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The four aligns
the time is nigh
the owl flies by
the night runs dry
left is best
to the left flickers light
a diamond shines
echoes bright
inside a void
comes the night
see inside travel time
outside sleep there peaks
emerald green
yellow brown upside down
humble triangles drown

hammers scream
I'm clean I'm clean
a red square I be
underneath a tree
I dream
drop my seed
everywhere I am infinite
free as the sea
howling a frown
look thrice
it's a smile
wrong way round
from underground
only stars I see
three pretty birdies
flying high

I bend
the tired wire
revulses a supernova
explodes a black hole
composed rusted dust
to garnet a stone
crystal claret royal red
you fill my head
a progressive regression
distant lessons
obsessive compulsive

You turn me on
what can I say
I didn't mean
to float this way
I just can't stop
what happens inside
when you light my flame
and it flows right out
at your feet I feel the heat
intensify with every beat
I long to be infinite
3parts complete.

Lost in the sound
ignoring everything around
a low fog bemoans a cloud
red and loud
the heart is proud
to be unfound.

There's ghosts in the walls
here carry my scrawls
been here too long
to ever be gone
the echo lives on
infinitely I long
to be one alone
inside my bones
my soul aches
to leave this place
my heart breaks
with each new day I
come away grey.

The moon is super bright,
hologram of light,
saturates the night,
golden satellite.

MyDystopiA Feb 16
Double eights,
wait for fate,
an epiphany, a vision,
add, take away,
keep the faith,
lose the hope,
the rope.

White noise, white space,
static grey my brain,
only myself to blame.
Guilt bleeds to shame,
rage stains red,
pain blue,
black rain drizzles
puddles muddy

colours run to one,
the rainbow never ends
like the merry go round
inside my brain,
an oncoming train.
Rivers flow too deep
to keep me on my feet.

Falling down,
broken crown,
forever a clown,
triple the frown.
I beat my drum,
the world is round,
crowded upside down
life is a triangle
full of obsession.

Opulence ends desire,
love is tragedy and
nothing is everything.
A want, a need, greed,
selfishness complete
Escape within
a dream within a dream,
a nightmare too
everything I touch
turns blue.

MyDystopiA Feb 15
Thoughts are heavy
in my head,
feeling a familiar
kind of dread.

The fog crowds,
absorbs all thought.
The half moon hangs low,
echoes a perfect glow.

It's dark inside my heart
when I feel all the parts,
I fall apart.

MyDystopiA Feb 13
Tell me a story young friend
About where you've been and gone
tell me your reply won't be so long
tell me I can't do no wrong
paint me an ocean
pretty blue green
paint me a sky silver grey blue
paint me a new day
yellow and red
I been waiting and waiting
a long while waiting,
anticipating, thinking
and hoping you come
blue as the sky
on a summers night
midnight is the time to fly
I miss the shine
the stars they are mine
but oh so far away
I can only pine and pine
and get on the mic
an whine and whine
for time to
change its mind
reverse the track
and give me back
the words I lost
the grace I tossed
for sometimes I am
truly boxed
all I can do is pine
for the star
I left behind
for the broken parts
of my mind
for the endless tick of time
for the loss inside
so sublime
for all the things
that pass me by
in my absent state
I make so many mistakes
waiting on fate
to bait me once again
down and under
I run with thunder
then I wake,
look up at the sky blue
then orange
and wonder what's so wrong
and what's so right
and who ought to decide
how one should live their lives.

MyDystopiA Feb 9
Ghost in the machine
still looking for a feeling
I can feel the sky clear
blue wind whistles green
it hums the bass
full and hollow echoes
melancholic hope
is a dream start to finish
turning inward I reel
at the scene I’m painting
everyday the grey away
cold light twinkles bright
throughout the night
a lullaby.

MyDystopiA Jan 26
Strands of light across the night
streak like fractured birds in flight.
Inside a diamond, three circles bright
an avalanche slides along pyramid skies.
Outside the line, divides time,
separated by the ties that bind,
light dances left to right,
stars fragment, out of sight.

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