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Hans Peter Jul 7
Love isn't always easy
it isn't cut and dried
there's nothing you can plan
there's no how to do it guide
Hans Peter Jul 6
In five minutes
or maybe ten
I get to see
my baby again

seems like ages
although it wasn't
time moves on
just seems like it doesn't

can hardly wait
to be in that place
where I gaze upon
her beautiful face

I dream of always
being in her presence
and being embraced
by her divinely essence
Hans Peter Jun 29
You are the sunrise in my life
bringing me light
and blue skies
warming up my day

I hope I can be your sunset
bringing you the moonlight
to light your way
when things turn to a dark and dreary gray

In a perfect world
we'll always be each other's blue sky
with long Summer days
and the shortest dark nights
followed by a brilliant sunrise to make everything okay
Hans Peter Jun 25
Being close to you
is remarkably divine
it's like all the stars
conspired to align
some things aren't
meant to be understood
we must trust the universe
is unfolding as it should
Hans Peter Jun 25
Oh these days
I want them to last forever
to make that happen
I'm willing to do whatever
My heart is happy
my soul is at peace
it's almost as if my life 
has been given a new lease
I won't worry about the future
it'll all work out somehow
I really enjoy our time together
in the present, here and now
Hans Peter Jun 18
There are gifts that can't be bought
love and patience and lessons taught
and our true friendship that goes beyond
it is forever and ever, an unbreakable bond

Of all the gifts that I could want
to always be your confidant
and of course it works both ways
we help each other through rough days

The best gifts can't be bought at the mall
but when it comes to you, I want it all
Of all the gifts that life could send
the best is is experiencing you, my friend
Hans Peter Jun 8
While others lust for things 
that you can't hide
I lust for the things
that are concealed inside
I lust for your heart
I lust for your soul
I lust for the things
that make you whole
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