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Derek 2d
You're my sunshine
When outside
Is just wind and rain

I blow a deep breath
And spell your name on a windowpane.
Derek 4d
The sun is setting
Summer is getting
Closer by the hour
You can see it in the flowers
Season change to sounds of laughter
From once upon a time
until happily ever after
Derek 4d
Whisper in my ear
what I hear I won't tell anyone
Have no fear my dear
but the path is clear if you want to run
She told me " life's unfair, no one cares, and it's all my fault" I told her "don't despair, life needs to be taken with a grain of salt"
Derek 4d
I'm hung by a noose that's tied to the gallows,
Cuz this silly goose tried to dive where it's shallow
Derek 6d
I'm on another level
Out of touch
and you can't reach me
And frequently
I find I'm on my own frequency
But feasibly
And I believe
quite easily
I could receive
From all who breathe
The same air as me
Before I leave.
Derek 6d
I take wheelchairs upstairs
put down beers
pick up spares
I pay fares
and trade shares
I win bears at state fairs
I once ate a steak rare
By mistake
When I was in daycare
Derek Mar 27
Your eyes are closed
to lies exposed
your rights imposed
the life you chose
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