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Nic Taylor Mar 24
Just wait, until the music starts to fade
And all the magic starts to wear away

There comes an end to the memories that we make
Then suddenly, we're back to reality

But I don't want this night to end
Cause I might never see you again
I really thought we had something going
And I don't wanna see it end just cause the curtain's closing

But just wait, this will all be in the past
And we'll be wishing that we could go back

There comes an end to the memories that we make
But that doesn't mean, it has to end today
New to poetry! Please feel free to leave a comment and don’t be afraid to tell me what you think. Thanks :)
Nic Taylor Mar 24
Take me back to when
the birds sing in the sky
Take me away from the people
who say the moon is in the way

Can't seem to escape this place
Where the night is out to stay
I'm trapped in a game
Not everyone's here to play

To be lost in a city
Where they're all out to get me
And I can't slow down or..
Nic Taylor Jan 3
I felt it
The cute we held on to
The little box of secrets
You stashed away

I felt it
The lies that would drive me mad
The pain I took away
When I looked in your eyes

I felt it
All the good
And the underlying bad

I felt it
And still I could not turn
Nic Taylor Dec 2019
i burned all the bridges just to watch them fall
shattered all the mirrors till there was nothing more to look
you keep on coming back, but there's nothin left
a hurricane came through and destroyed the past
Nic Taylor Dec 2019
we've all got Demons inside
the parts of us that we usually Hyde

i can't help wondering what it would Be
if we tuned out Society and turned off the light

i feel my Heart beating at the speed of light
come on at me, I'm ready to Fight
the Exhilaration replaces the fear

If you miss the old me don't shed a tear
cause he ain't got No place here
First poem! Let me know if you like it and if I should write more! Thanks :)

— The End —