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ANEI Jul 2018
Its what i've been dreaming of
The city lights and endless roads
Air of freedom and talks of self worth
For a moment there, was all good
A good start , every step of my foot

And comes a moment when i'm all alone
When all is said and done
Somwhere in a balcony, a street or my room
A vast vacant sea of emotions come flooding
The silence aroumd almost deafening
The ego inside of me stopping the tears
The little girl inside of me with all her fears .

I thought maybe the never sleeping city
The noise and chaos would keep me busy
But the world can only do as much for you
As far as you drown in illusions without a clue

I miss the life i left behind
Even if most of it was pain
Even if closure was from my end
The friends i thought were for life
The plans i had i thought were for real

How does life get out of control?
Is it u miss the signs of downfall
Or do you have no say at all?
The questions go unanswered
The listeners too go unbothered
Relationships all strewn around
Messed up and burnt to the ground
And i miss him too who never stayed
I blame him too who made me stray
..... but life will go on
ANEI Jul 2018
They got up at around stop five
Three of them i supposed were the mums
Three kids that looked very bit from the slums
The group in unison scaned their jury
Quickly scattered papers , seated on the floor
Newspapers brought for a routine so daily
Steel boards only seemed to clearly know their journey
I looked around with wondering eyes
As vacant seats shouted from vacant isles
But never did the group once budge
Nor their eyes wondered to the faces full of grudge.
As the kids began their innocent follies
Mr Big Nosey next to me, shot messages of dissaproving emojis
A sprightly kid now came sat beside
The lad saw anger in Mr Big Nosey that resembled a riptide
Now i can see how it will scar his heart
As he grows up worlds apart
From the invisible things that remain unspoken
He would never go to a seat untaken
For every second he was made aware
Of a world and its unwritten divides
All this while i never questioned
You bought a seat, u never get cautioned
But the heart knows too well where its taught to belong
Even in a metro that never stops for long
ANEI Jul 2018
The old man went on at length
While the boy sat unperturbed on a bench
Old is gold narratives
And how the days gone by had more positives
How man made things had made man mad over things
And rules long made now had the youth cringe.
The boy could not take it all in
Seemed like grandpa'd seen it all in a short stint
Gentlemen dont exist anymore
Sucessful men seem to centre the floor
Grandpa clearly knew how to rant
The boy knew too well bein naive didn't pay the rent
I'm kinda torn grandpa, he finally said.
I cannot be of both the worlds at a time
I can only as much put together a rhyme
Things of yesterday , you count of importance
May no longer be of relevance

— The End —