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Jarred Jul 27
I wish I knew **** about the sky
nothing about vapor and molecules and precipitation
or ***** of angry hydrogen

God! Send down a bolt from sky,
or a loose-y from a passing over Boeing 737
(I'm not picky)

Let it strike me right through the frontal lobe
and let the caveman crawl to the mountain top
and throw his arms up
and see the heavens torn asunder.
Jarred Jul 2019
Sometimes you want to talk about Serious Matters
Dark matters of philosophy, like death and free will.
You know that I'll sit down and listen.
For such stuff is (my favorite) bitter pill.

I'll furrow my big eyebrows with intent,
but secretly I am not being that true.
Inside I am still smiling,
Because I'm talking such matters with YOU!
Jarred Jun 2019
I am much too fat, to sit on the grass.
The brown earth is too weird,
For my ugly white ***.
Jarred Apr 2019
Deep wind breaths as we go.
The sky! The hills! The trees! And
There’s petco.
Jarred Oct 2018
The wind is cold
But god!
The sun is so warm
Jarred Aug 2018
I can't afford shoes.
What should i do?
i'll get my friends
i'll get a gun
i'll come for you
Jarred Mar 2017
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Your goals
Your image
Your life
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