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Mike Virgl Jun 2018
i am jobless,
i know
i am aimless,
i know

that is all
i know.
Mike Virgl Jun 2018
distracted people lay

they gaze, just empty hands

the mother coughs, sweats and weeps

the eggplants lay withering in dying foliage

the communications they commit
waste what little time and
breath they have left

no shred of passion is left,
they all commit to be planted
and dare not care

every mouth of movement spills out
repeated nonsense, repeated quotes
from things of repeated nature

however it is not the repetition that makes them vile
its the lack of acknowledgement it receives
the lack of emotion for anything


and the ones i connect to,
are dead, or changed forever,
for better or fo-

just for ******* worse.

you are on your own,
and when you realize that

you seize solitude as a piece of pride.
I could not think of a title for this, this is actually a couple of months old
Mike Virgl May 2018
The humble mumble is not heard
The humble mumble is experienced

The heat is not felt
The heat,
Is experienced

I cannot describe such a feeling
The empty hole of a name
Walking, sitting, and speaking

It terrifies me
A crowd becomes a pit
And that pit swallows me
As I too succumb

To another's disregard
Mike Virgl May 2018
You may make heart ache
Ache and churn
And ache

It swoons just from a look
Stare and move
And stare

The beginning of the end
The last look and move
And look

The cascading red dress
And her brown hair
And Hair

Her winged makeup, just highlights
The physical lookover
Skips my heart

I saw women today who made my heart swoon
All from a look I gave
But I never would talk to their face

They didn't deserve to be flirted with by a stranger in a donut shop at 1047 PM.

My self control entraps me.
My politeness restrains me.
Controls. Or aids me.
Mike Virgl Apr 2018
Rhadda Rhadda Rhu Rhadda?
Rhadda, Rhadda Rhadda?
Rhadda Rhadda Rha? Rhadda Rhadda?
Rhadda Rhadda Rhadda Rhad Rhadda Rhad Rhadda Rhadda.

Rhadda Rhadd,Rhadda Rhadda Rhadda.
Rhadda Rhadda Rhad, Rha Rhadda Rhadda,
Rhadda Rhadda, Rhadda Rhadda Rha Rhadda.
Rha Rhadda, Rhadda.

"I dream of what I wish to be."


Rhadda Rhadda Rhadda.
Rhadda Rhadda.
Rhadda Rha Rhadda, Rha Rhadda Rha Rhadda.
Rhadda, Rha Rhadda, Rhadda.
Rhadda Rha.

Rhadda Rhadda Rhadda, Rha Rhadda Rha Rhadda Rha Rha, Rhadda Rhadda Rhadda.
Rhadda Rhadda Rhadda. Rhadda Rhadda Rhadda, Rha Rhadda. Rha Rha Rhadda Rha.

Rhadda Rhadda Rha, Rhadda Rhadda Rhadda.
Rhadda Rhadda... Rha.

Is death meant to be?
If it is, can we allow it?
Can we tempt God? Is it a Temptation?
A man is just a man and there is one just like him
next to him.

The toil, Oh the toil murders souls.
Children shed their skin, as the knife cuts them,
so that from their blood, nourishment may be provided
for their ravenous, broken dreams.

"I dream of what I wish to be."

Do you?

A man was bound to be a doctor.
As Fate leads many a man.
Yet as fate does often, it changed in favor of a coin toss.
Heads, or tails, the side one.
This side won.

So let my piece be spoken, for my words are soaked and stale, and they are beginning to make me sick.

Never take the first job you find. Never make a decision based on fear, or pride. Never decide based on indecision or instability.

Live for what you wish, and never wish for what you wanted.
It leaves you... Empty

Was this version funny?
I guess it wasn't foreign sounding, now,
It sounded harsh and biting.
I guess because you finally could understand it,
it finally meant something.
Foreign things are very funny.
Mike Virgl Mar 2018
Yut lycking

Ctu tcking

**** frumping

**** frazes

To tragedy a spontaneous dance;
Cuts the wire to their own thread.
The spoll they use to measure and examine,
The wait for the murdered to be murdered.

Which is, is what has already happened
See what is, is what is willed.
And will happen.
And thats the epiphany that curses me

Who knew living in the moment, would affect what hasn't even occured, the choices made by (now) a past self, determines the mental and emotional state of what parallels may exist.

Like two magnets touching, but moving hours apart.

Frumping a man

Cut the dof

Uty ylcking

Ibuo tio

lasi siem

Snshk ehesm

Why does it have to mean,
Why does everything have to mean something
Does someone steal a part of someone when they go?
And so you are left empty
Almost unfinished, but you were at some point.
Finished or whole.
You just left the conversation going and open
Almost a rant, but without meaning.
Since you were looking for a punchline, a final thing to say.
As "Goodbye" would never do it.

"Have a good life"
How improbable.
What a sour

It ended
Mike Virgl Mar 2018
A headache that
knocks, knocks, knocks
While fingers, are closer and farther, with black dots dots dots

There is no rhythm for a universe to rule, but
Humans pretend; saying chaos is over, done, the lines we cannot cross, are completely white, let these erase all objection.

The tips waver on the light
Touch, touch, touch
As they turn to face my
Eyes, eyes, eyes

Remove one key to the stability and see men flounder
Pressure from the change, defining a stressor, which
Accelerates into a dip;

A free fall
And from this fall man finds solution -

"Gouge out creation, and or the visage.
Self mutilation seems better to be fit
Then to carry such hideous, black, venom
Which is the root, to which man unlocks
What he himself is."

The shutter stock effect leaves me without
My own touch causes me to
Recoil, recoil, recoil

Now that man is without fingers,
He has no worries, the dreaded darkness,
Which plagued his poor, unprotected fingers, are gone, as both are severed.
Now he is truly stable.
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