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Yuki Sep 2020
"It's not a phase mom."
This is who I am.
A forthright person by definition.
Not like the other girls.
With their fancy skirts;
And snazzy shirts.
I am an edgy teen.
Also known as Shady. S. B.

Now listen up. ya'll!
Look, Look at me!
I have my sweet, rainbow locks
My 100 karat gold jacket.
Yes, indeed, it is I!
Brittney B. Pretty Boi
two edgy teens writing an edgy poem
Yuki May 2020
Ive always wondered.
Throughout my life, I haven't stopped;
I've never stopped wondering.
Let me tell you a secret
When we wonder,
Our feelings will be driven with hope.
The hope to be changed.
The hope to be wanted.
The hope to be praised.
Because all the people reading this,
Are surely not deviod of such pure emotions.
It's what makes us humans after all.
If you saw this, I hope you have a good day :D
Yuki Feb 2020
As always, I can smell a flower;
Its petals are whispering into the breeze.
Even after taking a shower,
It's longing never leaves me be.
I always wait for the time I become a flower;
Because then I can soar up high, across the trees.
A longing pinches my empty chest.
I want to become what I cannot be.
But as I am human; I will strive to break this wall
That I will never breach.
hi :D
Yuki Jan 2020
What a silent voice
It shakes the ground
Quakes my heart

What laughter you have
It hits me like thunder
No time to respond

For all of the ages
We spend it as one
No excuses
Yuki Jan 2020
You are a star
My sky is empty and shallow
But there you are; Glittering like a firecracker
The sun echoes off you and radiant colors fill my sight
You are a diamond . I have never seen anything so beautiful
My treasure and my love . Something I will forever hold close
My passion burns endlessly .  A fire, roaring brightly in my heart
Your crystalline mask frame’s the universe’s grace; a polished allure
A reflection of all my wishes .  A desire to be without restraint
Now come forth; As we stumble, plummet, and descend
A gem of its own world . Fleeting lights dance
Converging together to create one song
A world of nonsensical wonder
Showering your splendor
On all that can
Yuki Nov 2019
She was the sun
A candle amongst the darkness
But even that warmth
Eventually fades away
Hope you like it.
Yuki Sep 2019
I welcomed you in
Your curious gaze passes around
Will you ever find it?
That meaning locked away?
Even so
When I look at you
I think of those words I wanted to say

Now that I remember you
I remember that day
You welcomed me in
But I was a dog astray
You led me down a new path
You gave me that chance
And for that
I loved you.
Right now I feel very fulfilled. Something good has happened in my life today. And so I hope something good happens in yours too. Have a nice day, to whoever is reading.
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