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Priceless Dec 2020
What has life got to offer?

Priceless Feb 2020
Learn to show love every day
Not just on Feb 14
Priceless Aug 2019
Life is like a blind date
You can't be sure of what's coming your way
Priceless May 2019
Everything will be fine.
Priceless Jun 2017
I know a day will come when no matter what we do to keep our bodies young,things will happen whether from age or something else. I want you to know that i will always do what's in my power to be the best version of myself in every situation. I promise no matter what changes you go through, i promise to always see you as these representations.
I love you bunches
Priceless Jun 2017
Separate entities make you who you are.......

1- your soul
2- your mind
3- your flesh
4- your heart

I will fill each one of them with this love that longs to be poured out to you.
Your soul: will never be alone again. I will penetrate your soul with so much reassurance that it will be lighter than the air you breath.
Your mind: l will fill it with encouragement and enlighten it to a peacefulness that will inspire it and comfort it.
Your flesh: l will fill its deepest desires and take it places it has never been in total ecstasy
Your heart: l will fill it with so much humble and graceful love that the strength of it will be quenched and renewed..
I'm gonna love on you so much
Priceless Jan 2016
You were the sun
Whose rays I couldn't touch!
For the rays were too bright that blinded my eyes
You were the flower whose essence pervaded my soul
Your aching beauty tormented me beyond measure
For you were paragon
And I?
I plain,blunt,maiden
But who on earth wouldn't fall for your eyes?
Oceanic deep as if therein would immerse the whole of me
But those who reside in Huts ought not to dream of palaces
For I was a layman and you a princess

— The End —