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Hans Peter May 11
If it was just my eyes
that saw your beauty
and fell in love
I could just shut them

If it was just my ears
that heard you laugh
and warmed my heart
I could wear ear plugs

If it was just my ****
that got aroused
whenever you were near
I could take care of it

But it was my heart
my ******* heart
that sealed the deal
and made my love real
I'll shout it from the mountaintops
'till the day my heart stops
Hans Peter Sep 2018
Not everything is meant to be
that's just the way it's meant to be
Hans Peter Sep 2018
Whether you feel a warmth
or you got the chills
That's me thinking of you
with different degrees of thrills
Hans Peter Sep 2018
If you really want to meet
the one of whom I write
my muse and my inspiration
the one that sets my heart alight

If you really want to see
the most astounding vision
who breaks mens hearts
with random precision

if you're really that curious
I'll show you, step nearer
and when you get close enough
I'll hand you the mirror
Hans Peter Jun 2018
like a pendulum
I swing back and forth
between doing my best
to stay healthy
not giving a ****
and eating everything I enjoy
and washing it down
with a good Bavarian beer
or six
what’s the point?
for a little extra time
is it worth it?
well if you have grandkids
I guess it is
maybe I’ll find a balance
or wait for the pendulum
to stop swinging
Hans Peter Jun 2018
unrequited love isn't like a cancer
there is no remission at all
there is no chemotherapy
or any pills large or small
there's always alcohol therapy
to relieve some of the pain
but when the sessions over
here comes the hurt again
Hans Peter Jun 2018
You know I'm your friend
and I really do care
and I'm always there for you
if you really want to share

if you just want me to listen
I'll be as quiet as a mime
if you want my 2 cents worth
I'll try not to give you a dime

but I do have to tell you
and I do want to assert
it's nothing devastating
but I was a little hurt

I never want you to feel
like you can't come to me
If I don't have the answers
I'll be as honest as can be
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