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Olivia Jane Jan 21
There are 3 yellow cars in the lot.
2. The sidewalk appears to be slick.
3. Someone forgot their hat on the pavement.
4. I’ve been gone for 10 minutes and he hasn’t come for me.
5. The snow barely covers the grass on the lawn.
6. The girl across the road is lost.
7. The couple below me are having *** again.
8. I’ve seen three people on bikes.
9. A group of guys just discovered me sitting on the window sill.
10. It’s been 20 minutes and he still hasn’t come for me.

What am I?
The forgotten hat?
The lost girl?
I know for sure I’m not the couple below me.

He’s probably looking for me.
Olivia Jane May 2016
When I lay with my boyfriend,
Our bodies often drift apart,
As do our minds.

I will often vent to him, I often cry and get upset.

I am blessed that he has never felt pain the way that I do.
I am grateful that he does not understand my anxiety.
I love him because he doesn't have a detrimental past following him.

But sometimes.. I get tired, of hurting alone.

He wont understand why I lose my breath in public.
He doesn't feel my emptiness in the night.
He will never truly see the fear behind my eyes.

Misery  is not a competition, I do not get an award if I win,

There's nothing to love about being me. There's nothing
Sweet about  my brokenness

But there is a barrier between us, there is a communication error,
A wrong turn, an empty apology.

However.. His confidence, his steadiness, his love, will make
Me stable.

I tell him everything I feel trying to help him understand but he
Doesn't have to say a word me to understand the way he feels,

I hear his love in the silence,
I feel his heart wrapped around me on the way home,
I see his love dance around the room even with the light off.

So when our bodies drift apart..
I will push myself back against him.

He's the only thing believing in me with all of his heart.
Olivia Jane Apr 2016
To be together or to be acquainted, that is the question.

To be with you would be everything but simple.

It would mean war zones and angry mobs.

To be with you would mean chaos and conflict.

It would mean tears and distress.

To be acquainted would mean laughter and love.

It would mean short hugs with long meanings.

To be acquainted would be easy.

It would be like filling your lungs with fresh air after being unable to breathe.

To be acquainted would be having a place to call home.

It would be a relationship doubled as a safe haven.

The choice itself is a tough decision.

We can not be together but forever we will be acquainted... Attached at the heart. That's the safest choice to make.

— The End —