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Bryan Jul 2019
You make me homesick,
For a place I've never been
I feel welcome,
In the sound of your voice
I swallow a thousand butterflies,
At the very thought of you
I want to wander,
Lost in your gaze
Take my hand,
Lead me to a place I never want to return from...
Take my hand,
And just don't let go…
I linger on the very thought of you coming back
Because you make me homesick,
For a place I've never been...
Bryan Jun 2019
I am a contagious smile
I am always happy
I am a tender heart
I am a caring soul
I am oh so confident
I am always in control
I am…
More than you see…
I am scared
I am alone
I am doubting
I am unsure
I am waiting…
For you to reach in,
Hold my hand…
Touch my face…
Tell me it's going to be okay
Let me know I'm not alone…
That you care,
That I'm wanted…
I belong…
I have so many questions,
So many fears…
But you don't see that,
You don't see me…
I am a contagious smile
Bryan Jun 2019
There's this girl,
But she doesn't know who she is yet
She doesn't understand why he left,
But she doesn't see how lucky I am that he did
She hates that people only see her so small,
But I can't wait to take her around…
So proud you'd think she was a float,
In the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade
She wishes that just once she'd be desired
But c'mon baby… light my fire
Take your hands
Grab my heart
And watch it melt at the touch of a finger
She doesn't believe that she is special
But the very sound of her voice brings a calm
Like a gentle breeze across the ocean
Her eyes…
Could light my way through the dark
There's this girl,
But she doesn't know who she is yet
Bryan Jul 2018
We are all lost,
We simply need that one we were meant to wander with…
Sometimes we're all a little broken,
But let me mend you.
I can't fix everything that's wrong
I don't have some magical wand to make the pain go away.
But, let me mend you.
Let me believe in you,
When you can't believe in anything.
Let me hold you up,
When your whole world is falling apart.
Let me find your beauty,
Inside and out when sometimes everything seems gray.
Let me show you that you belong,
Because I promise… There are days when I need you.
Let me love you,
Even when you can't find love for yourself
Let me mend you,
Because sometimes…
We find that one we were meant to wander with.
Bryan Jul 2018
The biggest lie I told myself as a child…
My life is going to be like the movies!
Everyday would be an adventure,
I knew love would hit me like a meteorite…
Burning, intense, and instant…
It would turn my world upside down overt night!
Instead, I was more like a frog… in slowly boiling water.
As the heat rose I found myself unable to escape.
I found I didn't want to escape,
Content with what fate had set aside for me.
I saw happiness as a final destination point on a map,
Where all my dreams would finally come true.
But what I found when I finally met reality…
Was instead, happiness is more like dust.
Seemingly insignificant,  unnoticeable…
Until you take a moment to look around,
It blankets everything.
You see, our whole lives we strive to reach this final point.
But, isn't that the real tragedy?
You spend forever just make it there,
Just to be told the destination was the journey and you missed it.
Happiness is not some grand destination,
But instead all the small joys you find in the nothings of life.
Happiness is not that point on the map…
No, instead happiness is…
Bryan Jun 2018
Today was a bad day
With one conversation, everything I am shattered
Today is a bad day
I can't even pull myself out of bed
Today is a bad day
I'm drowning and I can't get out of my head
Today is a bad day
Happiness eludes me at every turn
Today is a bad day
I painted a picture of my future… and it was nothing but black
Today is a day
For the first time I don't feel quite so gray
Today is a day
I felt warmth in the smile of a friend
Today is a day
I walked out into the world, and I noticed color
Today is a good day
I leapt out of bed
Today is a good day
For once, I didn't want out of my head
Today is a good day
I asked myself for love… And I loved back.
Today is a good day
I found the peace in forgiveness
Today is a good day
I learned happiness is like dust
Today was the best day
You see, I painted a picture of my future… But this time, I was smiling.
Bryan May 2018
Into the woods we ran.
Our bodies and souls entwined,
A ravenous ivy…
Consuming everything we could see,
Claiming it our own.

Until we stumbled upon a large oak tree,
In the middle of the wood.
There I stopped,
Pulling you closer…
I showed you every cut, every cracked branch, every hole…
You held my hand close to your chest,
As we covered every blemish…

From then on every moment,
Bursting with life.
The sun rose a heat,
Dwarfed only by my passion for you.
The breeze blew,
A caress, familiar… comforting…
An exhale, a thousand butterflies…
The same butterflies you breathed into me,
Our first kiss.

But, our forest fell under fire…
The spark from a new smile…
As the wood set a blaze,
Our ivy fade to ash.
The butterflies left to chase a new desire.

There sits that lone oak tree
Cuts, cracks, holes…
But this time, it’s burning to it’s very last fiber.
Now tell me, when a heart falls…
And not a soul is around,
Does it make a sound when it breaks?
This poem has a bit of symbolism within it that isn't very clear until the final lines... I hope you enjoy!
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