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Matthew Breslin Sep 2021
Afraid of wasting days
Afraid this life was all for nought
Afraid of leaving, none one mark
Afraid to be forgot

So I rise each morning
And I stare fear in the face
I've got to make an impact
Before I leave this place
Matthew Breslin Sep 2021
mind crazy
body lazy

sometimes easy
more often tough
just getting through the day

torn between rest
and wanting to succeed
often unescapable
this unrelenting need

not sure where to go
just running in space
but always greeting the world
a smile upon my face

never answers
at least none so clear to see

searching for a time lost
young, wild and free
a time when I remember
what it felt like to be me

when everything was simple
and the world was less a mess
and days were filled with play and dirt
but now just bills and stress

I wouldn't change my life now
it would come at much to high a cost
but still I find myself searching
for a time that I have lost
Matthew Breslin Nov 2020
When all else fails
          Go among the trails
Go wandering through the trees

Somewhere along the path
            You’ll find
A clearing and you’ll see

The sun break through the treetops
               The river flowing true
The emerald grass holding up
              The early morning dew

Do not examine or study
              Just simply look around
At all you see around you
             Up high and on the ground

Our world is full of healing
          Of energy and wonder
It might question why we seek
              Such a long time in slumber

There’s a huge world out there
                  Waiting for you to go explore
It’s easy, take one small step
                  Outside your front door.
Matthew Breslin Nov 2020
I surround myself with words
For the comfort they provide
And often an explanation
Of the chaos that's inside
Matthew Breslin Oct 2020
Be it the waves from the ocean
Or the softness of the breeze
The gaze of a summer sun
Breaking through the trees

Take a walk with Nature
Fill your lungs with morning air
Say goodbye to all your worries
Be free of all your cares

Take a walk with Nature
Among babbling brooks and streams
Take a turn of the beaten track
There may be more than what it seems

For the squirrels in the treetops
Do not worry as you do
The otters in the lake don’t stress
So darling why should you?

Take a walk with Nature
I’m sure she won’t mind at all
Be it spring summer or winter
Or even in the fall

Go to where the wild things are
Be free of all your woes

Take a walk with Nature
Feel grass beneath your toes
Matthew Breslin Oct 2020
Word's are superpowers
Of which we all yield
As cutting as a katana blade
Protective as Capt's shield

Our choice is how we use them
For good or evil is our choice
But we all have that special ability
The power of our voice

— The End —