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Alexander Ochoa Dec 2020
We don't pause for stars anymore
not that they're less amazing,
no, it's just knowing they'll be back.

But do you ever hold something so tight
because you know you'll miss them soon?
You learn that all you can do is be in that memory
before trying not to forget everything about it.
We learn the hard way that what makes a moment precious
is that it's always fleeting from our fingertips,
being chased by the next thing that's going to happen.
It is always only somebody's turn to smile,
before it is somebody else's.
One day Ted knew Victoria's soul—what makes her cry,
the drumroll before the kiss
and what she thinks about cats,
all before they become nothing but a part of each other's past;
two people who only shared the same good memory before.
How I met your mother S01E18
Alexander Ochoa Nov 2020
Nakakapagtaka o nakapagtataka
Maaaraw na ulan at
Diwata sa bundok
Sa mga pintong siguradong sasara, bakit tayo kumakatok?
Bakit natin binubuklat
ang mga aklat na putol ang istorya?
May mga araw na ayaw dumating
at may mga saglit na pilit patagalin
Siguro nga'y may uri ng kasiyahan
na di mapapanatili ng anumang kapit
pero sapat nang maramdaman
oo kahit sandali
salamat parin na dumaan
Ang buhay nga naman
palaging tungkol sa mga taong dumadating
kung paiyakin ka nila sa sakit
o pasayahin ka nang walang kapalit
Alexander Ochoa Sep 2020
The grandeur in putting words that rhyme in a sentence has never felt so bland now that I know what you feel like.
The day I get to hold your hand will be the day I no longer fear death.
We will all learn one day that love is putting all the tears you’ve ever cried in a jar, or a bucket, or a **** swimming pool to make lemonade and say
“the world cannot hurt me anymore”.

People either win the lottery
or get struck by lightning,
I might as well spontaneously combust for finding you.
Alexander Ochoa Jul 2020
I thought I knew every form of pain
From their names to their voice
But 7 years of heartbreak
Has taught me nothing
As I learned from you
The bulletproof loneliness
Of losing memories
That never even happened yet
I could've sworn you said to me
Things I never heard
In a sorry memory
I wish even came to past
Alexander Ochoa May 2020
The world is only bad when it can’t be good
And we’re only going anywhere we want to
or anywhere we find ourselves carried to
We’ll think we’re different sometimes
because of our definition of peace, love, justice
and songs to dance to
But we’ll wake up to the same sun
and watch the same stars
for endless tomorrows
It will always be about the people that come along the way
Whether they break your heart
Or make you smile
Alexander Ochoa Apr 2020
You’re Selene to me
Celestial goddess, serene as you can be
I’ll make sacrifices to get to you
Your lunar embrace, full of grace
You sing to God
Just by being there
Whether you’re baby blue, navy blue
Pitch-black always something new
Nothing I won’t do
You are more than the wait
Or the distance I’ll travel in feet
Oh the things I’d whisper in your ear
If I don’t burn in your atmosphere
But love casteth out all fear
I would be the luckiest man in the world
Not as the first man in the moon
But the only man to stay in it.
Alexander Ochoa Mar 2020
I might not see you again but
The least you could do
is throw me into
your sea of lies
sing me goodbyes
just one more day
I'll soon be on my way
to the mountains I can't climb
just give me some time
to forget everything I remember about you
from the sound of your voice
to the shape of your smile
from the day we met
to the day we left
miles apart but a memory away
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