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You speak to my heart,
In languages I never knew
Fingertips like velvet,
Tracing worlds into my skin
One touch set ablaze,
My weary soul
Oh what a solace,
To spend a lifetime searching for freedom
To find that freedom exists,
Within the confines of the smallest hands
And you… The unsayer of gray
You, speaker of colors and magic
The calm after the storm,
Promising the breath of a new morning
Safety found in a quiet smile,
A gentle squeeze
Eloquently you conduct harmonies,
Across my body
Plucking my every heart string,
A resonance warm and welcome
You speak to my heart,
In languages I never knew
NewFoundPoet Dec 2020
You have this way of catching me,
Every time I get lost in the wake of your existence

I play this scene over and over in my head,
Like a movie that just never gets old

I slip into a daydream,
Your eyes the sunny day just outside my window

A joyful yet curious “What?”,
Greets me from the otherside

And I reply the same way each time,
“Just you…” as easy and slow as the sun sets

A playful snap back,
“That’s not a real answer!”

While I argue to an endless extent,
It is obvious... you are right

Though my words say,
“Just You…”

The strings of my heart begin a symphony of sound,
And my soul sings a melody off key... but, it fits just right

What my eyes want to tell you is,
“I am... in love with you.”
NewFoundPoet Dec 2020
I want to love you fearlessly
I imagine it’s like… skydiving
I want to love you like the wind,
Gentle, yet strong… unyielding
I want to jump, without a parachute
Because I’ll float on the wings of the butterflies,
You give me every time you look my way
I want to love you like a sunset...
Slowly, peacefully… with nothing else on my mind
But, to be in this moment with you
You see, I want to jump without parachute
Because I am not afraid to fall for you
I am afraid of how the ground will feel
When I land… Should those butterflies,
No longer be for me
That’s why I sometimes hold on a little too long,
And there’s no such thing as just one more kiss…
I don’t want to lose this moment...
Because, I’m afraid of how you feel… Tomorrow
I’m afraid tomorrow,
You don’t blush at the thought of my touch
I’m afraid the pen you use to draw our future,
In my skin... Runs out of ink
I’m afraid I won’t find the pieces,
When my heart breaks the fall
Saving the body,
But not sparing the soul
I want to love you fearlessly,
Because it’s the only way I can
NewFoundPoet Dec 2020
I am drowning, but in a good way
I feel the linger, in the way we move
An embrace, with an inviting intimacy
Our bodies, like a puzzle I didn’t know needed solved
Gentle hands, trace into my skin all the words you are longing to say
Our hearts, keeping a pace neither of us can comprehend
Closed eyes, I gently caress your face
A first kiss, and we plunge into the ocean
Glistening shores, but I think here in the deep is where I belong
A glance, you notice me staring
You ask, “Are you okay?”
I answer, “Yes”
But, what I mean to say is
I am drowning, but in a good way
NewFoundPoet Dec 2020
As we lay there,
Our souls… Suspended in space in time
Our bodies collide,
Two ships… Discovering new shores
And you trace,
In my skin… The picture of our future
Our lips lock,
And into me… Life, you breathe

Now...  I’ve never truly felt like I was home.
But, when I close my eyes…
And, I imagine what it must feel like to come home
The only thing I can picture is you
A warm embrace
A familiar truth
And, I know… It is safe
You and I can just… be…
NewFoundPoet Dec 2020
And when you said,
To have words flowing again was the best thing to happen this year
I pictured your pen,
Writing me into existence.
So we could share this moment…
For an eternity.
NewFoundPoet Dec 2020
Real men... Do not buy flowers to apologize.
I... Did not buy these flowers to apologize.
I didn't buy these flowers because it's your birthday,
I didn't buy these flowers because it's our anniversary,
or because the man on the television said I needed to for Valentine's Day.
I bought these flowers because,
While I was out... In the world...
A billion moments happening around me,
And it occurred to me...
The most important moment,
Was the moment I met you...
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