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Noah Nov 2018
Can’t find
The ones to say
Don’t mean
The same thing
Little words
Bare merely a
My skin
I want to share
Myself with you
Noah Sep 2016
There is no resolution
To the thoughts inside my head

But there is no revolution,
And it's hard for me to accept

That sometimes we feel pain
To make it go away

And to learn from our mistakes
And to move on to better days

Self reflection,
Has been my one connection,
But that was until I met you

From the dead, I am indebted
You have shown me something new

Changing direction,
Because I'm feeling a connection
So much stronger, so more true

I follow you,
You are the light that guides my way
Because the light that lives inside of me
Is trapped behind a cage

But I know not to be afraid,
For I am safe inside your gaze

And I will give my light away,
So it can shine on better days,

New solution,
That will lead me to conclusion
I will shine more brightly for you

That is what I'll do
Noah Aug 2016
I hate living this way
Standing on display
For all the world to see
The flaws that make up me

A year and a half is all it takes
For a loving soul to throw me away
Our time together felt so small
Did you even care at all?

It hurt to see you so glad
After all the wonderful times we had
You found another one better than me
And you didn't think that I could see

But this year and a half
Was so important to me
I felt so useful
I felt so complete

You took me in,
I don't know why
But you became my friend
When everyone else just passed me by

You would lay on me
So comfortably
And watch tv
Until you fell asleep

Coming home from a stressful day
And looking at me with such relief
It was almost as if we were made for each other
But now it is clear, you were made for another

At least from what I can see,
Stuck here on the street

I am standing here on display,
Like before you took me away
Only then I was new
And now I am used

Who would ever want me?

Cars keep passing by,
Judging me by what they see
Just another piece of trash
I guess that's what I am

Dirt has covered my eyes,
It's hard for me to see
I really don't want to die,
But I wish I wasn't me

I hear a muffled noise
It's coming in more clearly
And then I hear a voice,
Could this truly be?

"You are coming home with me"

Now I'm glad she threw me out
I'm treated so much better now
Once was lost, but now I've found
I am more than just a couch
Noah Jun 2016
She is your
Picture of perfection
In every measurable way

She loves you,
There's no question
She tells you every day

She tastes your
Deep obsession with
Her lips upon your face

She sees your
Every feature and
She sees more than just mistakes

She looks at you
In such a way that
Words cannot explain . . .

Behind your foggy eyes,
There's no disguise to
Shield your insecurity

Beyond those words
That fall so short
You simply say,
"I love you, Trinity."

She is your one exception
Because she knows
Your state of mind

She is your own reflection
Because you see her
Every time

You look into the mirror,
Searching for security

In your tortured mind
There is no fear

Because your thoughts
Emit a melody

In your well-worn heart,
You hear her

And reflecting back
You see

A picture of perfection
Looking back in your direction
Thoughts to myself. Dedicated to Trinity Britton, my flower
Noah Mar 2016
Shattered glass,
Scatters the floor now
Stained red by the
Things it once held
Closest inside it

Fallen so fast,
Can't understand how
Overcome by
The urge to delve
Further inside and

The pain only lasts
Til the heart hits the ground
All that's left is the mind
Always tortures itself
But the love still resides in

The shattered glass
Noah Dec 2015
She pleas,
From a distance
Behind me

She screams,
Although, all
That I see

Are memories
Of somebody
That I used
To believe

I plea..
Just leave
Me be

I scream, but
There is no one
Behind me
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