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Leon Ervin Aug 2019
I never grew up with a father or clear dark skin;

I never held a knife to rend and curve out the insecurity and fear growing on my back;

I never had the chance to see nature bloom without constructs

Neither did I appreciate the finer things – To consider the details of

Relativity and beauty.

I never got to shed good blood when I fell.

Not transparent, not rich, not in known color;

I never had the opportunity to travel and escape discomfort

To hold so dearly the ones I love with tears

I never got the chance to speak of adventure

Just to walk briskly in the sun without ****** blisters at noon

I never got to appreciate myself as Created;

But now?

Now I have the chance to self- destruct.

I can now take off the shoes of defeatism and sit by the Riverside

I now have the chance to dip my feet in the revered waters of courage

I can now see the ripples of life as they soak up my skin

I can breathe, I can live

I can say,

The end bears regret;

Regarding the chances you didn’t take.

— The End —