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Wolfgang Blacke Aug 2016
A smile passes your lips
As his hands rest upon your hips
Embracing the touch of a stranger
Who brought with him feelings and danger
And you ask yourself
*What have I done?
Wolfgang Blacke Jul 2016
Rose petals never laid heavier
Than on the shoulders of babes
With storm clouds to darken
The gardens in their minds
Wolfgang Blacke Jun 2016
Silent twisting malice
Burning thoughts inside thoughts
Dreams inside nightmares
Screaming into reality
Housemates awoken by a memory
Dark soul ******* imagination
Severing all ties tendons tangible
Wolfgang Blacke May 2016
I like to pretend
That I am a realist
That I see the world
With just the right amount
Of cynicism and dark pride
But my cynicism has a demon
That never leaves his side
A demon named hope
For I am an optimist
Broken by life
Wolfgang Blacke Apr 2016
Waves crash against the shore
Kissing the sand like a lover at the door
Lingering for just a second more

The beach stands and listens all day
To all the sea has to say
But never lets her lover stay

The ocean will move brimstone and lime
To be with his lover another time
Before she realises his desperate crime
Wolfgang Blacke Mar 2016
When you make waves in anger
You form an ocean

When you rumble with discontent
You clap thunder

Then soon you are lost at sea
In the middle of a storm
Wolfgang Blacke Feb 2016
Sinner, kneeling at the gates
Break him, broken man
Beat vice from flesh
****** mess, lying at the gates

Take firm in hand, the mind
Cut free tethers of memory
Cauterise lingering pride
Childish fool, crying at the gates

No longer, earthly bonds ensnare
Pulp made from flesh
Prisms clutter the sanity
Perfect creation to wander alone
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