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I dance, I cook, I clean, I sing.
I love, I laugh, I play, I need.
Im happy, Im sad, Im angry, Im mean.
Im unique, Im special, Im caring, Im me.
When you close your eyes, I hope you
See my soft gummy lips.
Feel the contour of my face,
The slow gentle movements of my hips.
Deep inside you I plant my seed,
Breathe me all in can you feel it,
The way we both yearn and need?
Can the smile in these brown eyes
Still bring you to your knees?
Looking up at me, ask for another taste please.
“X” marks the spot,
Use my body any way you desire.
If we keep this up,
We’ll set this whole world on fire.
In the midst of life, passion takes ahold of me.
I am unable to understand the feelings,
I am lost somewhere.
The dark room I’ve lived, keeps a grip on me,
Tempting me to stay.
I can’t move or see but I feel life coming in,
A new sensation of lost hope.
Raise a hand into nothingness, no expectations.
At first I feel cold, then it subsides,
A warmth takes its place.
My hand grips it, the source, and the desire.
Something faintly remembered,
Is this real or am I asleep?
Light emulates from the distance, there it is, and there she is.
From the depths fate sends me my answer,
The question has always been there,
Teasing me, laughing and waiting for me to see.
As she smiles, it radiates through me, lifting me up weightless.
Together we float up high as one, together, forever.
She is the spark to my match,
True love ignited.
Eyes closed, salty wind blows through my hair.
Open them, look off into the horizon, all I see
Is your face everywhere.
Take a deep breath, feel you inside my heart.
Each beat pulses your love through my veins,
Shake off the chill I feel up my spine,
Edges of my lips curl into a smile,
Never gets old.
I never knew a person could make me feel such wealth,
Baptized in the river of passion,
Bring on the flood.
My mood stays up high, there’s no way to come down.
You by my side I feel like an invincible warrior of love.
My angel with me forever stands firm,
She’s finally all mine, god answered my prayer,
Heaven on earth can’t be touched,
What used to be a fight of will, now it’s simply air.
Here we are.
We, the people.
The loved, the hated, the oppressed, the sedated.
From the earth we dwell,
Drinking from the same well,
We will all wind up in both heaven and Hell.
Angels of mercy united together,
We are all the same in the eyes of the lord,
Look at the storm we all weather.
Look at how far we’ve all come,
Fighting slavery, racism and hate
But you know we aren’t done.
Is it bold of me to say we lead in this crusade?
All of us Sailors beating to the same drum,
Sharing the same beds that we made.
The Trevor’s, the Tina’s, Jose’s and Mike’s.
Inside aren’t we all just alike?
We beg, we bleed, we lust, we need,
Little did we know we are grown from the same seed.
Let us stand together, the red, white, and blue
Paul Hobson Feb 24
Beyond the minds shadowed eye,
Lies the divine.
Let us spin through the quantum Kaleidoscope,
Bound by organic imagination.
Celestial prowess magnified by pain,
We are the unholy ghosts of reality.
Shape shifters behold,
Stories lost and untold.
Paul Hobson Feb 24
Love is a flame,
Mine burns hot.
Only a special woman can handle it,
It is her you were not.
You let it destroy you,
Burned you from inside out,
Your heart isn’t pure,
There’s nothing I could do.
You lost what all want,
A one of a kind love,
Much luck in your journey,
You’ll need it,
Now I’m done.
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