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Gothboy Jan 2021
There's toooo many souls but yours are more precious.
Gothboy Jan 2021
I'm dead inside but you make me feel alive again.
Gothboy Jan 2021 it's going
imiss you,imiss your presence
loneliness,slowly devouring me
Imiss texting ya
imiss everything about ya

Ya have an ugly day?
I will tell you something beautiful.

i hope ya doin well
i ain't feeling well
when im not talking to ya I swear
colder than a Christmas weather

I need ya tonight
I need you everyday
Indeed your smile
I need your love

Im missing you like crazy
imiss the butterfly in my stomach kinda feeling
im just here waiting tho
looking up in the ceiling
While thinking
Our happy times that I can't let go

your my waifu
Your my boo
Im happier than before when i'm talking with you
Your the reason
I didn't hang my self
Ididnt regret smile for about a minute

You changed me
i feel that I'm reborn
But I'm still missingyou tho
Gothboy Jan 2021
Baby ur so cute
Baby be my boo
Ya ma waifu  ya ma baby boo ya ma zero two

Ya ma angel in this world full of sin
youre so **** thats a deadly sin
when ya smile i cant move like a mannequin

ya the waifu type
ya ma type
ya aint kira but ya giving me a heart attack
ya my misa im ur light
i aint shinigami but ya apple in my eye

i aint cute
im to soft
im a sad boy that wanna make ya smile
i can show ya stay for a while

i aint perfect
im too thrash
care to take me out?

making mistake not money
but can ya still stay tho
im not in my best shape
but ya molding me like claydough

im deeeeaddd insideee
but you make me feel alive again
Gothboy Feb 2020
you must
want to spend
the rest of your life
with yourself
Gothboy Feb 2020
sad birds still sings.
Gothboy Feb 2020
i'll never be
that me again.
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