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A sign of human life
Upon an animal planet
Lit upon day and night
Ways of light
Some kind of a thing
To find doctrine
Of a great traveler
Known to man as
A wise man and or woman
Facing wildlife
Upon a plain of sand
Complex to the mind
As the sun drops
From the sky
With a sun drop
In my eyes
I worry not for you
I share a love
With you two
As the sun appears
Full of amounts
Of stars gone wild
In my eyes
I am starstruck thinking
With my eyes blinking
upon the sun rays it is so
To see your gaze as
you are a part
Of me and I you
From within this world
your love is a vision
A soldier's plea
Live for me
Breathe for me
Fight for me
Fight for peace
In a loveless world
with no options
There are no other things here
But food, water, and shelter
This is our america
For you and I
Some kind of force
Brought upon
By the wind
In a rare light form
as time captures
It's talent
Words aren't upon
It's balance
Inside the sunlight
A far away star
Abroad a earthly axis
We left your love
Just like the sky
From blue to grey
Your sweet love
In a rhapsody
Of stars and jubilee
Out of the light
and into the dark
Out of your eyes
And into your heart
Form a star in your hands
An then tell me what
Is present
Can you look into the shape
and see what is there
to make a sound come true
or something else beautiful
for the eye cannot see
What is unkind and inconceivable
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