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MyDystopiA Sep 2021
I stare straight into the sun
a rock doesn’t
in the river run
unlike the witch I
sink like a stone unknown
cold alone
as in the beginning
to my existence
in oblivion
a round a square
to triangle crowned
no coming back
the clown drowns
there is no sound
out in the clouds
upside down
hanging on a frown
my colour fogs
to a clay like brown
I whistle for the hoot
but nothing comes
no owl
moody and blue
I only play to lose.
I see the star I do not run
I fall apart I come undone
I live for it the rain the burn
the everlasting storm
a rush a drug a hurricane
of pure ****** love.
I never met a siren
didn’t drag me out to the deep
drowned a few times
came back whole complete
from under the sea
now I tie a rope to the lighthouse
and swim when I please.
When I get the need
I dig my grave and I dig it deep
so deep I come back three.
Don’t worry It’s just a ride
inside through time
the void within
absences in my mind
the everlasting rain shame
stained blue.
All other colour runs
runs to red
my heart fills with dread
what can I say
it just comes out that way
gotta rip the poem from my soul
the words the words the words
wont bleed out on their own.
We gotta do what we gotta do
coz we gotta be free
I’m drowning
out in the sea suffocating
slowly slowly silently
fading dimmed dim
my wings clipped and singed
fluttering  fluttering fluttering
on a hope so thin a hope so thin
a simple breeze ***** everything.
Army green trench deep
dusty distant dim
a kite that blows without a wind.
It’s a triangle a triangle
a triangle vision
three points in tact
just a fact
that I’m always gonna
keep coming back
down the lane i go
back on down the lane
down the lane
back on down the rabbit hole
to the place my soul
feels most at home.
The light changes
and i feel myself again
out in the wood out in the wood
out in the wood
always in the wood
no longer blinded by the green
free to look into into the blue
of my dream
a fire flows
the river to the road goes
the ocean leaves me cold
a separate silence
knaws on my soul.
The itch in my bones
wont wont leave me alone
wont leave me alone
the itch in my bones it
wont leave me alone.
you just have to throw the cards
against the wind
and watch where they land
six plus five is eleven
shows me where to dive
how to jump blind
deep inside the mirror behind
the future a wall
blank white tall.

MyDystopiA Sep 2021
Miss you in my grey space
how the heart does ache
such a heavy weight
when I think about the way
my soul smiled at your grace.

MyDystopiA Jun 2021
There’s a rose on the mountain
only drinks from the fountain
pens are neat and messy
blurs of emotion
I prefer the paper mate
to fast feel that inkjoy bliss
though a pencil is still valid
when lost in the mist
avoid the cliff edge
on toward the wall
is only as tall
as a medium hedge.

MyDystopiA May 2021
Every day beginning the end
cloudy overhead stars like lead
orange square brick dust
can’t remember how I got there
before there was love
hope blue as the sky is light
opened wide my mind spirals
then divides black to white
no sun in sight eternal night.

MyDystopiA Apr 2021
Transcend it
The great pretender 
Bored vacant
Patterns amuse in the cold light of day
I can never no more find that blue
yellow yellow red a clue bemusement 
One must dance to enter the trance 
Will find the wind 
Nothing returned nothing gained
lie me flat in the cold soft mud
soak me in love is dark flowers are light
I have four minds no keys
moon locks out the stars never part
in time I lose the will to mime.

MyDystopiA Apr 2021
I remember when I went to sleep
how the world felt so cold so bleak,
deep ingrained childhood pain
humanities stain forever remains
history framed
the heart cannot be tamed
an elephant caged knows only hate
anticipate to wait fate is never late
better late than never
if ever was a point
lost in sound feelings compound
light is rust dusted trust
becomes meaningless
wind blows west I tear to jest
a quest detests a soul bereft.
Left is right right is left
I’ve nothing left but errant jest
bereft my heart leans low
is my moral code that hollow
the moon wallows
the heart repeats out of sync
the stars sink.

MyDystopiA Apr 2021
Which way to go
where dost thou
waters flow alone
is black colour
is life a lighter shade
of grey remains frayed
burnt at the edge
dismayed plagued
memory strewn astray.
I say I say
Jump into the melody
absorb the dance
become entranced
life is a romance
an enchanted chance
a test at best, jest.

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