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20.1k · Dec 2012
PoetWhoKnowIt Dec 2012

Rather Silly-
           Rather Queer?
4.3k · Nov 2012
A Woman's Best Curve~
PoetWhoKnowIt Nov 2012
So you'd like to date my daughter,
This I can tell,
So line up behind the others,
And I'll see if you suit her well,

Now come here boy,
Just one to one,
Man to man,
It's okay, I may look stern, But I love to have fun,

So, son, what do you like,
Oh come on, you know what I mean,
What's your favorite curve on a woman's body?
Like *******, legs, thighs, ****, and do you like em thick or like em lean?

Oh ******* you say?
I see... I see...
Get out of my sight!
If you still want her, you will have to **** me!

Ah, you look like a nice chap,
what's your pleasure?
What's your favorite curve on a woman's body?
On which does her beauty measure?

Oh you like her rear?
Oh, well I do hope you like my daughter's,
For that's all you'll see as she walks away with me from you,
Sickening, disgusting, these gentlemen, not gentle but marauders,

Oh so it's legs?
Don't leave now and I'll break yours,
Oh so it's thighs?
Get out of my way! I'll find one who'll make her heart soar!

Last but not least...
Will I find no peace...?
So young man, I will ask you the same,
What of a woman has your testosterone release?

Well good sir,
Your daughter's attractive,
I cannot put this in ample words,
But it is not of that that she has my heart held captive,

I've heard you've asked of her body,
And my sir, if I may have the nerve,
For it is her smile, it is any woman's best curve,

Treat her well son.
3.0k · Nov 2012
PoetWhoKnowIt Nov 2012
Two brothers march
off to war

To win a battle
to settle scores

They keep in step

Drums, not hearts
their minds bereft

Through the fog
the 'enemy' lies

While back at home
their mother cries

Drums beat faster
as fog clears

Programmed to ****
for many years

Brothers see demonic eyes
fear screams- BOOM!

Who shot first
no time- assume

Two brothers aim
and shoot across

They've missed their mark
the guns, they toss

Dash together with
great speed

First to stab
and first to bleed

They lie together
attached by blade

Victory is lost
to a sick masquerade
Written quickly. Had it on my mind.
2.8k · Dec 2012
Clock (Haiku)~
PoetWhoKnowIt Dec 2012
Do not tick off the
kindly clock that stops and tocks
to you in whispers
2.7k · Jan 2013
Pivotal Years~
PoetWhoKnowIt Jan 2013
What does a man do
On his very last day?
Does he call his best friend,
to lie a hello?
Does he open a drink,
for drunken last breaths?
Does he hug his children,
and say they were best?
Does he hide in a cellar,
just waiting for Death's knock?
Does he write a few things,
hints and advice?
Does he find those who wronged him,
and take them along?
The wise man will sit there,
like there's nothing wrong.
He ponders his days,
things once, things past,
holds his love dearly,
sweet, beautiful love,
giving him hope,
that there is this 'above',
though pain creeps in,
he smiles yet still,
life plays like a record,
But yet, 1941 is not where it had begun,
He remembers it clear from 1947,
And he has forgotten much from the last 3 years,
but what he did, he does not fear,
he accepts what he's done, laughs a good laugh,
forgetting what he'd do, if given a second path,
So this my friends, may I say it clear,
Do not stare long at that first year,
and do not think much of that last,
for what was done is done, and all in that dash.
Written two years ago...
2.5k · May 2013
PoetWhoKnowIt May 2013
Ingénue, Ingénue
mellifluous intonation;
within my ear
intangible embrocation!

Emollient to my inure
lithe and lilt affections-
A panacea, a talisman
fetching provocation.

Ingénue, Ingénue
Why must you fall
into such fugacious

Becoming and comely
are you
The cynosure of men
dissembling by demure

Ingénue, Ingénue
how easily I imbue
sempiternal scintilla
into naive little you

Lo, during my brooding-
arrive in halcyon gambol,
Dulcet or Saccharine
Is it me or you?

Ingénue, oh Ingénue
an epiphany, so true
a furtive labyrinthine
past the offing of you

None so opulent
cast more than penumbra.
T'would simply be Pyrrhic
to go on, continue.
Someone once told me my vocabulary was lacking... so I started writing poems to remember words.
Ingénue - a naive young woman
mellifluous - Sweet sounding
intonation - inflection
intangible - unable to be touched or grasped
emborcation - to apply a lotion
emollient - a softening agent
inure - to become jaded
lithe - slender and flexible
lilt - move musically or lively
panacea - solution to all problems
talisman - a good luck charm
fetching - pretty
fugacious - fleeting
dalliances - short love affair
cynosure - focus of admiration
dissembling - deceive
demure - shy and reserved
imbue - instill, infuse
sempiternal - eternal
scintilla - a small spark
brooding - thinking alone
halcyon - happy, care-free
gambol - to skip or leap about joyfully
dulcet - sweet or sugary
saccharine - overly or sickishly sweet
epiphany - sudden realization
furtive - sneaky
offing - area of ocean between horizon and offshore
opulent - lush, luxurious
penumbra - half-shadow
Pyrrhic - victory but with heavy losses
2.4k · Dec 2012
PoetWhoKnowIt Dec 2012
I sit on this island                                                           ­                                                 I sit on this boat
             ill-equipped                                                     ­                                                   ill-equipped
 ­        How I got here?                                                            ­                                        How I got here?
             well... by ship                                                                                             ­     island trip...        
         I simply stare out                                                              ­                               I gaze upon the
                   upon the sea                                                              ­                            empty sea
             No ounce of hope                                                             ­                          All out of faith
                         left for me                                                               ­                     inside of me
                  I think of times                                                            ­                   I recall the time
                   away from land                                                             ­               earth so grand
                        My tears drop                                                             ­           Sobbing quietly
                         splash on sand                                                             ­        into my hand
                     Huh? What's that!?                                                           ­ Wait! Is it true!?
                                           could it be?                                            more than sea?
                                 Swimming, swimming                           Rowing, rowing
                                                          ­      hurriedly            steadfastly
                                                  ­                       SHIP!  LAND!
                                                           ­                    I'm free!
                                                           ­                         ...
Quick write... Hope yall's get it.
2.2k · Dec 2012
A Failure's Demise~
PoetWhoKnowIt Dec 2012
                                 Even if the storm does cease, And in
                            your heart there lies in rapture, hope
                that next time with strength increase, we
             take torrential rains and winds disaster, live
                      to cast them off our hearts crusade, without
                       eyes wide open don't see the shore, the fear
in infinity infinities of unexplored ocean evade, of
                              who to trust I know no more. limitation.
1.9k · May 2013
Alone [Haiku] ~
PoetWhoKnowIt May 2013
I am here, I'm home
Dwelling shadow, all alone
No echo to be heard
Long time, no write.
1.8k · Jan 2013
Seasons Courtship~
PoetWhoKnowIt Jan 2013
A Summer's date,
  an Autumn's dance,
Warm Winter's kiss,
  tis' in Spring; we plant
My shortest poem.
1.8k · Sep 2013
Eggman, Oh Eggman~
PoetWhoKnowIt Sep 2013
(Notes at the bottom to explain all this nonsense)

Eggman, oh Eggman
quite a driver you've become-
And an army man (in 3D)
in battleships we understood none

And Eggman, oh Eggman
we'd laugh until we died!
And when dark night came
from the tickle monster we'd hide

Thus Eggman, oh Eggman
we planted the ethereal seed.
A seed that grows forever on;
a friendship that I need


Jphel, oh Jphel
Please avoid the horrid stench-
of being peed on in the army,
or hit by a (freaking) bench!

And Jphel, oh Jphel
I think Max Renga laughed last-
or maybe thus did the tree.
still have pieces of my cast?

Thus Jphel, oh Jphel
I know I paid you close to none-
but carrying all of my books
still really means a ton.


J-man, oh J-man
athletes go down the trial,
and rats laugh a hell of a lot!
...yet somehow Campbell never smiled
              (and his many wives)

And J-man, oh J-man
I know you learned a lot;
like, 'Don't move your hands in art',
and- 'Don't talk of bad burritos' Kaneda taught

Thus J-man, oh J-man
my vacancy began...
oh how I wish to make it up
with every chance I can.


Phelpsy-boy, oh Phelpsy-boy
what psychotic schedules we kept!
with so many things to do
we hardly ever slept.

and Phelpsy-boy, oh Phelpsy-boy
I enjoyed nothing more than the Gov games we made-
... but perhaps the poker nights
and (endless) SC Poker D we played.

Thus Phelpsy-boy, oh Phelpsy-boy
I should have been a better friend-
to one who is always there for me
but I know it's not the end!


Jordan, oh Jordan
You've been my inspiration;
in work, in act, in play, in sense-
my deepest admiration.

And Jordan, oh Jordan
find that girl of yours and lift her!
but you better... BETTER!...
remember your secret admiffer.

Thus Jordan, oh Jordan
Remember that I'm near
if you ever need a hand, a hug,
or just a listening ear.


So Mr. Phelps, oh Mr. Phelps
march forward and make your mark-
with a mind and drive such as yours
you'll fly like Kent, Clark.

And Mr. Phelps, oh Mr. Phelps
I'll never seriously call you that
I could not stop without a Spongebob quote-
Cause we're like twins in Squidward's egg sac

Thus Mr. Phelps, oh Mr. Phelps
No matter who's got the biggest yacht in the end
you best remember now and always
Captains are Captains and _ ___
A poem I intend to give to my best friend of many many years who leaves for a 2 year missionary trip soon. Each triplet's stanza's beginning's are a name I called him throughout the years, the following lines are strong memories.

Eggman I called him because we played a Playstation 1 game called destruction derby and he picked the sunny side up egg decal for his car- and the name followed and stuck. We also played Army Men 3D and a battleships game that was SUPER confusing.

We'd laugh as we played anything- and still do, and at night my step-dad would play a game called Tickle-monster (basically hide in seek in the dark but when caught you'd be tickled relentlessly) with us. The best of times I tell you.

The horrid stench and bench are stories from our favorite teacher- our fifth grade teacher- who told us of stories when he was in Germany in the army someone peed on him and someone knocked him out by hitting him with a bench.

Max Renga was a ****** kid who knocked me out and the tree broke my leg in 6 places and  I was in a long leg cast and physical therapy for two years. The entire time I was in that cast he carried my books for me, EVERYDAY :). I paid him $6 and some odd cents.

Athletes go down the trial and rats laughing are two hilarious stories about our middle school teachers and campbell was out favorite middle school teacher- he never smiled and always complained about his five ex-wives.

He got his first (and only) detention in school for moving his hands- we had a crazy art teacher- and we played a little mmorpg and the admin hated him because he said "I do like burritos but they sure don't like me".

The vacancy is when I started hanging out with other folks due to stuff going on at home I was too ashamed to hang out with him- so I got sub-decent friends.

In high school we both took two years of college and I did two sports while he stayed heavily active in church. We made these board games for our government class and it took us like 48 hours straight labor  and they turned out awesome.

I have poker nights often with 10-20 people where we dress up in nice clothes like the 40's and play for like 7 hours. We also played Starcraft on a map called Poker Defense for HOURS.

We watched spongebob and quote him daily. And the yacht refers to him saying that he feels like he always works harder than me but gets much less return so he joked saying he's going to work his whole life and be out on the ocean in his nice yacht and I'll roll up next to him in a yacht twice as big having done near nothing :). Since then I referred to eachother as captains... and  I always say to him "Captains are captains and captains are friends".

I love this kid endlessly, he's played an immense role in my life. Let me know what you think and read some of my other stuff if you'd like. This is the only personal one I've posted. :)
1.8k · Apr 2013
Titillating Tunnel~
PoetWhoKnowIt Apr 2013
In experience you have learned
which tunnel to explore.
You enter this
tunnel for promises of
"gold and precious things!".
But this promise
did not enter through ear;
but thoracic permeation

Well prepared having
spelunk'ed before;
light- your pack
light- in hand.
Climbing, scrounging to escape
the tight entrance with
jagged rocks and false paths
it's many turns and falls-
although you cannot keep
your flashlight straight
experience triumphs, as in
a maze done quickly
once done before.

One strong pull
emerging through;
cave's pupil dilates.
Ground so smooth and wet
though wise to walk
we tend to slide
Faster to the gold
Faster for exhilaration
Faster because faster!
and... why not?
hitting rough spots mid-slide
pain in debt to speed.

You let your feet
gain some tract
as the tunnel
Solomatic mind; without
doubt- body complies.
A slight gust tickles
but this tunnel is not through...
Alas! A shining shimmer is seen!

The earth is rough
to navigate
difficult; (but shimmers numb the sense)
pain soon saturates and stops your
smallest movement, heartbeat, fidget,
thought... The light is moving near?
As tunnels break space and time
and especially direction
feel as though you've lifted up
and the cave, the light, and all
rushes to you.

The sound of breathing relocates,
oh, yes that's you.
gun to back, hostage of Aphrodite
running, sprinting, breathless
you seek this precious shimmer
soon to realize it's coming
faster, harder, alarming to
Looking ahead-
the sound the light bequeaths
not from ten feet but maybe
five, you realize it's you
heavy- pack
heavy- darkness follows
sprinting, pushing through.

And the entrance could not be any farther.
Second free-form... let me know what you think. What does it mean to you? or are you simply lost?
1.6k · Jan 2013
Fix the Pig~
PoetWhoKnowIt Jan 2013
We had a pig of whom my son adored
My wife and I did deplore
We gave in and let it stay
My son could not hold back hoorays

We sat through a wicked storm
My son went out to keep him warm
We heard a screech, running, cries
My anger peaked when I saw his eyes

We never thought the pig would bite
My son forgave, it wasn't right
We took the pig, to spill it's ******* blood
My heart broke down... my son's love

We thought it through and agreed
My son should never have to bleed
We got some rope and tied it down
"Only see and speak" brought a frown

We then considered, knock out it's teeth
My word! This shall end our grief
We grabbed a hammer and took a swing
My pig could only squeal and sing

We did not know what would become
"He's no longer friendly, just bitterly numb"
1.6k · Dec 2012
PoetWhoKnowIt Dec 2012
The mute man spoke
  Without tongue or teeth
The deaf man heard
  Without ear bequeathed
A blind man looked
  But not through eyes
A lame man walked
  But not with thighs

So the hateful will scorn
  Where nothing is wrong
So the child will dance
  Forever- without song
Then we will pray
  Oh! Someone is there
Then we will say
  Why would he care?

Should the artist not paint
  Because nobody sees?
Should the beekeeper keep
  Without any bees?
Can't we just sing
  Even though out of tune?
Can't the church-bell ring
  On Wednesday afternoon?

I've heard the mute speak
  More powerfully than Men
I've been heard by the deaf
  Time and Time again
The blind see me better
  Than anyone with sight
The lame can walk
  With more grace, more might

The tides come in
  The tides will go out
The sun comes up
  The sun will go out
What truly will matter
  When all is said and done
What truly is true
  When steady time carries the gun?
Made a few changes...
1.5k · Nov 2012
PoetWhoKnowIt Nov 2012
One girl kissed me in the morning,
A woman had by noon,
But Lady only gazed by dark,
And did not kiss so soon

The girl's kiss was lost in jest,
And the women's lost in play,
But the kiss in my Lady's eyes
Will haunt me everyday.
1.5k · Mar 2013
No Better?~
PoetWhoKnowIt Mar 2013
Yes i can swim
strokes through the sea
but the swordfish is better
much better than me

Yes i can fly
my eager engines burn
nothing to the falcon
simply done, once learned

Yes i can run
toss my legs in front
leisure to the cheetahs
three fold faster on the hunt

Oh but did you know
just how few of these?
When we left the gates
map and guide made me
I sit [and loathe] in church... at least it gives me time to write. :)
1.4k · Nov 2012
PoetWhoKnowIt Nov 2012
So you want to be rich?
                              You'd like to rule?
                                                     Nothing is better, nothing more cool.
It's really quite simple
Just ignore your heart
                                                Release your greed
March as though
                                      own the place
Talk as though
                                       know it all
When someone sobs
                                         someone shirks
Tear them.
                .  down

Or go berserk!

You know I'm right
You know it's true
Who needs
Being a ****
                                put you above
Girl after girl
                                  chase after you
Simply pretend
                                    know what to do
Want something done?
get THEM to do
                                      The world was made
                                       to be rearranged
Money. Wealth.
                                         and Power.
Will satisfy
                                       every hour
      You'd rather be warm?
                                  You'd rather care?
Good luck my friend.
                              The world is unfair.
1.4k · Jul 2013
Just One More~
PoetWhoKnowIt Jul 2013
Just one more poem.
Just one more rhyme...
come on brain!
Have you lost your mind?

Just one more limerick.
Just one more haiku...
it's always so easy!
What's wrong with you?

Just one more story.
Just one more tune...
write of winter!
Describe hot June?

Just one more lesson.
Just one more advice...
say it with jewelry!
Teach of vice?

Just one more declaration.
Just one more truth-spree...
do it on paper!
Set yourself free?

Just one more blood-let.
Just one more piece of you...
there's something to say!
What have you accrued?

"Just one more bad day.
Just one more true beauty...
to write it all down!
Isn't it a poet's duty?

Just one more Maui sunset.
Just one more lost friend...
Oh, don't worry!
'One mores 'never end..."
Feel free to critique and praise as you'd like. Look as some of my other poems! Many different ones, although many use rhyme. Thank you!
1.4k · Apr 2013
PoetWhoKnowIt Apr 2013
No longer have I
And what a wish for
                            Light house,
Never to think of

Only dead reckoning.
Where to go...
1.4k · Jan 2013
Alone Together~
PoetWhoKnowIt Jan 2013
A paradox in itself
But then I saw her there across
the room
through flocks and flocks of 'beautiful'
silly seagulls --
              frivolously flocking,
                                            pecking at
the shiniest trash that flutters by
Only to swallow
flock, peck again
She intrigued my mind
the eye I saw her beak was flat                                y
no craning,
                  crooning neck                                   l
                                           and could not f
for she had no wings
... maybe we do not care to fly!
Like the Red Sea
She-Moses split through the flock
to me,
surrounded by chronically cocking faces
all but one,
                                                            ­          all alone
She had been                                                     too
Now next to me
                                                              ­                                        No wandering eye could care
in soundless conversation
proclaimed we
                       are together
as one we surely gleamed as gold
too bright for gulls to see
And so it's true
we were                   alone
perfect paradoxical bliss
I never do free-form... Another quick write. Hope you enjoy.
1.3k · Nov 2012
PoetWhoKnowIt Nov 2012
I see the sky and think "I'm free!"
I see my feet, "I'll never be."
I look back up, what do I see?
I see a plane, so itty bitty!
I see to fly, so gaily
I fetch my wallet... double bogey
I see "help wanted" within my city
I see my chance, so happy!
I work all day, live humbly
I see my pay, just barely
I see my goal, I cannot flee
tick-tock tick-tock
I count the years, more than sixty
I see the metal bird, ready for me
I see it fly, I see it's free
I buy my plane, I'm in the air
Wings on my back, no story to share
1.3k · Nov 2012
Cocoa Puffs~
PoetWhoKnowIt Nov 2012
I'm coo-coo for them.
1.3k · Nov 2012
Define Evil~
PoetWhoKnowIt Nov 2012
A **** killed 1000 Jews
A Marine ****** on a "koo-ran"
One man controlled by
One man controlled by

1000 Families
shed their tears

A nation

So now I ask, If God is Good
Who gets diamonds and who gets pearls?
1.3k · Feb 2013
Galgooth the Rogue~
PoetWhoKnowIt Feb 2013
Darkness, Swift, Cloak, Dagger!
from their chambers
to the graves

Gold, Jewels, Money, Things!
take them- dead
do not need

Alarm, Scatter, Escape, Alone!
no one's here
have no home

"Rascal', 'Scoundrel', 'Villain', 'Knave!"
tis not easy
to be so brave

Cold, Bitter, Empty, Silence!
not ideal
drift asleep
Nightmare, Shriek, Heart-Attack, Awake!
not of evil
but of pain

Hunger, Search, Nothing, Desperation!
those who deserve
not for me

"Blackguard', 'Crook', 'Devil', 'Fraud!"
corporate words
all they see

Vigor, Life, ******, Run!
shanty shacks
slummy slums

Jump, Drop, Grin, Vacate!
mis-misplaced riches
invariably shared

Search, Land, Sky, Sea!
live another day
thank thee

Galgooth, Rogue, Sinner, Saint!
we all need
Quick write... agathokakological means composed of both good and bad.
1.3k · Dec 2012
Safety Stops~
PoetWhoKnowIt Dec 2012
Within my cave
I sit and crave
sable stone
It may be my grave

Within my eye
I catch the sky
brilliant blue
I may begin to cry

Within my heart
I desire to start
wellaway wishes
It's the hard part

Within my sprint
I start to squint
obnubilated outside
It seems to tint

Within my mind
I'm so inclined
dodging disaster
In caves I find

So on my grave
I sit and crave
sable stone
Within my cave
sable - blackish, dark
obnubilated- to becloud, obscure

A quick write.
1.3k · Feb 2013
PoetWhoKnowIt Feb 2013
The King stood tall

                                 mountain top
                         .....                           .....
                    ....                                   ­   ....
upon his....                                                 .....

                     ­                    many
And stood in awe of his many many beautiful things              

He s                     l           o      w  l  y   waltzed across his marble bri-----dge

                                                  ­                     l
                                                       f                         a
                                               n                                       t
(Subconciously) Seeking to i                                            e  his mind
                                               n                                       t
                                                       f                        a
                                      ­                                l        

                                                                ­       i                           s
Vivacious v                          and roaring r            v            r            
                    a  l ­           y  s                                            e     ­       
                            l   e

                                              .  high
       ­                                       .
                        ­                      .
Puffed his chest up well and.

His       al-     zi-     g.-  continued slow in pace
         w        t      n  

Until he  dnuora denrut  and beheld his castle

Stepping  b...a. . . . c  .  .  .  .  .  k  for a better look

Acc e  l  l   e       r         a             t               i              n                 g towards the led
                                                             ­                                                                 ­  g
                                                             ­                                                                 ­ e


And just before The King could see such greatness

He  stepped and had his f

Hadda touch of inspiration. Always enjoyed making words more physical.
1.3k · Nov 2012
PoetWhoKnowIt Nov 2012
There's one small thing I wish               the infinite horizon that lies there
                                                   To see
 When you're standing here           there's nothing greater to contemplate
                                             With me
      To feel that brilliant abyss                       across splendid land and sea
                                                     Shining out
      As within those eyes I used                nothing more and simply grand
                                                        To know
Chief grandiose and simplicity                           those eyes I loved so
                                                          To know
  Beauty aqueous and of earth                are feelings of my heart's abyss
                                                  Shining out
Thoughts so constant- effortlessly            you stand close inadvertently  
                                                 ­      With me  
   Be the infinite horizon I want                    I wish too many small things
                                                          ­  To see
Tell me what ya think.
I don't usually like to dictate how to read my poetry... but: The middle words are the end of the line in front and the beginning of the second line. The right side is to be read middle+second after reading the first+middle.  If you read carefully... the words of the lines before the first "to see" and after the second are alike, along with before "with me" and after the second and so on.
1.2k · Dec 2012
PoetWhoKnowIt Dec 2012
She and He
sittin' in a tree

Her and He
under'n' altar

He and She
here n' there

Her and She
over He

Her and He
holdin' She

She and He
sittin' in a tree
1.2k · Jul 2013
PoetWhoKnowIt Jul 2013
There are no right words
to express my feelings
So I write-
to begin my healing

For when I lilt,
"You make me laugh"-
Twould better be, "Life
with you? The better half"

And when I blurt,
"You're beautiful"-
I really mean, "Your every
glance enchants my soul"

Then to insist, "I love you"-
is simply to say,
"I could want no more
but for you to stay"

Lo, within the declaration,
"I don't care"-
I should have put,
"Please, please, please... let's repair"

And oh my wailing,
"Will you leave me alone?"-
Could have been, "please
chip away this heart of stone"

That time I hissed,
"I hate this"
was truly, "it's been
too long since we last kissed"

Maybe a curse;
Maybe a sign
I shouldn't speak-
bottom line.

To express the feelings
of this heart of mine;
I choose the wrong words
all the time.
Wrote stream of conscious early in the morn, feel free to comment/critique and look at my other stuff!
1.2k · Dec 2012
Patience Great King~
PoetWhoKnowIt Dec 2012
'Is it not time?'

'The fires doth caress'

'The hills tell me so'

'Patience Great king'

'When digging has dug...

Doth gold not respire?'
1.2k · Feb 2013
PoetWhoKnowIt Feb 2013
Man of rags
Man of riches
            Rags clean
            Riches steal
So who has
So who's sold?
Just a little bitta lines I thought up whilst sitting in the park today as a Lamborghini with a grouchy old man and a beat-up Honda civic full of a smiling, chattering family passed.
1.1k · Feb 2016
PoetWhoKnowIt Feb 2016
Take me off the pedestal
I am not what you see
That man's a miscreation
It's what i'd like to be

Take me off the pedestal
For it is far too high
For if I trip, slip, or fall
You'll think I was a lie

Take me off the pedestal
One cannot comprehend
To think 'tis where I stand
Make me not king, but friend

Take me off the pedestal
I've never felt so wrong
But please, oh please keep me in
your heart- that's right where I belong
Long time no see, folks.
1.1k · Dec 2012
Nonplus Nostalgia~
PoetWhoKnowIt Dec 2012
Remember that time...
we all were unafraid?
The heart never feared
to continue its compelling crusade

Remember that time...
we all knew the right?
No ideas were left
to cause a  futile fight

Remember that time...
we all got along?
The soul could not oppose
with thoughts to sing song

Remember that time...
we all oozed with joy?
Only postilion "woe's"
No Greeks, Walls of thick Troy!

Remember that time...
we all were in good health?
No single state of sick
but forgetting which wealth

Remember that time...
we all adored nostalgia?
It's unfortunate- forgetting
history's true miscounted myalgia
Another quick write.
Nonplus~ Misguided, confused
Futile~ pointless
myalgia~ pain
nostalgia~ reflection on passed events - usually fond.
1.1k · Apr 2013
PoetWhoKnowIt Apr 2013
This summer day
is terrible,
My body is

The temperature
is 78.
Sandals or shoes?
choices I hate.
The sky is too
bright a blue,
The suns cruel rays
burn right through.
And those few clouds
take no shape-
My imagination they
do ****.
Oh the flowers
bright with bloom
All the colors
a painful flume.

Bees buzzing
a hellish tone
Within my kingdom?
so near my throne?
I loathe the children
and their cheer,
The slightest thought
so hard to hear.
Yet to be *******
by the sound-
of people running,
No solace found!

For no one cares
no, not for me
Bound to chair
while you are free.

My body is
This summer day
is terrible.
Another quick write, let me know what you think.
1.1k · Jan 2013
Writer's Block~
PoetWhoKnowIt Jan 2013
These blocks are thick

I cannot see through

Tip o' the tongue

Far from the eye

Oh! But then begins
flourishing thoughts
like a...
             like a...
                          like a...
1.1k · Feb 2013
PoetWhoKnowIt Feb 2013
I wanted to simply
Know all of something

I knew I could not
Except in something small

I found the answer
Realized my desire

I learned all about nothing


Is that possible?
Does that make it something?
Quick write... Realizing the truthiness in the idea that the more you know the less you know.
1.1k · Nov 2012
God is Blind~
PoetWhoKnowIt Nov 2012
I was concerned
When friends told me
'Love is blind'

Well, why was I
One to worry?
For what they said in church

They taught to me
'God is love'
I paid attention in math

See, if God is love
and love is blind
then God is blind

Now it makes sense
For so much to pass
Why good don't last

And to why we're flawed
It's clear as glass
For God blinds us all
1.0k · Mar 2013
PoetWhoKnowIt Mar 2013
God is Real?
      God is Fake?
make some Love,
      plant a Stake
Not too complicated.
1.0k · Jul 2013
PoetWhoKnowIt Jul 2013
It does not matter on a sphere.
The faster,
          The harder,
                   The longer,
you run- may take you far...
but then near.
Quick write! Feel free to comment/critique!
997 · Jun 2014
Perfection Has a Name~
PoetWhoKnowIt Jun 2014
Fantastically fashioned fingers,
  running smoothly through hair;
past present post-
  Father Time struck by Sand Man's stare.

Heavenly hanging hair,
  draping gently over lips;
tantalizing teasing tendrils-
  Aphrodite's mien, Venus' hips.

Lusciously loving lips,
  smiling softly at wandering eyes;
delirious delighted daze-
   Pyramus and Thisbe's kiss--butterflies.

Efficaciously effervescent...
  enchantingly endearing...
    enticingly euphoric...
      exultantly excited...
[Simply] ethereal! Eyes,
  diamonds, starlight, life, of Earth, sky, and sea;
bejeweled boundless bless'ed-
   If thou were Medusa, stone I'd be so readily.

Simply said Shakespeare,
  thou art the sun;
falsely framed fairness-
  for the sun is not brightest,
    tis You tis You,
      my wonderful, beautiful One.
991 · Apr 2013
PoetWhoKnowIt Apr 2013
If I wrote a million words to you
would you feel any better?

If I her just how I felt
would her tears be any wetter?

At 3am, birds beautiful song
would simply upset her.

Maybe I could write the words
to myself, find my consolation?

The trumpet played but never heard
will receive no affirmation...

To chip the paint that covers it
will only increase the oxidation!

Suppose I run without turn of cheek
and leave sorrow behind me

... but sorrow lives, and much like a dog
will follow, beg right beside me

Turn to the sky to see much more...
but the Sun will simply blind me.
Trouble with a love of mine... how can I fix what others have done?
991 · Jun 2014
Unique [Haiku]~
PoetWhoKnowIt Jun 2014
Seven billion
Birds, dissimilar in song
Sent from my iPhone
974 · Jul 2013
PoetWhoKnowIt Jul 2013
When I said,
you're a big star one day"

i meant it quite literally

Light-years away and
constantly imploding
Just writin' away in the night. Have a look at some of my other poems if you'd like. Thank you very much for reading - comments / critique welcome!
964 · Nov 2014
PoetWhoKnowIt Nov 2014
We walk through the park
We walk without thought
We walk as if only
We are two, but one heart
She holds my hand knowingly
She holds my hand instinctively
She'll hold my heart
Death will only do us partly
He sees my eyes cheery
He sees my pulse rise
He'll see me for what I am
And holds tight for what i'll be
So the drum beats on without reason
So the flute shall play it's mellifluous melody
So the thoughts that swirl in our minds
Shall walk with you and me
953 · Feb 2013
Bird or Bee?~
PoetWhoKnowIt Feb 2013
I saw her there
and stood amazed

Her beauty pierced me soul
and could not cease

My only fear-
I cannot tell Birds from Bees
'Nother quick write. Writer's block dissappears and I reappear, though only for a short time.
952 · Jul 2013
What Happened?~
PoetWhoKnowIt Jul 2013
I saw it in the morning
I saw it in the noon
But never did I expect to see
Those evening eye-monsoons
Quick write... Feel free to look at some of my other poems. :)
949 · Apr 2013
That Feeling~
PoetWhoKnowIt Apr 2013
Something's off.
Something's strange.
I cannot see,
nor Rearrange.

I feel it near
Pressing my heart
Only to wonder
where does it start?

Is it in the sky?
in the trees?
or could it rest
within the seas?

It stares and follows
Without a care;
My eyes go searching
my focus tears

No matter where
No matter how,
it stalks my conscience
Here and Now.

All my trust,
All my hope;
It's mindless talons
with these elope

It nags my sleep,
It nags my wake-
Were I to run
my breath it'd take

When I'm to lie
in my bed
it lies right over
my eyes- blood red

And in my wake,
I stop and think
with every word.
at every blink.

Walking- a rock
within my shoe
pulling it out
so easy to do

Yet this fiend
makes me believe,
No worthy to heal.
never to relieve.

Maybe ticks alone
will save-
Or maybe tocks
help find it's cave.

Never leaves.
never goes.
forever here,
my forever clothes
Odd feeling...
894 · Apr 2013
Timing~ [10w]
PoetWhoKnowIt Apr 2013
Alluring,  illustrious, wondrous bird! ...

                                                            ­             Transformed vexation to sing before dawn!
885 · Apr 2013
PoetWhoKnowIt Apr 2013
Not for the sin,
nor for the mess,
But because I know
You like me less.
884 · Feb 2013
Winter~ [10w]
PoetWhoKnowIt Feb 2013
Frigid breeze.
                      Glaciated trees.
Every second, two
                      Every mile, three
Never done a 10w, figured i'd give it a quick shot.
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