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Noel Billiter Dec 2018
They burned under mercy
when suspicion ruled and courts were cruel
willed to sleep when the black soaked in
and candles flamed
as each night tore another sin
silence soared the untamed green
no mercy here among the savage screams
those innocent souls
whose voice they told
Were not heard by those who scold
they spoke
they rose
from ashes of rage
and ultimate smoke
Their ghosts seeking redemption and justice
A warning  sign to those who judged
The innocent who hold a grudge
Karma will come and spare none
So steel yourselves the real hunt has begun!
Noel Billiter Dec 2018
Light beams scatter through the air
A thousand stars react when you stare
Diamonds shatter amoung your glance
The tallest mountains never stood a chance
The sun shines brighter just for you
The moon himself gives you a better view
A note sounds sweeter as it flows
In and out of sound it goes
Waves bow down and change their tide
The trees sway in rhythm as you walk by...
Do you even know your own weight?
Worth more than gold or so they say
Rumors about your beauty
Swirl through the crowded streets
Whispers of a Angel here on earth
Spread quickly as we speak
Written down in folklore books
The story of your famous looks
The dreamy way you always walk
And lovely words you softly talk
The fairytale forever told
Through generations new and old
Your picture guilded Dipped In gold
More prominent then queens and thrones
The most beautiful woman ever known
Carved in marble
Etched in stone
Noel Billiter Dec 2018
Well I'm taking off my skin i'm tearing through the thick of it
Shedding like a snake I want to be this, next week
Yes I know smoking is bad for my health but the surgeon general doesn't follow me around anymore
I see the silly boys standing Around bullshiting
Talking tough and hitting on the pretty girls
I take my Marlboro cigarette
Slowly bring it to my lips
And walk right past them with a slight smirk
Leaving them guessing is my favorite perk
The call me unruly and the Marlboro queen
All these rules just not my scene
The little angel that you are picking up on
Spouts ditty words swears and gambles
My pack of reds and lipstick cherry red
A true original unlike the others
Won’t follow the crowd or take orders
I’m bored today think I’ll start a revolution
Or just go to church for absolution
Noel Billiter Dec 2018
A couple bucks in my pocket, A ticket a locket
Somewhere else for this restless soul
To keep it safe to keep it whole
Tell me where Arizona went
lost it on my way to this
A car a bus I just don’t care how
I’m leaving this ***** small messed up town
I'm getting closer to the state
When Arizona comes I'll stay
My blues are falling into place
Lost my map in another state
Where did you get these blues he said
Choked out a sentence with a swig of gin
What happened to that sweet little girl I use to know way back when
I answered Dont remember her with a sarcastic grin
Noel Billiter Dec 2018
I have a scary reoccurring thought
That makes me wonder “what if” a lot
Like the day we find the plans
The true agenda of the fate of man
A conspiracy that earth had hid
declaring the human race unfit

Between the Mother Nature and the race
Exists a document that states
A signed and dated binding contract
That ends the moment we become the threat
The day the earth declares us all hypocrites
Her wrath and vengeance apocalyptic

As the details of the conspiracy unfolds
We learn the just how far and deep it goes
As the utter shock of our destiny sinks in
earth’s first choice is self preservation

Her twisted sense humor played
Ironic justice on the human race
A horrific plot and a hidden agenda
Unaware the we are the main event

consumed, ravaged, without any remorse wasted, used her precious resources
gluntenus soul ******* human parasites
unintentionally inept absurd and precise subsequently fired are future grim
Our small fixes just foolish intentions

Fully Confident and with conviction
Nature puts herself first without hesitation
A desperate move of self preservation
Recinds the contract we signed and dated

car exhausts and chemical that we dispense
casually released with deadly consequence
We so easily waste and carelessly use
chopping down trees for a post it note
Aimlessly aloof and utterly a joke

Our end solely and completely on mankind
So teach your children differently this time
We are small and insignificant cells
She’ll take us out and save herself
Noel Billiter Dec 2018
The title means: Truth( Razor  Blades) For Beautiful Creature ( Of The Mind)

To explain what this poem is about, when I use the words Razor Blades,  I actually mean Truth and when I use the words Beautiful Creature I mean The Mind.  This poem is not about Suicide. It is about a girl who finally starts to remember painful memories of her past when she was a little girl. Her mind at the time couldn't handle or process what was happening to her so lies were put place to protect her fragile mind. When she is older and more capable of handing the truth her mind decides it's time to start the painful process of remembering and dealing with these memories.

It's beautiful this creature and me
we sit in silence grasping air
and appease the darkness willingly
the deepness of the tone goes on
Hearing small noises like a ancient drum
the ethereal voice creeps in
your good deed will soon arise
shoot out, shoot up, then compromise
the steady drum rolls on then stalls
what will creature bring to me?
a thought, a spark, a memory
a place to crawl in when my tide is high
or razorblades instead of lies

Places, Places everyone
the prisoners enlightenment has just begun
creature beckons my soul to arise
stand up and  open your once silent eyes
beautiful creature what have you done?
I have brought razor blades of truth sweet ***
What cruel truth will creature tell?
the ones you buried in your yourself
Whose thoughts and memories are these I ask?
my dear ghostly girl they are your past
for this is the hour of your reason
nothing here is out of season
fiery and fierce your will must be
do not be tempted by its misery
these growing pains must be held
they hold the keys to unlock your cell
beautiful creature how much will this hurt?
gut wrenching and painful
so a little a first
Noel Billiter Sep 2018
I use to laugh at ironic things
No punishment for the bad deeds
The Bible says that good 10 fold
The universe returns to us in gold
That fairytales and nursery rhymes
Exist to scare and keep us in line
But on this day fate stepped in
And karma it seems is a comedian
A lesson weaved throughout every line
Carefully crafted as a warning sign
It was a day like any other
As usual jumped in the shower
Quickly washed and rinsed my hair
Noticed too late that it was NAIR!
Every luscious lock and strand
Fell out completely in my hand
What seems like a sick joke being played
Or demented parts a malicious prank
A plot unfolded my part the lead
The lines straight from a horror scene
Like laws of nature or earths gravity
The rules we bend to suit our need
Like a boomerang’s invisible path
It seems to follow when it comes back
Even the ocean and it’s changing tides
Needs the moon’s persuasive side
We are the keepers of what we seek
And what we sow we indeed will reap
The nightmare that we fear the most
Comes back to haunt us like a ghost
Like Peter Pan and Captain Hook
Just a good story in a children’s book
what if the earth gets bored of us
And decides that we are entertainment
those characters we read as kids
Like Pinocchio or the 3 little pigs
Sleeping beauty or the ogre Shrek
You thought was funny as a sketch
Brought to life would pose a threat
Although to you this seems far fetched
The truth Ive written has not been stretched
I hope you read this and know as fact
What you put out there will soon come back
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