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PoetWhoKnowIt Nov 2014
Betwixt all the lights
Through all the sound
Mother nature doth whisper
"Slow the **** down"
PoetWhoKnowIt Oct 2014
Five syllables here
Seven more syllables there
Are you happy now???
PoetWhoKnowIt Aug 2014
You know those really really really long events you had to go to as a kid. Ridiculous stuff- like family reunions, or church meetings or just plain ol' being dragged along? Sometimes fun stuff- road trips (if you fancied them), Disneyland or whatever equivalent, or to family you actually liked.

Leaving at sunrise and returning as bats and owls start to yawn and pull up their sheets. That time of night.

After a long day of this and that and that and this. Well, I wish I could relive one of those drives back. Laying down in the back of the car if you had lots of space, wrestling with the seat-belt buckles on your back; or constantly trying to re-position your head against your window or that uncomfortable and non-ergonomic plastic-type frame next to the door lock and above the handle only to be bounced by the car and woken up.

Long after my brain would give up on trying to sleep in said conditions I'd get into a semi-psychedelic state. Watching the sea of red lights in front of me, ebbing and flowing little dots- each controlled by the movement of the others. To the left a torrential outpouring of bright yellow/white light (blue nowadays with those LED's or whatever). Not a single stop-light in sight.

I often would tilt my head slightly upward, my head against the window causing my vision to vibrate with the tiny, ubiquitous bumps in the road and look at those tall "7" shaped street lights. They'd come into existence as fast as they disappeared in a consistent and wonderful rhythm. Mesmerizing to say the least.

Occasionally the sound of the turn signal would outweigh the subtle 'whirrrrr' of the car and the sound of the road, only to silence after a soft sway in either direction. Slowing down, the beep-beep-beep of the "hey your door's open", and the slight cool breeze worked like a snap to a hypnotized me. Slowly peaking up to regain my bearings- only to continue forward once there was ample juice in the car or less juice in the folks driving.

But now tis' only I who drive. And I drive myself, by myself. Trying to recreate the same feeling while I drive wouldn't be quite smart... And so like those street lights those times have whizzed by without a sound. Only to be appreciated once it stops. They say time goes. No.
truly- time stays, we go.
PoetWhoKnowIt Jun 2014
Fantastically fashioned fingers,
  running smoothly through hair;
past present post-
  Father Time struck by Sand Man's stare.

Heavenly hanging hair,
  draping gently over lips;
tantalizing teasing tendrils-
  Aphrodite's mien, Venus' hips.

Lusciously loving lips,
  smiling softly at wandering eyes;
delirious delighted daze-
   Pyramus and Thisbe's kiss--butterflies.

Efficaciously effervescent...
  enchantingly endearing...
    enticingly euphoric...
      exultantly excited...
[Simply] ethereal! Eyes,
  diamonds, starlight, life, of Earth, sky, and sea;
bejeweled boundless bless'ed-
   If thou were Medusa, stone I'd be so readily.

Simply said Shakespeare,
  thou art the sun;
falsely framed fairness-
  for the sun is not brightest,
    tis You tis You,
      my wonderful, beautiful One.
PoetWhoKnowIt Jun 2014
Seven billion
Birds, dissimilar in song
Sent from my iPhone
PoetWhoKnowIt Jun 2014
So you want to be rich?
                              You'd like to rule?
                                                     Nothing is better, nothing more cool.
It's really quite simple
Just ignore your heart
                                                Release your greed
March as though
                                      own the place
Talk as though
                                       know it all
When someone sobs
                                         someone shirks
Tear them.
                .  down

Or go berserk!

You know I'm right
You know it's true
Who needs
Being a ****
                                put you above
Girl after girl
                                  chase after you
Simply pretend
                                    know what to do
Want something done?
get THEM to do
                                      The world was made
                                       to be rearranged
Money. Wealth.
                                         and Power.
Will satisfy
                                       every hour
      You'd rather be warm?
                                  You'd rather care?
Good luck my friend.
                              The world is unfair.
PoetWhoKnowIt Jun 2014
A gentleman once asked,-
'Why sail the infinite sea?

So torrential and torrid;
too much for me...

Encompassed by water;
no place to flea.

Incalculable harbors;
she hears no plea!'

I raised my face against the sun,
hearing him, but seeing none

Just to be, sir, just to be.
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