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Pat Lynett Jan 31
It's all so different now
I don't feel up for being happy
Last week seems like yesterday
And 7 years is but another life.
Pat Lynett Jan 26
Feeling secluded
In bloom
Trapped behind full moons
And left
For truth to find
It's so quiet
When I don't dream at night.
Pat Lynett Dec 2019
Sitting slouched and waiting to be questioned
Dying drenched and anxious
Constantly hesitant and vanquished
Trying so hard not to be abandoned
As I've seen before.
Pat Lynett Nov 2019
I'm always reminded
Like you're here beside me
The songs I used to play
And how it all felt
It's too quiet
I'm here, come find me
The love we gave
And how I wish it was now.
Pat Lynett Nov 2019
My waking state is of pieces
Slivers I've chosen to accept
Have you found my pain?
Maybe only the fragments I chose
To give away.
Pat Lynett Nov 2019
I wake up and laugh at the dream
Only remembering
That, that dream was me.
Pat Lynett Sep 2019
So full of truth I *****
Dominoes in sequence
For my muse
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