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Velvet clouds are going to take their chance.

Taking themselves beyond where they have been.

They are going to call into existence bridges, over fences.

Surpassing obstacles, making the most of their own will.

Unafraid, they are going to get what they know deserves them.


© Penny Black
I fly above the wind, craving sweet peace.

It feels broad, free and ecstatic up here.

It’s a resplendent poetic vision called - life.

How do I describe the weight of light, pouring with glories?

Penny Black ©
Laugh to the pick of your silliness while hiking to the top of whatever you are climbing.

Penny Black ©
New beginnings full of positive flowing energy were waiting for you without you knowing... affirming themselves in you before time
in the form of hopes and dreams.

Penny Black ©
Air, thunder, and lightning are our allies, the door to the universal power of love is now open, gently inviting us in.

You take my hand and we step in this world of beauty, together.

Everything about life, inside and out, is influenced by invisible forces we have no control of.

When the sun goes down at night the stars allign perfectly, drawing our destiny.

Our inner compass points in the same direction as our personal wishes, desires and ideas merge naturally to become one.

We pair; like two flying birds.

A window has opened onto a green valley full of beautiful flowers spreading their petals to face the sun; absorbing the same blissfull light that saved us from darkness. Making us shine far away from sorrow and into what we finally most deserve, love.

© Penny Black
To Sean ❣️
He sat nearby me when things got rough.
I didn’t think anyone would; I used to being by myself a lot.
‘Why do you even talk to me?’ I asked.
‘Because everyone else in town is boring’, he said.
I smiled, and he smiled back.
He wasn’t disturbed by what I was going through; I was trying to figure out why I blew things off with my mind, why I made people bleed from their nose when I was upset…
I wasn’t in control of my powers; I didn’t even know I could call them powers yet. It was really a rough time.
He wanted to make me smile when I wasn’t feeling great. I realised he wasn’t just a random dude.
He was special. He had the kind of heart that most people don’t have.
I started to have a clear understanding of what true love is.
At the time, I had no idea that what he had to offer was super powerful too.

Penny Black  ©
What do I do with your silence?
It’s like reaching for a step that’s not there, stumble over the invisible and fall when all I want to do is fly.

Trespassing areas are violated, and I am not ready for the consequences.
Yet you trespass.
Dark, flat, still air.
Everything is out of order here.
While I hear the noise of dry leaves breaking under my steps,
The only moving things are thoughts.

Like vermiculation, they produce discomfort.
Like water that boils, they burn.
Like a wave that crashes into a shore, they hurt.
Like a pain inflicted on someone who doesn’t deserve it... or a slap that hits the cheek of an innocent, it humiliates.
It’s an unjust mental pain that crucifies everyone.
Me, you... All others.
What will they do with the cracks you’ve left on me?

I know you can’t understand me, and it’s really not my fault.
I am unexplainable, like the universe.
But I know that complex matter isn’t for everyone.

I wonder if you are anyone or somebody special.

I close my eyes and feel everything.
I hear a voice: “Live if you can or die.”
It’s a curse or a blessing.

To anyone who’s not you, I will ask:
If you are in the dark, can you see the light?
Because I am a complex matter and for you to understand me, you gotta be special.

Penny Black ©
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