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  Jan 6 Noaki
She loved to bask in the sun
As her black fur loved the warmth
She loved to bite his cream colour fur
And roll him over the dust
As she loved his fur
She loved to sit by the fire as she could lean on him
She loved to stare at the sky as she love the sparkling star
She miss that cream colour fur
That she couldn't help but accompany him
My little buddy is not alone now.
I'm gonna miss you both.
  Jan 3 Noaki
Words' Worth
No one knows why I went bad  
When the sun rose, I lost sight of that young brat
As days go by, I'm left with my past
As nights go by, I put on my mask

All I can do is fix the mistakes
Allowing myself to set sail on lakes, first
Letting destiny be my anchor
Its sails are carried by the wind and the water

I may carry on with some abandon
And the victories might come all of a sudden
Yet, the losses do not bother me anyway
I know I am destined to win, today
We made many of them. I have made so many of them, I have lost count of them.
Happy New Year
  Dec 2020 Noaki
Just a dip wasn't enough so I smeared my whole hands in the ink
But they never came
I can't find words to write
  Dec 2020 Noaki
Someone asked me what is a best friend? i said its the person who
makes you laugh a little louder, your smile a little brighter and your life a little better
  Dec 2020 Noaki
you were not meant to be a dying star,
not when you could burn as brightly as the sun
  Dec 2020 Noaki
I want to write
to set the literary sky alight
with words, bright birds
that take me with them in their flight
transcending earth to give me sights
and views I never saw before
but I can only watch them soar,
as with other earthbound things
I look up and wish for wings
writers frustration,
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