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Pearl Nov 2019
Your focus,
It's the locus.
Right at the center of the circle is your goal, so go for gold.
Pearl Nov 2019
The dignified woman,
is the respected woman.
She walls with class and grace,
watch her stride graciously,
she looks straight on at her goal.
The men, they're distractions that would meet her at her destination
Pearl Aug 2019
I choose to be happy.
Happiness makes me young,
Happiness makes me healthy,
Happiness takes away worry.

I choose to be happy though I have no funds,
Worry wouldn't bring the funds anyway.
I choose happiness though there's nothing to be happy about.
Pearl Aug 2019
Fear, the absence of faith.
Fear, the presence of failure.
Fear, the cause of surrender.
Fear, the result of threat.

When you allow fear,
You allow pain, depression.
Do away with fear and be free,
Set fear aside and do the unimaginable.

Fear will only slow you down,
Fear will limit you,
Be courageous, bold,
Crush fear!
Pearl Jul 2019
The mission? My assignment,
The vision? My seeing power.
Take me to the mission ground,
I’ll see between and beyond the mission
Pearl Jul 2019
Yeah, so we know that there’s that big guy
Up in the sky
Every time we cry, He won’t let us down
If we don’t let our guard down.

He is our life guard,
Even with all the bodyguards.
We need no securities
We are secure in Him.

He’s not willing to give us rest,
So we will be His pests.
We are from Zion,
He is our lion.

Lights up our way
Even on the darkest day.
He’ll give you the grace,
So stay in the race.

Pearl Jul 2019
You know me
I am rare, scarce, unusual, expensive
You want me, you need me
You can’t afford me
I even make up the gates of the new Jerusalem,
If you don’t get me now, you will at the other side of the world.

Precious and Peculiar in the sight of the creator
Passionate pursuer of excellence
Powerful but thoughtful
Persevering for my goal(s)
Proponent of justice, equity and equality
Pretty not petty.

Enthusiastic for the faith and eternity
Elegant in style
An encourager of the discouraged
Elevated in thoughts, ideas , values and purpose

An independent fighter
Accountable for decisions and actions taken
A narrow-minded individual on irrelevancies
An admirable personality others get attracted to easily
A tenaciously unwilling woman

Royally visited by the King of Kings
Respectable and refined
A ruthless lover
Rude. Wait! It’s for personalities who are low on dignity
Rare gem

Lucid in words and actions
Loyal to those whom I love and I consider TRUE  friends
Lover of fun and high-spirits
Low on patience with time defrauders.

                       I am Pearl.
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