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Psyche Jan 22
I couldn't express the word,
when realizing I was stab by a sword.
Lips curved then a tears collapse-
'cause it badly hurt.
...What's the point, if it'll always end unheard?
Psyche Jan 20
For you to catch the sight of these universe,
I should have stay aside and keep my distance,
The sky of starry night behind me, appreciating you from afar.
You’ll see, it can’t form a constellation, if you’re focused on one star.
The place where I am is a mixed of melancholy and troubles in peace,
No need to rush please for watching you between our space,
Makes my heart hope for a dream as I whisper wishes.
That at the end of wonders, times won’t turn into ashes.
///if you choose to let go, you must not look back at me to know
Psyche Nov 2020
I am not the perfect fighter you’ve been looking for,
Someone who can proudly and heroically protect you,
Someone who can be your everything to the point that you don’t need to find a new.
I am not a good and well-known hero, it’s true..
But let me tell you this,
The reason between your missing piece and my losing peace,
Let me help you, remembering the past behind the scenes.

When we were just a kid,
You are small and fragile innocently girl in my sight,
I am the one who protect you from any harm and danger,
I am the one who always fights for you, when your mother begins to bad mouthing you, somewhere,
The only one you used to be your shoulder to cry on,
The only one who stays as your best friend, forever.
I am your almost superhero man, that time, but the story always twist the chapter,
You begin to meet some people who supposed to be the supporting character,
You completely befriended them and all of you spent every time, every chapter, through the pages of stories, just them together.

You are now forgotten me,
You have now erased me from our story we wrote from the very first scenery.
I am no longer be the name who played as your, superhero man,
I can no longer be with you because you chose someone who’ll do my part.

You no longer need my rule.
Today, in the present, I am only an extra character in your story.
You already have your main and have a new special person written in your heart,
It will be selfish of me, if I’ll insist on entering your life
I won’t break your beautiful and almost perfect plot with better setting

I will be okay to be vanished by the end of the day.
So please, be happy, always make sure you’ll be okay if I am nowhere to be seen,
Don’t worry about me, I may not be a fairy-god-mother or brother,
But you knows, I always do granting your wishes for it to come true,
And at this moment, I will now grant your wish,
I will no longer be the best of all your friends.

I admit, it is the most heartbreaking part,
I always hoping if this could change your mind,
Tears slowly fell and my soul started to depart.
For all these words couldn’t pass through your heart
And even though I am shouting from the silence, you are not willing to hear me inside.
I really can’t force you to keep me, you set my shadow aside..

I have no choice but to move backward and begin to march away from you,
I will be fading at the presence of the darks and my memories will join from the ashes of the time.
I always do love you, my one and only, childhood best friend.
But my love can’t fill your big heart, I can’t occupied those emptiness,
Still, I am not enough.
That is why you wished to me to step out and go ways from your story tale,
You may not said these wishes, but your eyes telling me it is,
I’m sorry, sorry if I failed to be your whole, I can’t match in your missing piece and my heart lost its peace ...
- Free Verse Poetry
Psyche Nov 2020
You're the chamber of my poetry...
I hope you feel home within this words inside of me,
You're the veins of my flowing letters blending in every artery,
I hope you care to roam this poems until the very periphery.

You're the thoughts who's torturing me, so hard and it badly hurts.
I hope you didn't mind but I'm pleading you to stop it, make it love and comforts.
You're the main tube why I'm still breathing,
I hope you care to lighten up those hands holding on my neck, I felt suffocating.

You see, I am writing this because you're part of me, you're my energy...
But I hope you can see those burdens, in my heart it circulate as agony,
You're my brain, I give you permission to control in every domain,
But please, I hope you will take care of it, I trusted you but please care to discipline.

I'm out of line, my words are no longer in exact phrase and number,
This is not just a poetry, I hope you will fixed me, I hope you will care to wonder..
Hear me out, please, you're my other ear where I used to listened,
Please, tell me. I'm hoping from the very beginning, I hope you will enlightened.

Hoping you will understand me, but those hopes are starting to fade away,
You're not the man I loved, the man I've always chanted to say,
My Right Man but I erased my standard for you, to fit in every side of my paper..
But you broke the every pieces of me, you leave me with a huge crater.

I hope you heal me, as your promised you will stay,
I was hoping you will protect me, for you care to embrace my melancholy..
I hope and I've always hope that you will never be change.
But I hope, when the day comes and you bid your goodbyes, hope you care to rearrange the part of me that has left alone, damage...

And for the last hope, I hope you loved me the way that I love you,
Yet it breaks my heart when I realize that you was just like playing around, I got bruise..
I was writing a poem to a wrong man but I will take this opportunity to learn how to be a better poet,
Someday, in a right time- I can able to write the best expression at My Right Man who's my living amulet.
-False promises
Psyche Nov 2020
I’m laying within this false promise,
Pushing myself to be comfortable with these memories,
I am starting to close my eyes and flashback surprise,
Inhaling those lying moments, exhaling with my deep cries.

Am I having a nightmare..?
No, I’m not, I just saw him awhile,
It is indeed a dream, a sweet dreams I’ve always wish…
It’s like sleeping beauty in the movie, I’ll wait for a true love kiss.

I am genuinely dreaming,
Closing my eyes for something,
I’m not Aurora but just like her I am waiting for my Prince Charming,
Just let me take a second glance on him, I am begging.

Then, I heard a footprints towards on my direction,
Smile curves upon my closing eyes, waiting for the next action,
“Oh, you’re not beauty as my Princess Aurora. I must mistaken.”
It breaks my heart and falls apart into pieces, I know it will happen.

It’s true, I’m not beauty like you wanted, Prince.
But you see inside of me your sleeping Aurora, my heart of patience…
I tried hard to survive just to see you but you left me alone in this place.
Do you ever know how many years I spend within this dungeon palace?

Now tell me, how can I open my eyes on the reality?
If opening these eyes will lost you forever, with eternity…
Just let me stay here for awhile, dreaming of you is only my own fantasy,
Let me experience the love you can’t give to me, a false kiss is my misery.

" False Kiss "
I wish that was just a dream...

— The End —