fun and if you look at me
You'll see my hips swaying.

He likes me like you said you do
I'm not answering him either
I don't mean to lead you on
But competition is fun and if you want me
You'll fight till you're the winner.

"I'm not looking for anything right now."
That's technically true
I don't mean to lead you on
But lies are fun and if you push hard enough
You might just pull me into the mood.
Q Nov 2017
He spoke with his fingertips
They danced lightly on my desk
A man of few words
But I heard what he said

He spoke with his fingertips
They skittered to and fro and back
His hands spoke the words
His audible voice lacked.

He spoke with his fingertips
Tapped his way into my heart
He never had much to say
But his words were a work of art.
Q Nov 2017
The feeling that you get when you’re alone with yourself
When you can feel the emptiness inside you swell
But you can’t tell if you’re living or dying
And you turn to pain because you’re desperately trying

I understand.

That yawning space behind your eyes and smile
When you want to rest for a long, long while
And you pretend you’re okay because you must be
But tear into yourself as the quietest plea

I understand.

When you push your fingers down your throat
And try to be silent as you gag and choke
Telling yourself that you’re still not there
Ripping at your thighs and stomach and hair

I understand.

When you crave love so bad it feels like longing makes your heart beat
And no one notices so you believe you’re unworthy
When you beg for help without saying a word
And wonder if you’ll ever find a cure

I understand.

Let my words be my arms, wrap them around yourself tightly
Let your loved ones be my eyes, let them see you as I see
Let this be everything I intend it to be
Let it be my response to your unheard plea.

When you have no love that you can find or see
You have, do, and will have love from me
Whether we’ve met once or a million and one times
I will listen to the things you bury in your mind.

You are loved; you are special to me
You are perfect; you are beyond pretty
Your story is not meant to end here like this
I understand; so I beg you: live.
Q Oct 2017
You are mine, through and through
If only because I want you.
I'm prepared to outline, no hints or clues,
Everything I want to do.

I can't have you though if I don't have it all
I won't keep you though if I can't make you fall
Won't crave you if you aren't in for the long haul
I'm not asking you to kneel, I'm demanding that you crawl.

If you are thinking why are those not thoughts I know
If you are breathing why is your breath not what my lungs blow
If your heart is beating why is that pulse not under my ribs
If you are living why is that life not the one I live?

Undo the stitches of every atom that makes up your skin
Give me your strings and pieces and I'll make you new again.
Let me create you from dust, and water; bring you into being with love
Let me craft you as I want you; all I need is your trust.

And then you will be mine, the way you already are.
And then I will give an inch, will allow us to start.
You will be mine, the way I want you to be.
I will have all of you. You will have some of me.
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