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Nandini krishnan Apr 2017
Sweat trickled down my skin, shivers ran down my spine and adrenaline rush through my veins. Yes, that's exactly how scared i was before i uttered  those three words. I wasn't prepared. Then,
I looked at your magnificent eyes...they seemed so pure. Felt like something i would love to drown into. We just stood there, did nothing at seemed like a dream..a dream i would never want to wake up from. It felt...perfect.
Soon, i walked upto you...being my own-timid-self.
Suddenly, i blurted. I said it as if it was nothing at all.
I think i turned red. I could feel the heat on my cheeks and almost felt like my ears were on fire.
I was ******* embarrassed but relieved.
It felt like a burden was taken off my shoulders.
You smiled. I got answers to all my questions. Before i could say anything...your lips were on mine.  It all went by so quickly that i couldn't get enough of it. The minute our lips parted, i felt incomplete.
That day before we parted, i whispered "i love you". Again.
I dont regret it. Not a single minute of that unforgettable moment.
A charmer like you had finally become mine.

— The End —