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Nigel Isidore Sep 14
I ate my brain and went insane.
I drunk my sorrows with laughing wine .All day everyday,I wished that my morning star would shine.
Orange  kittens softs as cotton *****, with errie marble golden eyes and sharpen little prickly  hooks, drew sketches on my arm and legs.
Get up mr lazy! it time to face this bite-purring  world . Forget your hurt, put up your wrinkle  plaided shirt,  meow! Meow! its just another day to play and flirt.
Plant a seed of holliness
Plant a seed of righteousness
Plant a seed of faith,  hope and love now.
For all is gone with the wind and tomorrow we bow.
Going up,going down  working hard
For a perishable crown.

Drums beats in echos of sorrows
Broken cages with featherless birds

Running fast, walking slow, nothing will unravel  the real mystery of life

Get well soon  or  night falls as the invisible master calls.
No one cares , yes some say they do ,what is in it for me? what is in it for you?

The smoke has left the chimney . He is gone, and will not return. Gone to where, but he is here now, look and  see but in the deepest sleep. With prayer ,hymns and teary eyes  will take a trip to the sand , sea and golden skies.

All i can say is  why why why but bye bye !
Silence is music to my ears, keeps  the spirit whole and heart gold. We may be different in many ways. But you surely  brighten my  days.

The jasmin and the rose knows their season and welcomes the noisy rain and silent  sun. Never screaming or wanting to run.

Give me peace, give me grace, no need to utter a word. Let me be free to fly like a bird. Up over there the akee trees wave their hands in an unaudible symphony, neither asking or begging for money.

Stop, say nothing,listen,close your ears  to the howling wind, the sax  of  parrots, the cries of suckling babies? even this must go.Then will  you see that silence is music,which heals the inward parts and revives the sick.
Nigel Isidore Jul 28
Open your arms to me once again  without the thought that you may fall.
Embrace the essense, see me in you.

Not  too long ago, you desired to see me at every moment.
Now that I have  returned , it  seems like you no longer care.
I was the ocean and you were the shore.

Smell my coffee blossoms and  eat my juicy  fruits once more.
let our soul shine and bash in each others light, just  as the sun kisses the moon, lets  dance to the tune.

Breathe freely, smile joyfully, make a high pitch sound, just like the rain brings life  to a barren and thirsty earth, thats  how much  you're worth.

Now the blackbirds  mocks me every morning and evening, throwing a party on my veranda, saying, surrender ! surrender! shes got rainbow feathers and your heart is on a  platter.
Nigel Isidore Jul 28
Woe to the wicked wind with it's cold knife, cutting through my throat  and nostrils.
My eyes labored in agony to stay focus on the prize. This bittersweet dream would soon vanished without a merciful thought. As the  spinning needles from the sun slap my face like hot water splashing against a boiling ***.
There I was, naked, on the numb silent hugging earth, diving deep into the memory of my untimely birth.
The sound of mosquito trains zipped passed my ears,
Bringing  with it, my treasured hopes and cunning fears.
The air tasted softly warm and bitter like a mixture of fire and salt water.I sluggishly  inched upwards with heroic fortitude, fighting against all odds will always be  my attitude.
Then I felt it, the drilling of flesh in my left thigh and the awareness of red lavender ribbons of blood,which   quickly  became an ants flood.
How will I survive this? Then I heard man best friend and enemy barking .I started shaking, every breath was a burning fire in my chest. It is  now or never. I looked  and saw the sparkling lights of moving crystals, an eternity bellows. No more to think of sorrow or tomorrow.   I took the plunge
Nigel Isidore Jul 28
Brilliant, mellow, warm light, the elephant grass lifts its emerald green swords  waving slowly  in the  dancing wind. An amber red  atlas moth with its owl-eye wings glides along the blades with exhilarating pride.

Amids the elephant grass a sliver whispering stream. The moth deeps it feet to take a taste , skipping along the  cool silky surface with grace.

Bright, crimson heat. The elephant grass bends their rusty blades in retreat. A stagnant pool sits among decaying roots where a winglike creature bows lifelessly still. Diaphanous kites of spider mesh hugging tightly for the ****.

All in the tentacles of time.

— The End —