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Feelings hurt by lies.

By fear.

Their ripple echoes in the distance until they get us, even if we’ve reached the future.

The only way to stop the ripple, is to catch the stone before it hits the waters.
It’s hard to find balance on a ground you don’t fancy very much…
The wind continued to blow on the linen, generously spreading its scent into the air.

The sun continued to feed the plants with sugar; making them strong and extant.

The air continued to lift the dandelion off the ground, making it fly; reminding anyone of freedom.

Silence with its healing power, continued to gently lie on everyone from above.

The trees continued to give oxygen to those who were not yet gone and the mountains to witness the good in tragedy.

The lovers willingly continued to use all their strength to create happiness in a world full of hostility and wickedness. And, although no human thing could be erased, they generated beautiful memories that were able to erase what caused them to ache.  

When I was no longer there, no one, beyond my greatest love, was able to tell my true story.

I wasn’t the one who others had upset for so long, hurt and mistreated.
I was the smile he painted on my face every day,
I was the excitement despite the difficulty,
I was the joy he gave me regardless.
I was with him, the person no one had ever met before.

The scent on the linen.
The sugar the sun fed to plants.
The flying dandelion.
My true self.

Penny Black ©
Velvet clouds are going to take their chance.

Taking themselves beyond where they have been.

They are going to call into existence bridges, over fences.

Surpassing obstacles, making the most of their own will.

Unafraid, they are going to get what they know deserves them.


© Penny Black
I fly above the wind, craving sweet peace.

It feels broad, free and ecstatic up here.

It’s a resplendent poetic vision called - life.

How do I describe the weight of light, pouring with glories?

Penny Black ©
Laugh to the pick of your silliness while hiking to the top of whatever you are climbing.

Penny Black ©
New beginnings full of positive flowing energy were waiting for you without you knowing... affirming themselves in you before time
in the form of hopes and dreams.

Penny Black ©
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