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angie Apr 2020
Thoughtless emotion clouds my spinning mind
I am stuck in a limbo
My eyes seach endlessly for meaning and for passion
my soul craves purpose but instead its found
ashes of my burnt love
I can no longer
these senses are alien to me
their very nature frightens me
I am done
angie Jun 2019
As old as time themselves
withered with age
forever changing
forever present
all at once young and old
always ready to be found
always ready to unfold
but what happens to the ones that are too old?

are they retold
do they still hunger for the spotlight?
are they worn out and fear to relive a tale again?
do they fear to be recognized?
afraid to be retold
over and over again?

Or do they fear that they loose mystique?
their tales too predictable to survive a new age?
ever plot twist foretold
every secret revealed
do they yearn to be youthful and new?
Which do they prefer?

Stories come and go
each day one is born while another forgotten
or hidden behind the blindfolds of time
some changing to meet the demands of a new generation
charming mankind for eons to come

So shall it be
angie Jun 2019
You may not love me, Anymore
But I still do
I don't know why I'm bent on you

I know your not true blue
I know that your lies aren’t true
I know you hated my gut’s it’s all true
But I still love you

I see you and think “I love you”
You see me and say “I hate you”
I love the scars and open wounds you carved
Into my very soul

I still love you
Nope I just can’t say I hate you
No matter all of the tricks you do,
I’ll still yearn and long for you
No matter how much you hurt me
I’ll still love you

I could never hate you
I'd still spend my last breaths telling you "I need you,"
But you don't feel the same
I can't keep playing this malicious game

being tortured and tamed
I am not a timid beast
But a master is something that controls

I do not
to be
any more

I want my heart back
angie Jun 2019
I was once bullet proof and now I shatter upon every word
every breath
you made

your the one who shot me
every bullet pulverizing what was left of my sanity
every gram of gunpowder caked my heart black

You left nothing
not even leaving an ounce of love
I spent it all...all of it on you
And only you
you didn't even leave enough for me to heal myself

I've forgotten how to love myself
Now I can only protect myself

I'm a spent spirit laying in the coffin of my own destruction
but I'll find a way to crawl out again
you can't bury what's been dead before
this is kind of a sequel to another poem called forgotten and still loving you.
angie Mar 2019
Those plain simple eyes
The glass that borders up my soul, letting me see out but no one seeing in. the glass that protects my soul is plain its painted with the simplest of browns and the most basic of hues. reflections of the onlookers.
Pools of brown lie in the glass petrified forever blank. glazed over with shards of mirrors.
When you look into my eyes you see the worst part of me and tell me to smile.
What lies beyond these mahogany eyes will forever be mine and mine alone.
angie Mar 2019
my eyes are hollow they see everything too late
to them everything too fast, Slow, out of place
Out of time
my ears are fine tuned, they catch so much, Too much at times
I hear the whispering of willows and secrets of the undergrowth
I can hear what I don't see
I'm blinded by my sight
you can't be blinded by what you see?
my limits are my eyes they only see the mask the happy faces
my hearing can see through the smiles and expose the emotions underneath
what's going on behind my mahogany eyes?
angie Mar 2019
if you were to ask me what color I bleed naturally I'd say red
But I'll lie in bed
I'll be thinking red red red red red....
but that's not the truth but its what I said
red that's not my color, It's black
it's metallic, oily, thick, red is a color that I lack
I have so much of it stuffed inside me its bleeding from my mouth
I'm choking on....Ink...…….Its ink that I bleed
cut me open and you'll see
I cry ink
From the corners of my eyes you'll see the black tendrils of ink sneaking down my cheeks.
My heart beats ink
I am ink
first poem of the year, it's kind off dark sorry.
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